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Episode 116: If You’ve Never Done It Before

Jul 22, 2021
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April Price Coaching
Episode 116: If You’ve Never Done It Before

Episode Summary

We are powerful creators. There is nothing we want in our lives that we can’t create by changing the way we think. But often when we go to do new things, create a different reality, think new things, or build new capacities or abilities, our brain will tell us that we can’t because we’ve never done it before.

Your brain thinks you need evidence from the past in order to be able to create things in the future, but it’s not true. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some powerful tools that will help you get around your brain’s objection so that you can create all the things you want, even if you’ve never done it before.

Episode Transcript 

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price, you might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Hello, podcast universe! Welcome to Episode 116 of the 100% Awesome Podcast, I'm April Price, and I want to welcome you to the podcast. How are things where you are? Where I am, it is hot. It is very hot. We came home from the beach last Saturday, and I think it was like 117 degrees in Phoenix. And we are officially at the start of the year where I question all of my life choices. Oh my gosh it is warm. And isn't it funny how my brain is a little bit surprised about that every single year?

Anyway, I was just thinking like about that little intro that plays every time you get on the podcast, you know, every week you hear me say you might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think, and that is 100% awesome. And I know you hear that every week, and maybe you sort of actually stop hearing it because you you hear it so often, but I just want to tell you why it's awesome. Why it is awesome that everything in your life is there, because of the thought you think, right? As you look around your life and you understand every result, everything in your life, every aspect of your life is 100% because of the thought you think. Like the reason that is awesome is because it means you aren't stuck. It's awesome because it means that the way things are is not the way things have to stay. It means that nothing is set in stone. It means that there is nothing you can't have. You've created this. You've created the life you are living, and you can create something else. It didn't just happen. It wasn't just like created out of thin air. It wasn't just created by somebody else, and then handed to you. It wasn't determined by some mysterious force outside of you, and now you have no say in it.

Like it is awesome, because if you created it, that means you are powerful. And if you created your life, by the way you think, and then you want any aspect of that life to change, you totally can. You are powerful, you get a say in it. In fact, you get all the say. And that is really the best news that I can ever tell you. You want to be happier, you can be. You want to be more disciplined, you can be. You want more muscles, you can have them. You want to change, like just going through the motions, and loving your life, you totally can. Any result, you can change any result. From your weight, to your money, to your relationships, to your parenting, to your career, to your relationship with yourself, or with God, like you are not stuck.

Now, admittedly, for every one of us, there are circumstances that we cannot change, that is true for all of us. But our circumstances never determine the reality of our experience, they never determine our results. Our results are always the experiences and outcomes that we create for ourselves, by the way, we choose to think in our circumstances. And learning really to distinguish between these two, like what are the circumstances that I have no control over, and what's all the rest of it? What are the parts that I control? That is what we are doing in coaching, we're finding out like the distinctions, and the differences between those so that we can take control of our lives, and create what we want. And it is so powerful. It's like being handed the key to the universe, like finally being able to understand where your control really is, where your power really is, what creative power you are actually willing day in and day out. Even when you aren't aware of it, becoming aware of what your brain is creating on default, and then learning how to direct it on purpose, and create what you really want is like the best gift you can give yourself because you are a creator.

And I hope that of everything you have learned on his podcast that you know that for sure, that everything in your life is a creation. You have created it with your thoughts. And what I want you to know is that coaching can give you the tools, the awareness, and the skills to be more effective, and intentional about what you are creating. Everything in our lives is the physical manifestation of what is happening in our heads, right? It's the physical manifestation of all the thoughts we have ever thought, all the things we've ever believed, and all the rules that we have set up for ourselves. We have, in fact, created our own little world, right? We all have this, like, complex series of rules about ourselves, how we're supposed to be, what we're capable of, who are supposed to be, what we can reasonably expect from ourselves, how others should be and how they should act. And we've created our whole life with these thoughts. And like I love that thought, it makes me feel like we are just gods, and goddesses in infancy, making our own little universes in our lives, like we are world building. We are building our world, we are building our reality. We are constantly creating, and building our world through our thoughts.

And when we went on vacation, I was talking to my mom, and my kids. My mom had picked up like a science fiction book or a fantasy book, I can't remember which. And she was just like, I don't understand all the rules in these worlds. Like these authors, they just make up the set of rules for their novel, for their world. And like those worlds, of course, are created by the sentences that the author chooses. But in a very real way, it is no different for each one of us. You have built your world with the sentences in your own head, but what you have chosen to believe and think, that has created the world that you live in, day in and day out. And the more you are aware of that, the more power you have to alter, and edit those sentences, and change your own universe.

Coaching is so powerful because rather than ever assuming that this is just how things are, this is just the way things are, this is how I am, right? Coaching teaches you how the rules, and the sentences, and the thoughts that you have in your head are creating your world. And it shows you just how different your life could be in any way that you want, if those sentences were different. You are a powerful creator, and what I really want you to get is how differently you can think about yourself, and any aspect of your life, and what a different, like mental universe you can create when you do that. And then that mental universe translates into a different physical life experience around you. You are a powerful creator. Every one of us is whether or not we are using that power on purpose or not, we are creating it. And I think you should use your power to create what you want. And I know that you can!

Come join my coaching program, my next one starts the very first week in August. This time I opened up two sessions, a daytime session on Tuesday mornings, and an evening session on Wednesdays. And so that more of you could be able to do it with your schedules. If you want to build a world you love, a life you love, coaching is just such a powerful way to do it. We're going to start in a couple of weeks. We're going to meet together for six-months. I want you to come and try it. Come and get coached, see how powerful it can be, see how it can change things for you, and learn more about my program. You can sign up for a free call at my website I won't be opening up another group until the very end of the year, and we might not even start until January. And so, if you are thinking about coaching, this is the perfect time. The group is filling up fast, so get on a call this week with me,find out if it's right for you. See if you like coaching, see the difference that it could make for you, and join me in August, okay?

So, speaking of creation, today, I just finished up the very last session of the first group coaching program that I did. I had ten amazing clients that started Made for More last January. And we spent six-months together, coaching together, and changing our thoughts. And today we finished our very last session. And when I finished with them today, I had one of those moments where I was just so grateful to myself for creating that, for being brave enough, for being willing especially to think differently about myself, right? For choosing to think differently about myself, and what I was capable of so that I could create that, so that I could live in this world that I have created for myself. And I want you to know that that was a choice.

I think sometimes you look at me or you listen to me and you think, Well, it's easy for April. Like everything's just in place for her. It's working for her. She can do that because of the way her life is. And I just want to use this podcast today to tell you that for sure it is a choice to think about myself differently than my brain naturally does. It is a difficult choice sometimes to disagree with my brain, and its sentences about my inadequacy, and my deficiencies. And it is a choice to dare to think something else about myself, or my capacity. And mostly, I hope that this will. As I talk about this, that they will make you think about what you want to create in your life, and about the choices you have. You do have a choice, what your brain says about you right now is just one opinion, but it isn't the truth and it isn't the only option. You have a choice, and not to say that that's an easy choice, but it is there. You have to choose to build a different world, a different reality with different thoughts than the ones your brain gives you on default.

So, specifically today, I want to talk about one of the thoughts that our brain gives us to keep us from being creators, from creating the things we want in our lives. And that thought is I've never done it before, right? When we go to create new things, we're going to make changes in our lives, and create a new reality, or new experience for us. Our brain will often say, well, we can't do that, we've never done it before, okay? Does your brain ever say that? Believe it or not, mine says it often, right? And I've said it often enough to me that I have learned that I have to have an answer for it. When my brain gives it to me, "Hey, we've never done that before," and offers it to me as a reason not to go forward or not to try or not to even believe that I can. I like to have an answer to it. And that's what I want to talk to you about today. That's what I want to offer you today, how to think about things if there is something you want to do, and you've never done it before.

So, first of all, I want to point out to you that you didn't always think this way, okay? Especially when you were a kid. Like when you learn to walk, or roller skate, or play the piano, or go to third grade, right? You didn't think. Well, I've never done that before, I guess I better not, right? I was also thinking about how I didn't even have it when I got married, or when I was dating, or when I had kids. Like, there are plenty of moments in our past where this thought was not a barrier. Yet if you look back at your own life, you're going to find moments where you're like, yeah, I tried that thing, and I never had that thought, well, I've never done it before. Like, there are things that you have tried where this thought didn't stop you. But somewhere along the line, this idea that we've never done it before started to gain some relevance, right? Like when we were kids, never having done it was completely irrelevant because you hadn't done anything. Like I've never walked before, that's irrelevant. I've never written in person before, totally irrelevant, right? Like the fact that we had never done it, had no bearing whatsoever on whether or not we could.

But notice how now it feels so relevant, like it feels like it's a really important thing to point out to ourselves. It feels like the fact that we've never done it before has some actual bearing on whether or not we can do it. And of course, this is like, you know, the ultimate Catch 22 because, well, you can't do it until you've done it, but you can't have done it, unless you did it like at some point, right? And in this way, we are letting, like, our past determine our future. When we do this, we never create anything new in our future. We just keep creating the past what we've already done. But it isn't actually relevant what we have done, what we haven't done, the past doesn't tell us anything about the future. So, the question that I have learned to ask myself when my brain says we've never done that before is, so what? Right? I like to ask myself, so what? The truth is that whether, or not I can do something isn't affected by whether or not I have done it in the past. The truth is it's just easier for me to believe that I can do it if I've done it before, right?

But it actually doesn't make it any more likely, it only makes it more believable to my brain. But having done it is never a prerequisite to doing it. And especially, it is never a prerequisite to believing that you can. So, the reason that I was thinking about this today is because last October, or November, I had so much demand for one-on-one coaching, I knew that I was going to have to change my business structure in order to accommodate all the people that wanted to work with me. I was going to need to move to like a small group model to be able to coach more people. And when I talked to my coach about this, and making this change my business, I was really scared, right? And this is one of the thoughts that came up for me. Well, I've never done that before, I've never done group coaching before. And she said, so what? You've done a lot of things in your life that you've never done before. And I realized she's right. Like, truthfully, everything that I had done in my life, there was a time when I hadn't done it before, and it didn't matter. It didn't matter then, right? So, why was this any different? And I just decided that not having done it wasn't actually a reason that I couldn't.

And so today, when I logged off from that coaching call, and I thought about each one of my clients and the things that they have been able to create, the relationship they have with themselves, and the people they love. The understanding they have of what is creating their feelings, and the power they have in their life to create the things they want. As I thought about them, and I thought about like all the brave things that they're doing in the world to bless the world. And I just was like overcome by this thought that this program has been a remarkable experience for them, and it's been so good for my business. And none of that would exist if I kept believing that I couldn't do it, because I never had, right? If I said I can't because I never have, then none of that would have happened. Like, the same is true of my health. I had never been in shape until I was. And if I told myself I couldn't because I had never done it, then I would just keep creating a life in which I had never been in shape. The same was true of my money, like since college, I had never not been in debt, right? Like if I told myself I couldn't be a person without debt because I never had, I would still be there, right? It just doesn't matter if you haven't done it before, it is irrelevant. The past has nothing to do with the future.

And the sooner we decide to believe that, the sooner we can create something different. The truth is that what you have, or haven't done in the past has nothing to do with what you can do when your brain says you haven't done it before, it is actually not a problem. It's just a statement about the current reality, the facts that exist right now. But that doesn't mean that you can't. And this moment right here doesn't make any future moment more, or less possible, right? Like notice how our brains are always trying to use the past to predict what is going to happen to predict our future, right? To predict for like what could be. But none of that is known. The future isn't known, it isn't set. And we aren't just trying to figure out, like, okay what's the most likely scenario for what is predetermined to happen, right? It's like thinking about our life is like a book, right? That has already been written. And we're like in Chapter two, and we're trying to predict the rest of the book, because of what happened in the first two chapters. But I want you to know, like there is no book written, there aren't any chapters beyond today. There's nothing past today. You weren't trying to guess what's like most likely to happen in that chapter down there, because it hasn't been constructed, right? None of it is determined. None of it is written. None of it exists. Yet it is all up for grabs. Every future moment is 100% still wide open to every possibility. And if that is true, then any scenario out there isn't more or less likely depending on what we've done before, okay? So, you haven't done it before. So what?

I want to just give you one other example of this. So, recently I set a goal in my business, and it was significantly higher than any other goal I have ever set, okay? And whenever I'm working on a big goal, I do this exercise every morning where I ask myself, okay on a scale from one to ten, how confident am I about reaching this goal? And then I ask myself, why, right? So, like let's just say I'm at a two, or a four, or five. Like, I'm like two percent confident. I guess it would be 20% confident that I can hit it. And then I want to know why? Because I want to know what my brain says. I want to know what the doubts my brain has, because those doubts are keeping me from accomplishing the goal. And I want to know why I'm not 100% confident, right? So, as I have done this exercise on this big goal, I have noticed this thought, "I've never done anything like this, I've never done this before," coming up a lot like on a daily basis. And so, I was talking to my coach about it, how, you know, I wasn't sure that I could do anything like this.

Like maybe I told her, like, maybe it's too big of a leap? Maybe I'm out of my league? I've never done any goal close to this, right? Never done it before. And she said, well, what evidence do you have that you are out of your league? And I said, well, I guess my only evidence is my past, right? Like meaning here is that thought like, I've never done it before, therefore, I must be out of my league, right? And she said, well, you've never had a goal this big before, so you really have no idea what you're capable of, right? Like, I thought I couldn't do it because I had never done it, but what she was saying was the only reason you haven't ever done it is because it has never been your goal, right? And I was like, Oh I think we sort of think that if we could do it, we would have done it already, right? Like if we were capable of it, that we would just like magically happened along the way already. But what she said made a huge difference for me. She's like, it's not that you're not capable of the goal, it's just that it hasn't ever been your goal.

Most of us don't even know what we're capable of because we have never set the goal in the first place. And why don't we set it? Because we've never done it before. Do you see how diabolical the argument is, like we are seriously limiting our possibilities, our potential, our capacity with this thought, I've never done it before. I think it prevents us from even setting a goal.

So, I want you to think for a minute, what are you not doing in your life because you have never done it before? What are you not even thinking about doing, or setting a goal to work towards doing because you keep thinking, well, I've never done it before? What I want to tell you is it doesn't matter. So, what? There is a world of possibility out there if you stop making like, I've never done it before, a valid reason not to do things. If you are using your past as the barometer of what you can do, you are severely limiting the possibilities in your life. As my coach said to me, you really have no idea what you're capable of, and all of us are just using our past to inform us about that, okay? So, ask yourself, if having done it wasn't required, it wasn't a prerequisite to doing something, what would I do if I didn't need to have done it before? What would I want to do? And then I want you to ask yourself, if you had done that thing before, how would you feel about doing it again, right?

Like if you'd already done it, how would you feel about doing it again, right? There would probably be a certain feeling of capacity, or confidence, or ability, right? And that is what we're trying to feel. We are trying to feel confident about doing something new. And so, we're looking to our past to give us that confidence, right? We really, really think that if we'd done it before, we could look back, and then we could feel confident now. But I want to remind you that confidence is a feeling. And because every feeling is created by thoughts, and not actions, it doesn't matter what you've done in the past, it matters what you think now, right? Confidence is a feeling. That means that feeling confident to be able to do something isn't going to come from doing it, it's going to come from your thoughts. It's going to come from the way you think about it.

So, for one minute, kind of imagine, if I had done that, and I felt confident, what would I be thinking? And I want you to know that you can think that thought right now, and your brain doesn't know the difference. This is one of the most amazing things about brains, our brain thinks thoughts in the present, and that creates feelings for us in the present. And even if the thoughts come from a different place, right? If the thoughts come from the past, or if our thoughts come from the future, if we think them in the present, they create a feeling in the present, and your brain doesn't know the difference. If you think a confident thought now, you will feel confident right now, and you can borrow that thought from the future. The brain doesn't know where it came from, it just creates the feeling of confidence now. So, if you want to feel confident in the present, imagine what you would be thinking if you had done it, and think those thoughts now. Feel how you would feel, then right now. Your brain doesn't know the difference.

So, I was talking to my brother Matt while we were on vacation this past week. And a long time ago on one of the podcasts I told you about how he did this thing called "Everesting" where he hikes up like a really tall mountain in Utah or Idaho. It's this big event, and they hike up the mountain like 13 or 15 times, however many times it takes in a row to equal twenty-nine thousand, twenty-nine feet, right? The height of Mt. Everest. And he recently just finished doing his second one. I was talking to him about it and he said, you know, it was so much easier the second time. And I asked him why? Right? When he finished the first one, actually, he told all of us, like, I'm never doing that again, like that was so hard. But then he ended up doing this second one, and he said, yeah, it was it was a lot easier the second time. And I was like, well, why do you think that is right? Did you train more? Were you better prepared? Did you have better nutrition? Like did you know, like the things that you needed to do to prepare yourself, and the exercises that worked best? And he said, actually, I think my brain just knew what to expect.

Like the first time that we do it, our brain is still wrestling with this idea that, like maybe we can't maybe we can't do this, we've never done it before. Maybe this is too hard. Maybe we should quit, right? But the second time Matt did that, his brain could no longer make the argument, well, we've never done this maybe we should give up. Like he already knew he could do it. And that is why it's so important to access the feelings that you will have if you've already done it. This is why we act, as if we want to act, as if we have done it so that we can access the confidence that we get when we've already done it. You want to be able to think, and feel, and act as if you've already done it. Like if it's not in question, then you can stop spending so much time, and energy, and drama in the idea that, like, well, we've never done this, and maybe we can't, right?

And I want to point out to you that not only is thinking like I've never done this maybe I can't, keeping you from what you are really capable of. As Matt's experience shows us, it is also making it harder, right? Our brain is creating so much drama about whether or not we can the first time we do it. And so, if we can access the feelings of having done it, and act as if it will allow you to minimize that drama in your brain, and reach your goals, okay? It starts by thinking as if by accessing the thought you would have if you had already done it, instead of thinking, well, I've never done it, okay? Instead of thinking that, instead of like, that's what your brain is going to give you on default, but instead of entertaining that, start thinking about the thought you would have if you had already done it. Discipline your mind to access the thoughts that you would be thinking if you had already accomplished it, right? And you knew for sure you could do it again.

I want you to tap into your identity as a creator. You are a person that produces things that don't yet exist, things that don't exist already in the world, or in your life, or even in your own mind. Whatever goal you have, whatever reality you want to create, whether it's weight loss, or in money, or in a relationships, or in your business, it doesn't matter if you've never done it before. You are a creator. Creation means causing something to exist, something that wasn't there is now there. It means inherently that there was nothing there before. You never have to have done it before to do it now. And you are capable of creating anything you want in your life, even if it never existed before. And that, my friend, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening and I'll see you next week!

The next round of my group coaching program made for more start soon and I think you should be a part of it. Your brain was program for survival, but you were made for more than that. You were made for more love and more accomplishment and more joy right now. And I can show you this simple way to get all of that. Join me in Made for More where we will spend the next six-months coaching and reprogramming your brain so that you can get the most out of this life, and the next. Go to to sign up for a free coaching consultation and see how changing your thoughts can change everything else.

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