Your Life is Awesome 

And it's about to get awesomer.


You came to earth for a reason. Make the most of it.

You came to earth get a human body and learn things you can't learn in any other way. 

While you are here, 

don’t forget to be awesome!

Don’t forget to get the most out of your earth-life experience by being awesome and pushing past your limitations to get whatever you want.

That is your privilege as a human.

Go after it!  Be who you want to be.  Live the life you really want to live.
Love like Christ loved.  Require hard things of yourself.

If this is what you want, but you don’t know how, I invite you to coaching.

Even when we really want to be different, our human tendency is to stay the same.  My job is to show you how simple it is to change this—and apply the gospel you love in a practical way to become the person you want to be. 

Don’t tell yourself you can’t have what you want.  You absolutely can! 

And I can show you how.

I help people who love God love their life and thrive.


Work with Me

I coach my clients in small groups. This is the best way to get results from coaching because of the way our brains work.

Coaching is all about showing yourself how the thoughts your brain has offered you aren’t serving you and then letting go of these thoughts. But your brain doesn’t want to let go. Your brain wants to be right. And so even when we’re being coached, your brains doggedly holds on to what it has always thought.

Amazingly, this defensiveness disappears when someone else is being coached and this allows you to see your own thoughts differently, which gives you incredible leverage over your thoughts so you can change faster and create big results in your life.

In my coaching group you will get all the benefits of personalized, one-one-one coaching with the added life-changing power of seeing other people be coached.

You get more coaching, more transformation, and more ways to work on your problems.


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The best way to see if coaching can help you is to try it for yourself.


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