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My Coaching Program

Coaching is the very best investment you can ever make in yourself and your life.


You Get One Life

The investment you make in understanding your own brain will impact every area of your life.  Coaching will change the way you see yourself—your past, your future, and your infinite ability to create the life you want now.  With these tools, living an extraordinary life is absolutely possible—especially for you! 


Learn More About My Coaching Program

Let me tell you about the best decision you'll ever make!

My coaching program includes weekly, individualized, 50-minute coaching sessions for six months. Each personalized session is designed to give you the tools you need to create the change you want in your life—and so they are totally customized to you!

If you are brand new to this work, I will teach you all the tools you need to know to find the source and the solution to every problem.  You will never see yourself or your life the same way again!

If you have specific areas where you want to concentrate your coaching on—like health or money or productivity or relationships—we'll find where you are stuck and show you how to create the results you want.  

Some of my clients are very familiar with thought work and coaching and so we will do a deep dive on the areas of your life that are continuing to cause you pain or where you want to make more progress. 

This is one-on-one, customized coaching at its best!

As we work together, we are going to take the powerful principles of thought work and apply them to your personal life and situation. We won't just talk about ideas, we'll see how their application can change everything for you.

No matter where you are now, you will be amazed at the difference these three months will have on your entire life!

In my coaching program you will learn that no matter what your challenge is, your brain and the thoughts you think are the real problem.

This is very good news!

Because it means that your brain and the thoughts you think are also the solution!  There is a way to feel better!  There is a way to start accomplishing the things you want!  There is a way to live the life you really want instead of just trying to endure it!  

We'll start by concentrating on the area that is causing you the most pain and then you'll be able to apply this work to any part of your life.  There is a way to happiness and peace and I will show you that getting them is so much easier than you think.

Then we'll move on to the intentional creation phase of coaching where you will learn to design a life you love living.

"For anyone who is thinking about maybe doing life coaching or trying to find more ways to improve yourself and find more happiness in life, SIGN UP WITH APRIL! She makes you feel comfortable and understood all while helping you through ANY issues you are struggling with in life. She gives you tools and suggestions that makes you feel like you can take on anything and they really work! April is 100% awesome, life coaching is 100% awesome, and after the sessions I have done with her I am starting to see myself as 100% awesome! "

Savanah M.

"I took April's class and it introduced me to the power of my brain and my thinking. I learned I could change my thinking! The one-on-one coaching with April actually took it to the next level as she guided me through personal situations I was struggling with daily. I could never have done it on my own. I felt safe sharing my thoughts with her. She is authentic, kind and a great Life Coach."

Elizabeth D.

"What do you do when all of your dreams have come true and you are miserable?? You get yourself a life coach! When I look at my life, I am the luckiest girl in all the world...I seemingly have it all, but I was miserable. How could I be so unhappy when I have so much to be grateful for? I just didn’t get it. I was desperate for help. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting a lot out of my first session, but oh boy…..I got so much out of just 45 minutes with April. The moment I saw her happy face on the video call, I felt at ease. She radiates positivity and care. For the first time in a long time, I felt a renewed sense of hope and excitement. April is helping me to realize and reach my full potential and to choose happiness and acceptance along the way. "

Jennifer D.

"I found April a few months ago when I was really struggling with my parenting along with loving and accepting myself. I drug my feet on scheduling coaching but when I finally did it was truly life changing. I had been studying and applying the tools April teaches for a few years and felt I knew them well. However, the powerful application of the tools really became clear when April was able to show me what my thinking was creating for myself and my interaction with my kids. This is when things started to shift. I also love how April is fun and real and compassionate but also very clear about what my brain unsupervised is creating for myself. Her coaching is absolutely worth your time and money. It’s work and sometimes uncomfortable but so so worth it! "

Melissa M.

"The way I feel after a coaching session with April is comparable to being pulled from quicksand; my mind is more at rest instead of battling against itself. I have clarity around my thoughts, awareness of the pain I’ve been causing myself, and a purpose in my direction once again. April is a phenomenal coach and I look forward to every session!"

Meredith G.

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