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Inner Critic Workshop

It's time to quiet your inner critic and let your true self shine through.

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It's time to quiet your inner critic.



And let your true self shine through.

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You know that voice in your head? 

The one that tells you that you messed up,
that you shouldn't have said that thing,
that nobody likes you,
that you look terrible today,
that you're failing,
that what you did was stupid,
and that no matter what you do you're never good enough?

That voice (your inner critic) isn't there because there's something wrong with you

That inner critic is there because
you have a brain...

And it is working perfectly.

While having an inner critic is a normal part of having a human brain, you don't just have to put up with this constant barrage of internal criticism.

Introducing the 



In this free workshop, you will learn all the tools you need to quiet the mean voice in your head, heal your inner critic, and shut off your brain's never-ending list of criticism, so you can get out of your head and into your life.

Here's what you'll learn in the free workshop:

✓ Why you're so critical of yourself and how to change it.

✓ How to stop believing the negative things your brain says about you.

✓ Why it's scary to think positively about ourselves
and how to be brave enough to do it.

✓ The best strategies to interrupt your inner critic every time it shows up.

✓ Why you can't stop the inner critic by trying to change or "do better."

✓ How to love yourself right now—exactly as you are.

✓ How healing your inner critic will change your whole life.

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If your own brain is driving you crazy with its constant nagging, bad reviews, mean chatter,
and non-stop criticism...
you can do something about it.

A lot of us put up with our inner critic because we think it's right. We think all the things it tells us about our faults are the truth.

And then we try to solve its nasty criticism by trying to change and get better—only to find that our inner critic isn't ever satisfied.

I'll show you that not only is your inner critic wrong about you, I'll give you the exact strategies you need to shut it down for good. 

Sign up for this free on-demand workshop and I'll show you how to give your inner critic and all its negative chatter a rest.

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Silence your inner critic for good.


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