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Being a human is hard. And more than anything you just want to feel like you're doing okay.


But mostly it feels like you’re failing.

You think you should be farther along. You think it shouldn’t be so hard. You think it should be easier to love people, that your kids shouldn’t struggle, that you should have it figured out by now. You think you should be skinny and rich and disciplined and holy and fulfilled and happy.

But you’re not. And you think that you are the problem.

That if you could be better in some way (or in all the ways!) then your life would be better.

Worst of all, you think that your own disappointment is nothing compared to God’s. You’re sure that he must be utterly frustrated with the way you’ve spent your time on earth.

I want you to know something…the problem isn’t you. The problem isn’t even your life or the way you’ve lived your life.

The real problem is your brain.

Your brain’s opinion about you and your life and your capacity and your success and failures, is the only thing causing you pain and keeping you stuck. 

And when you know the real problem, the solution is so simple.

You don’t have to change your whole life. You only have to change the way you think about your life.

And I can help you do that.

The truth is,

You are amazing.
Your life is awesome.
And there is nothing you can’t have or create if you want it.

And it’s easier than you think.

Because the only thing you have to change to get something new is your own mind. No matter what you wish was different, the way things are is not the way things have to stay.

I’m April Price. I’m a life coach and I help people that love God love their life and thrive.

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I'm April Price.

And I'm a life coach.

If you want to love your earth life experience, I'm here to help.


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The way things are is not the way things have to stay.


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