Stop wishing it could be different.  Create a life you love.


If you want to be happier,

get unstuck and get more done,

have deep, loving relationships

and contribute to the world in a meaningful way...

you are in the right place.




You were made for more.


You want to be happy...but you just can't figure out why you're not.

You know all the things you "should" be doing...but you still aren't doing them.

You want to use the life that God has given you to become better and follow Him...but you constantly feel like you disappoint HIm.

You want to love like Christ taught...but you can't figure out how to do that in real life with real people.

You want to reach your dreams and do amazing things...but you're barely surviving just doing the minimum.


You were made for more.


For more than just settling.

For more than just getting by.

For more than a life full of  shame and guilt and worry.

For more than strained, painful relationships.

For more than just going through the motions and telling yourself you can't have what you want.


You were made for more.

In the Made for More Group Coaching Program, I'll show you how to get it.  

The Made for More group coaching program will begin on January 5, 2021.  We will meet every week on Zoom for a group coaching call, where you will learn all the tools to create a life you love, have the opportunity to be coached personally, and then gain additional insights and application by seeing others get coached.




The real problem.

Being a human is not easy—mostly because our entire earthly experience is filtered through our human brains.  This means that we "see through the glass darkly," as Paul said.  Our brain's opinion of our life, our worth, our worthiness, our lovability, our capacity, and our potential, is all very negative.

Your brain looks at your life and is completely disappointed. 

It thinks you have blown it in every possible way and leaves you feeling hopeless about ever being able to change. Worst of all, you are sure that God is just as disappointed in you as you are in yourself.








The simple solution.


Instead of just accepting our brain's factory setting, we have to purposefully think differently.  To do this, we have to use our God-given ability to choose. Right now your brain is just creating one version of your life, but you always have the power to choose another one.  

Usually we think about using our agency in terms of the things we do.  But I want to show you how to use your agency to choose the things you think.  It is 100% possible to change anything in your life by deciding to think differently and not just believe what your brain gives you on default.

Learning how to do this in a simple, practical way will create miracles in your life.  You have had the gift of agency since birth, but you've never used it like this before!

In the Made for More 6-Month Group Coaching program I will teach you my simple, 4-step process to help you use this power to get the life you were always made to have.


Understand your true power by seeing what your current thinking is creating for you.


Nurture curiosity about why your brain chose those thoughts and explore other options.


Make powerful decisions and purposefully choose the thoughts that create the life you want.  


Practice to develop new neural pathways to automatically create the results you want.








Apply To Join

Spots in the Made for More group coaching program are limited.   Applications for the January 2021 program will open November 16, 2020 and priority will be given in order of application.