Episode 38: Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Rachel Stewart

Episode Summary

In this very special episode of the podcast I interview author, Rachel Stewart, about how to turn our beliefs into reality by taking action, even in the face of self-doubt or fear.  

I talk to Rachel about how we don't have to feel "qualified" or ready to start taking action, how to recognize that fear is both a liar and a necessary companion to any achievement, and why it's always worth doing hard things to get what we want. 

There are lots of takeaways for each of us who want to stop wishing and dreaming and instead start acting and achieving...and that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Episode Tools and Questions

Nurture Belief 

It is sometimes hard to see what we are capable of and we can be limited by our own beliefs about our qualifications or abilities.  Surround yourself with people who believe in your ability to stretch yourself and achieve your goals.  Sometimes others can help us see things that we cannot see in ourselves.

Use Bridging Thoughts and Take the Next Step

When our own brain tells us that we are not capable of achieving what we want, break it down into smaller belief steps rather than trying to jump to a radically different thought. 

Get to place where you can take the next step.  And take those steps.  Too often we find ourselves in perpetual planning mode and getting ready to take action.  We can stall out waiting for our beliefs to catch up, when we just need to act and create the evidence in the doing.

Fear is a Liar and It is also Part of the Process

Fear keeps us from reaching our God-given impulses to achieve and reach for more.  Fear is a liar.  It tells us that we are in danger when we really aren't.  But it's also important to realize that fear is necessary to achieving things outside of our comfort zone and it is a universal experience.  

  • What could you achieve if you didn't listen to fear?
  • How much more could you do if you stopped resisting fear and just accepted it as part of the achievement process?
  • Fear only keeps us from acting.  How much power are you going to give it?

Failure Isn't Personal

Failure isn't a statement of your worth or your talents.  It's a statement that right now, in this moment, something didn't work.  

  • What can you learn and how can you shift things for next time?

Incredible Experiences are Available to Each of Us

When we are willing to act, despite our fear, there are incredible experiences available to each of us.  It's easy to want to give up and give into the fear, but when we are willing to experience discomfort we open ourselves up to the best parts of life.

This is the reason for an earth life experience—to overcome the natural, fearful instincts of our humanness in order to answer the pull of our spirit to stretch ourselves, increase our capacity and abilities, and evolve in amazing ways.

An Exercise from Rachel:

Every chapter of Rachel's book, Unqualified Success, has exercises at the end to help you apply the principle she writes about.  The following exercise accompanies the chapter on fear.  Try applying it as you go to take action on your goals:

  • Try using the phrase: “I’m going on a trip to _________ (your goal), and I’m taking fear.”
  • Determine a daily, specific action you want to take towards your goal. For 30 consecutive days, perform the action. When fear shows up, don’t be surprised. Remember you are going on a trip to your goals and fear is going with you. Acknowledge that it’s allowed to come, but you are driving.
  • Every time fear wants to pipe up and offer suggestions about turning around or giving up, just stay in the present moment. Complete your action for that one day. The next day do it again. Make friends with fear along the way. After 30 days, look at how much you accomplished even though fear went with you.


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