Episode 80: You Were Made for More

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Episode Summary

You were made for more. You came to earth for a reason and the time you have here in your mortal body is precious. You were made to learn and grow and progress and become more of who you were always meant to be.

We don’t need to do more in order to be more. We don’t need to accomplish more in order to be more worthy or more lovable. But the chance exists to have any experience we want, increase any skill or ability we want to have, and conquer our human brains so we can get the most out of our time on earth and make eternal progress.

Each one of us was made for more. And the more we can manage our own minds, the more becomes available to us. Your brain doesn’t want more, it wants the status quo. Your brain doesn’t want to push outside of your comfort zone, it wants you to stay exactly where you are. Your brain doesn’t want to make the most of your time here, it just wants to survive.

And those survival instincts, are often the only thing keeping us from the life we could be living. You were made for more, and in this episode, I’ll tell you how to get it.

Episode Tools and Questions

You were made for more.  You are entitled to progress and growth.  

But the fear and anxiety and scarcity that the brain offers us is keeping us from the life we could be living.  It’s keeping us from all the more we could be having.

The Factory Setting

There is nothing wrong with you or your brain.  The tendency toward lack and fear and not enoughness is the factory setting that comes with every human brain.  It is the factory setting of every human brain.  

Your brain is generating thoughts, and it’s not out to get you.  It’s just doing its thing,  It’s operating as it should.  It’s doing its job to keep you safe, but if we don’t question the thoughts it gives us, it can keep us from living our purpose and getting the life we really want.

How Coaching Helps

Coaching allows us to be aware of this factory setting and it gives you access to the mainframe where you can reprogram those default, factory setting to get what you really want.  Coaching is such an amazing tool for showing you how your brain and its thoughts are the only things between you and whatever more you want.  Coaching is one way to question the thoughts our brain gives us and think differently on purpose.

And it’s not just about feeling better.  It’s about doing big things in your life, doing things that you’ve never done before and feeling bad—but knowing that you only feel bad because it’s the factory setting of your brain to make you feel scared and anxious and overwhelmed when you go to do those things.  

Because your brain is only looking for threats and problems, the feeling you WANT to have is never going to happen automatically—your brain is never going to accidentally give you a positive thought about you and your capacity.  The feeling you WANT to have is ONLY created by INTENTIONAL THOUGHT.

And that is why coaching works.  It helps you find the INTENTIONAL THOUGHTS that create the feelings you really WANT and those feelings will change your actions and the result is more of what you really want in your life.  

The Made for More Group Coaching Program

  • Applications open November 16, 2020 at 9 am EST.
  • 6 months of weekly coaching in a very small group setting 
  • All the tools you need to understand your own brain and how your thinking is really and truly creating all the results in your life.  
  • Weekly personal coaching 
  • Opportunities to see others coached - One of the most powerful things about group coaching is that, not only will you get regular opportunities to be coached personally, but you’ll also be able be see other people be coached and this is where some of your biggest breakthroughs will come.  
  • Spots in the group will be limited to provide regular coaching opportunities  
  • After you apply, you will get an opportunity to sign up for coaching call with me so you can ask questions, get coached and see if it’s a good fit for you

You can learn more and apply here.

Three Thoughts to Help You Get More from Your Life

1. Think about your life as a story, as a book that you are writing.  If you were writing your story like you wanted it to go, what would the title be?  What are the chapters that would make up the story if you could tell it any way you wanted? 

Write your story from the future…from the way you want to see yourself rather than from the past and form the way your brain has negatively characterized it.

You get to tell any story you want.  Tell a good one.  Pick the chapters you want for sure to be part of your story.  And put them in there.  Make it happen.  Create your life on purpose.

2. Do the hard or scary thing anyway.  Fear just stops so many of us from having more.  From having more of everything, really.  But especially of giving more and helping more and contributing more.  We’re scared were going to do it wrong. 

But we only have fear because our brains thinks that’s the best way to keep you safe from rejection or failure.  And so yes, you have fear.  But that’s okay.  Expect it.   And then go get what you want anyway.  

3. Give yourself permission.  Give yourself permission to believe you can create more, and you can become in more ways, and you can have anything more you want in your life.  Give yourself permission to live the life you want while you are here on earth.

Before you can believe all the things you need to believe to create the life you want, you  have to give yourself permission to believe them.  Because our brain is programmed for scarcity and fear and noticing all the things that are wrong with us, we think we’re not allowed to believe that we can have more.  But you are.  You are allowed.

Dare to believe you can have the life you want and give yourself  permission to do it.

Episode Notes

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