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Episode 106: The Power of Group Coaching

Jun 07, 2021
April Price Coaching
Episode 106: The Power of Group Coaching

Episode Summary

Just like any other area of our life, when we are considering the decision to hire a coach our brains can get in the way. They can produce thoughts that create fear, doubt, skepticism, anxiety, and even, embarrassment for us. And while these emotions do a great job of keeping us “safe,” they also keep us the same.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear the thoughts and experiences of some of my amazing clients as they made the decision to invest in coaching and what that decision has created in their lives. You will hear what they were nervous about, what they have been surprised about, why they find group coaching uniquely helpful, and how coaching has been valuable to them in their lives. If you’ve ever thought about coaching, this episode will help answer your questions and concerns.

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If you’ve been following my podcast for a while, you’ve probably had the thought that coaching could help you. Maybe you’ve had some interest in joining my group coaching program. But you’re also dealing with fears, worries, and concerns about what it might be like. Your brain has talked you out of coaching by giving you thoughts that make you uncertain about whether coaching will help, whether you can afford to invest in yourself, and judgment about looking for help with problems you should be able to solve on your own.

Your brain is causing you to doubt your own capacity. And that’s normal. I used to think the same way.

Today, I have the answer to those doubts. I’ve invited 5 of my group coaching clients to join me in this episode to share all the things: what they were worried or scared about, why they decided to sign up, and what their group coaching experience has been. I believe the insights brought forward by my awesome clients will be incredibly valuable to you as you consider getting coaching to help you create the change you want in your life.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price, you might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Hello, podcast universe! Welcome to episode 106 of the 100% Awesome Podcast. I'm April Price and I have such a treat for you guys today. I know a lot of you have been listening to this podcast for a really long time, and if you've been listening, you have probably along the way also had the thought once or twice that maybe coaching with me could help you. And maybe you've even had some interest in joining my group coaching program. But you've also had along the way plenty of fears, and worries, and concerns, about what that might be like, right? Like whether or not it was a good investment, whether or not it would really help, whether or not it would work for you, and if you could really, like, invest that much in yourself, and into solving problems that you think you should really be able to solve on your own, right? I know this because I have been where you are and this is what I thought, anyway.

And even though you've had all of those thoughts, right, your brain, which doesn't like change and also thinks a lot of negative things about your capacity to change, and create the life you want has probably talked you out of it so many times, probably more than once, right? And so, today I have the answer to that. I invited five of my clients, five of my amazing clients who are in my group coaching program on to the podcast to talk to you about their experience, about what they were worried about, what they were scared about, and what their experience has been, and the things that have surprised them, and the things that have been most valuable to them. And I think this discussion will be really, really helpful to any of you who think you might want something different for yourself, for your family, for your future. This podcast is for those of you who are daring to think that you could have the life experience you want, and that are thinking that coaching might be the way to get that. And so, I think this episode will help ease your fears, and also answer so many of your questions.

So, before we get to that, I just want to make sure I tell you two things. First, as amazing as my clients are, and they really are, they are not uniquely special. I mean, okay, they are individually incredibly special people. But what I mean is that what they have created for themselves in their lives, the experience, and the change that they have created for themselves is not unique to them. It is not because they have something that you don't. They are humans like you, like me, and the life experience that they are creating is available to every one of us. It is a choice, and that choice is 100% available to you. And then secondly, as you listen, sometimes you're going to hear them give me credit for the change in their thinking. And even though that is incredibly kind, and generous of them, I want you to know the truth. They did the work. They looked at their thoughts. They worked to believe new things. They did the work to love, and forgive, and have compassion, and all their results are just that. They are their results. They created them, and they deserve all the credit, and it has just been my privilege to be a witness, and a guide to their own hard work.

So, if you want to have an experience like my clients are, and do the work in your own life to get the Earth-life experience that you really want, I just want you to know that my next group starts on June 1st or just a couple of weeks away. Each of these clients you're going to hear from today filled like the perfect spot in my January group, and there is the perfect spot for you in my June group. You can sign-up for a free coaching call, and see if we're a good fit. I will coach you, and you can see if it's helpful. And if you want to change your life forever, then you can sign up to get one of those spots. You can sign up for that call on my website. or by following the link in the show notes! Okay, all right. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the power of group coaching!

Okay welcome everybody! Thank you for being here. This is so fun to introduce my audience to some of my amazing clients. I have the best clients in the world. I love you guys so much. So, thanks for being here, I want to go around and have everybody introduce themselves. So, let's start with you, Kelly.

Kelly: Okay, so I'm Kelly Norton. I've known April since we were sixteen, so we've been lifelong friends and a recent coaching client, and I have four daughters, and we live in Mesa, Arizona. And I have recently become a grief recovery specialist.

April: Awesome! She's also the... What do you call that? The mother to a cow and a pack of alpacas

Kelly: Right. Yeah!

April: It's amazing! Okay, Jen, tell us about you.

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer Doherty. I've been working with April as one of her clients for about a year now. And I live in New York City with my husband, and three children, and I manage a hotel in Manhattan, and I'm happy to be here.

April: Amazing! Yeah, Jen is a long time client. So fun! Okay, Thessaly.

Thessaly: Well, hello, I'm Thessaly Barnes. I am a mother of four awesome kids. My husband and I just moved to Boston from Salt Lake City. So, adjusting to during covid, which was a nightmare. And so, I found April's podcast, and immediately reached out when I saw that she had a coaching group coaching opportunity. And I have loved every second of it.

April: Awe, I love having you in my life, Thessaly. Okay, Cari Evans, how about you?

Cari: Okay, I'm Cari Evans. And I have two little boys. I live in Holiday, and I found April's podcast somehow, and fell in love with it. And just felt like every single episode was for me. I just loved every single one. So, I'm so happy to join them as a client because it's really been amazing.

April: Oh, that's so awesome. And now you're on it. You'll be able to hear your own voice in your own airpods or yeah it'll be amazing! Okay, and Karie Erickson.

Karie: Hi, I'm Karie Erickson. I live in Larkspur, Colorado. I'm an executive director for a non-profit, and I'm an aging expert. I met April through a friend of mine that I was doing another class with, recommended her podcast. And I fell in love with her style. I reached out to her last summer when I was going through a particularly rough spot, and April helped me so much, that I decided to join her group coaching. And I love it and I love working with April.

April: Thank you. I love working with all of you. So amazing! Okay, so the purpose of this podcast is to kind of give people a perspective on what group coaching is like. I think there are a lot of people who have thought about coaching, who have thought about even joining my group program, but for one reason or another, haven't yet. And maybe they have some fears and concerns about it. And I thought, what better way than for them to hear from you? Who are a part of it, the difference that it has made for you, the things that you've learned, and just your perspective on it to to kind of help them. So, like I said, a lot of people think about coaching, even I thought about joining my coaches program for five or six-months before I did. And I think we have a lot of fears that get in our way from making that first call, or for kind of investing in ourselves. So, I kind of wanted to just go around, those of you that want to share, what were your biggest fears about coaching in general, or specifically about coaching in a group, either way?

Jen: I'm happy to start.

April: Awesome.

Jen: So, initially when I saw the opportunity for the group coaching program my concern was being vulnerable in front of people that I didn't know. Sharing experiences, and challenges that I was going through and having 9 or 10 or how many of other people in a group hearing those things, and having it not be as personal as having a one-on-one session with you.

April: Sure.

Jen: Yeah, that was my biggest concern, was just being like, what if I cry, and they see me, or what if I what if I share something, will I feel comfortable sharing something that I really want to share with all these people that I don't know.

April: Okay, awesome. Thank you for sharing that, anybody else? Yeah, Cari

Cari: Yeah, mine was going to be similar, just really scared of vulnerability. Like, can I let people know what's really hard right now or what if it's really hard to me. Other people are saying she's complaining that, you know, and it's scary to be like, I'm going to put myself out there. But I realized with group coaching that you don't have to share like a huge forty-five minute background story. All that you hear is this is what I'm feeling, or even this is the result that I'm getting and I want something different. Yeah. And so it is still vulnerable, like of course, like worry I'm going to cry to just like that. But realizing that it doesn't have to be all of that. Yeah. It just, it can just be simple. This is what I'm feeling right now.

April: Perfect. Awesome! Thessaly, did you have something?

Thessaly: I just want to say that I totally agree with those. I think one of my fears was just being embarrassed about my struggles, but also it was the idea of a group coaching versus individual coaching was like, I need a lot of help. Will I get that in group coaching versus one session? It was, you know, can everyone not talk so I can share? I need a lot of help. That was one of my fears, really, that I had and obviously came out to be completely unfounded.

April: So good. Oh, my gosh. Thank you for sharing all of those. Karie?

Karie: Yeah, I had never done group coaching before in this type of setting, and I think I was worried that I wouldn't have a lot in common with the other ladies. I thought, well, what if my situation is so different from theirs and and what if I just was so different from they are. And what I learned with group coaching is even though our differences are there, we are different and each of us are in a different walk of life, really principles of the model and the coaching. You can take that session and apply it to your situation, even if it's totally different. And and so it's been really nice to listen to the other ladies get coached because it always sparks something for me. And I wasn't expecting that.

April: Oh, my gosh, thank you for sharing that. So good. I think all of those are fears that probably everybody has going in. So thank you for speaking to them. It's really, really powerful, as I thought about when I first joined coaching. I think that thing that surprised me the most, speaking of surprises, was I was surprised at how much change I got pretty fast, like I had spent decades really stuck and really not being able to change the things I wanted, and kind of feeling like I am just hopeless, like I've tried everything, and I can't change. And I think the biggest surprise for coaching for me was that I could change and actually change started to come pretty fast. And I knocked over some of those really big domino thoughts. And it was like I started to get a lot of change fast. And so, I was curious about just asking about what you were surprised about, kind of like what were your expectations going in, and what has been surprising for you through the coaching experience? Okay, Jen, thanks.

Jennifer: So, similar to you, you and I started working together privately before I joined the group. And sort of Thessaly, I also worried, am I going to have enough time, am I going to get my fair share of time of coaching, which I've gotten plenty of time now. And I agree that when I started the group coaching program, things happened a lot faster for me. It was so powerful. I think I actually as much as I got out of my own personal coaching when you were coaching me during the group coaching program, I even got more out of watching other people get coached. And just like Karie said, in every single situation, every single time, even though the situation is different, I can relate it to my life, the coaching that we're getting. And so, it's like eight or nine different coaching bursts in a session. And so, I think that's what accelerates, especially in the group session, is that you are getting all these different coaching tips, and seeing at work, seeing someone else work through the the model, and work through the program, and get coached. I think is even more beneficial than when I'm getting coached, because when I'm getting coaching in it, I'm emotional. I go back and watch it, and then I get more out of it watching someone else, because a process has been so helpful for me. And it has, like you said, really, really fast tracked my progress with identifying my thoughts, being aware of my thoughts, changing my thoughts and changing my outcomes.

April: Yeah, I'm so glad you said that. I couldn't have said it better. I had the same experience as you as the coach, like I had kind of when I started the group program, worried that one on one would have been better and like literally like two weeks in and I'm like, this is the best, like program ever! This is the best container there ever was for coaching. I was so excited about how much progress we're able to get by watching other people would be coach. So, it was the cool thing. All right, Thessaly, and then, Kelly,

Thessaly: So, one of the things that I was surprised about is how, like we've been saying how similar everyone is. I think for a while there I was like, no, I'm special. Like, I'm so unique. No one understands. There's no way anyone could relate and that kind of thing. And I'm just even with even the first coaching session, I was just blown away by how I related to all the women who participated. I'm like, me too, I agree. And that just helped kind of give me a level of compassion for myself to just says it's okay, you know, and that has just helped me so much to realize we're all in this together, like we're all struggling. It might look different to every person, but we're all so similar. And that has just brought me such a level of peace, and comfort in my own skin to know that I'm not alone, and that the group setting is just really, really helpful.

April: Oh, I love that you said that. I think the same thing, like, we all share the fact that we have a human brain, and all our human brains are like at work. And it is it does offer you so much compassion for that, right? You're just like, oh, it's not me, it's my brain. And everybody's got one, right? Yeah, so good. All right, Kelly.

Kelly: I think one thing I wish everybody could see as we're talking, we're all nodding, and smiling like, yes, exactly. But I I've also been surprised by how much I will come with something I think I'm going to talk about, and then I'm like, oh, that's taken care of, I don't even have to say a word, and it's just like the work is being done in my brain. But another thing I've been surprised about is how much it's allowing me to give grace to other people, because I'm aware. And I think it's like the group coaching has helped me more with that than myself, because, like Jen said, you're in it. But when you hear other people, you're like, oh, like now I look at other people, and I'm like, oh, she's doing this because that, and that helps me have more compassion for other people, and not get worked up myself about other people, because I'm like, she's just in her own model or whatever. So, it's been really helpful.

April: Yes, so good. It's so true, right? You're like everybody is in the middle of a model. So, I just going to kind of follow up on that. I know that a few of you have talked about how valuable it is to see somebody else be coached. And, you know, I just wanted to ask any of you if you could remember any specific examples and you don't have to give all the details. But for example, I remember when I started in group coaching, when I first joined life coaching, and I remember one of the biggest seismic shifts I got in the relationship with my daughter is I heard someone else being coached on their son. And the coach said "He is supposed to be sad. He's supposed to be sad." And that was like such a shift for me. And all of a sudden I was like, oh, my gosh, my daughter is supposed to be sad. And I know that sounds like a silly thought, but it completely changed the relationship I had with her. I stopped arguing with who she was, and how she was presenting to the world. And I just decided she's supposed to be sad. And so, in that moment, just that one thought really changed things for me. And I just wondered if any of you had an experience that you wanted to share where the thought that somebody else got coached on kind of helped you in your life? Karie?

Karie: I remember when one of the ladies was getting coached on a relationship with her sister, maybe sister, sister-in-law. And that was really helpful to me because I had this idea that sisters are supposed to get along really well, and sisters are always supposed to be there for each other. And I have really struggled with my relationship with one of my sisters. And it was really nice to hear someone else's struggle and to then say, I love my sister, but we don't get along, and be okay with that, instead of always trying to force a relationship that isn't organically going to happen, because we're two different people. And that was really helpful for me.

April: Right, just like getting rid of the rule that sisters are supposed to get along. Thessaly?

Thessaly: I remember when someone was getting coached on just something that might happen that was just terrible in their circumstance, they were just dreading, this is a possibility, this could happen. And I remember that you coached them and said "Okay, walk us through every step, tell us worst case scenario, what is going to happen?" And then they would answer, well, this would happen and you would say, okay, we press them on and say, well, and that would mean what what how them walk through the entire timeline of the worst case scenario. Not just as this figment of imagination, but literally what would it look like? What would it mean? What would you be feeling in that just gave me so much clarity on this idea that your brain just comes up with these thoughts of just you're going to die. And when you put it down, like on paper, just really talk through it, it's not ideal, but it's all good. It's okay. You just kind of calming your brain down to be like, just don't let it get out of control. And that helped me so much dealing with situations in my life. And I wouldn't have come out, and said that was a struggle of mine. But to see someone else, I'm like, yes, I agree. And I watched you. How's April going to deal with this? And I was like, oh, brilliant, I get it! It was awesome.

April: I love it. How many times do you guys have the thought, what's she going to do with this?

Jennifer: Every single time. And every time you do beautifully.

April: Oh, you're so sweet.

Jennifer: Something to add. There was there was someone in our group who was being coached, her daughter was being mistreated by people in her church, she felt like. And you made the comment that, you coached her through it, and made the comment that they were supposed to be behaving the way they were behaving. Because of the thoughts that they were thinking. And even though I didn't feel good that they were supposed to be thinking, behaving that way. And letting go of the way that they were behaving, and I was able to apply that to my own life. I have siblings who don't get along well with my mother, and sometimes don't treat her the way that I want them to treat her, and it really affects me in a negative way. And and since then, I really released my anger, and my frustration with them because they're behaving exactly how they should be behaving in their own model. I can't change that, I need to love them anyway, and and let them have their own relationship with my mother, and not interfere with that.

April: So powerful. Thanks, Jen, thanks for sharing that. Okay, awesome. I want to know what it's like to be when you're like being personally coached in the group, what that feels like, and if you've gotten any, like, good "aha" moments? What's your experience like when you're being personally coached? How does it feel in the group, Kelly?

Kelly: I just feel really supported by our group, like I feel so supported by you. But I can look at the other faces, and everyone's engaged, and like I feel like I mean, who does it need? Nine new friends, you know, like, I just feel like it's just such a supportive environment. Even if we have issues, we don't necessarily agree. Like there's been times when you see two different sides of the same coin, but it's just so supportive. And I feel like, you know, everyone not necessarily like cheering me on loudly, but like that's my bag, and is with me. And that's been so nice, because there is that vulnerability of, like, I got to share this, and just as a society, we just pretend like we all have it going on, we all know what we're doing, and none of us do. And so getting to that point where there's just that vulnerability, I think that just builds a connection, and you just feel connected, and supported, and not judged in any way. And even when it's like, I'm sure I've said things that people are like that is silly, but I, I never get that. And it's it's just been totally supportive, and fabulous.

April: Yeah, oh, that's awesome.Thessaly?

Thessaly: So, I had an "Aha" moment for sure when you were coaching me personally you said, and talking about my husband, you said, it's not my job to solve for his discomfort, it's your job to love him as he is. And that was like, mind blowing to me because it it becomes so much easier. Yes, I can love him for who he is, and not try to make sure he's happy all the time. I was putting myself in charge of his happiness, which no one can bear that. This idea I mean, that really you set it and it hit me hard, and then ever since then, it's gotten deeper, kind of ingrained now into who I am. But that was that was a really powerful moment for me.

April: Oh, that's so awesome. So good. Cari?

Cari: I would say that getting coached by you feels like you're talking to a very dear lifelong friend. You just feel like you're in this space where there's no judgment, just love. And it's scary to do that, but knowing that no matter what comes out, you're going to find a way to make us feel like we're okay, and we're still loved, and we're still valuable, and and we're important, and we matter, and our feelings matter. I think sometimes we get scared to share things with our family, or our friends because we're scared of what they'll think of us, or how they'll respond. And your responses have always just been this unconditional love, that is amazing.

April: Oh, my gosh. Cari, thank you for sharing that. I'm so glad that that is your experience. It really is, we are so personally judgmental of our own thoughts, and feelings, right? And coaching is a space where they're just your thoughts, they aren't you, they're just your feelings, they aren't you. And you're totally safe to share them so that we can look at them and, you know, they don't mean anything about you. Thessaly did you have another comment?

Thessaly: Just when it comes to big shifts and thinking that I've gotten from coaching, you know, the answer is really hundreds. I have talked a little like flashcards of things that you've said that I've taken notes on. I've probably got 20 things in front of me, and I brought them out in preparation for this. Just that when I need, like a boost, like a reminder, it's just things that you've said here it is. It's not my job to solve for his discomfort, is on this paper here. I have no amount of doing will create different feelings. Lke yes! I love that. And you said put present you in charge of action, and future you in charge of the outcome. Like, I feel like the huge shifts in my brain happen every single time I'm meeting with you. And even when you open it up to send you messages to the website, and you reply immediately, even that capacity, I'm like, oh, let's take notes on what she's saying here. And I literally have, like, flash cards of "April-isms" that I my personal study area.

April: Oh my gosh you guys are so aweosme. I love you. Karie?

Karie: Yeah, I just want to really compliment you on that's like what Cari was saying, and Thessaly, and what we're all saying, but you hold us in such a gentle way. Not everybody can do that. And from the first time I met you, I think I had coaching before on a particular issue I was having with my my daughter. And you said to me, and this is why I signed up for your coaching class, you said to me, "What if your only motive, or motivation was love? How would you approach your daughter?" And I feel like that sentiment you bring to every session. And it really is powerful. It's powerful. And I just I just love coaching with you so much. So, thank you!

April: Thank you. Okay, so let's just talk about the investment that each of you made. So, I remember the first investment I made. You guys made a much bigger one than I did. My first one was forty-nine dollars, your's was much bigger than that. And you guys are way braver than I was. But I really at the time, I had so little belief in myself, and my ability to change, and my ability to like to even think I was worth it. So, I was curious about if any of you had concerns about making a big investment in your brain, kind of in an unknown coaching was kind of an unknown for many of you. And kind of how you overcame that? Or what you would say to somebody who was maybe struggling with the same idea about investing in coaching? Thessaly?

Thessaly: Well, I, I knew I needed help, but I just have to say, and I think it was during the consultation where you either you said directly, or had alluded and I had pondered it later, this idea, like, what do I spend my money on every month? And then, how could that possibly be more important than my mental health? My relationships, the way I view myself, how I view my potential, and what when you put it in that perspective, it's like, nothing. Nothing is worth more than what I've gained from you. So, I think that idea that you spend money on things all the time. A lot of it, I don't really need, but coaching is something that I actually need. And I think when I made that realization, I was able, the decision became very easy for me.

April: I love it. Awesome, Cari?

Cari: Yeah, I was just going to say for me it was like if I paid this amount for it, I'm going to value it, I'm going to do it, and nurture it, and make sure that I show up for myself. Because I remember, I think maybe it was in our consultation, or a follow up to it, but it was sort of like this, aha, like I really I matter. I really do. And I spent forty-nine dollars on a gym membership and never went. And so, it was kind of like, this is more expensive, and maybe that's going to make me actually do it.

April: Yeah, like you have to stand up to your brain and say I matter and that makes you show up for yourself in a vulnerable place and get the changes that you want, really good.

Cari: And so, I knew from the cost that the value was there because I found value in the podcast that was free. So, I could only imagine the value that I would find when I was paying a significant amount of money for it.

April: Oh, that's awesome, Kelly?

Kelly: I don't I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I had so I was totally new to coaching when I signed up with you. But I had heard about, I won't say her name, a famous life coach for a long time, and everyone loves everyone loves her. And I like tried her out podcast, and I think I even did like one-month of a membership. And I was like, I don't like this. Like, this isn't for me. I don't think this is for me, and just didn't connect with that coach at all. And as soon as I would listen to your podcast I'm like, I need to sign up with April. And I was like, but coaching isn't for me, but then I was like, but April is for me. Like even after our initial consultation, I mean, I got so much for your podcast. I was like, I feel like I can be helped even if it's coaching. So, even after our initial, like 30 minute consultation, I was like, oh my gosh, I feel so much, just the problems I was having that seemed so huge. And it was like you just were like, this is what's going on. I'm like, Oh, yes, it is. And I was like, I will absolutely pay for this. And so worth every penny. And it's because it's so much more than just like our weekly call, like there's the bonus sessions which are so valuable to me. And the, I think Thessaly was saying like the message board, like if we're having problems in between, like I don't feel like it's an hour, a week, it's so much more than that, and it's been worth every penny, and more.

April: That's awesome, I love it. I think all of you, everybody listening, should follow Kelly's advice. You can get so much help just in the consultation. I promise you, you will feel better, right? So, even if you don't join the program, you will feel better in 30 minutes, I promise you. Thessaly?

Thessaly: I had an "aha" moment in the consultation in the first 15 minutes that I've been struggling with for about ten years. I'm like, yeah, sounds like this is worth it, because I'm already feeling better about some of the things that plagued me forever, and you just help me change the way I thought about it. And I was like, oh, that's all I had to do, I had no idea that's all I had to do. So yes, you have to get a consultation, your life will change just from that.

April: I love it. So good. I love it.

Kelly: Okay, I do have to say now I do think coaching is for me.

April: That's good since you are a coach. Well I should just say that as well, like we click with certain coaches, there are certain coaches who are not for us. There are tons of coaches out there, and you need to find the one for you, which is why I have the consultation so you can even see, like, do I like working with her? Is this helpful? Because it's true, we don't click with everybody and we shouldn't, right? So, yeah, perfect. Okay so, I kind of want to wrap up with just having you think about for a minute, like what has been the most valuable thing for you or kind of in what way has your life changed since joining the program, and starting coaching? As I think about my life, I cannot find an area that has not been changed by coaching. I just can't think about myself in the same way in any area. And it's just so awesome. Like even last night, David came home from his church meetings, and he was talking about like some people were upset with him, and he was upset about that. And I was like, at this moment where I was like, it's totally fine for those people to be upset, and it's totally fine for my husband to be upset about their upset ness. And I was like it just this land of bliss and zen. And he just looked at me like, "What aren't you going to?" And I'm just like, it's all totally fine. And I just love that there's no area in which I can't manage my brain and get relief and peace. And it's just amazing to me. So, everybody, I just want you to kind of share, like, how your life has changed, or what the value that you found? Karie, let's start with you.

Karie: You know, I really resonate with what you just said, because before coaching I had a self proclaimed job of fixing everybody's problems. And because I had that, I mean, I put that crown on myself. Everybody came to me with problems, and I would spend so much of my energy trying to make the peace, and fix the problem, and solve the problems, and come up with a solution. And coaching has really taught me to take that crown off my head, and enjoy who I am, and let other people be who they are. And it's not my job to fix them. That I can just let them be, and love them anyways. And it's such a relief to not have that as your self proclaimed title, because it's exhausting. And I feel like all my relationships are better, every single one of them. I love that about coaching. Coaching is really taught me that and that's been a game changer.

April: It's amazing. It's the heaviest crowd everywhere for sure. So good. Okay, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, through this process, you've really empowered me to become my own coach, and when I'm filling in, when having negative feelings or negative experiences, I very quickly can can can identify my thoughts, and start coaching myself through a situation, and come to the outcomes like you had last night with with David. And another thing that's been really beneficial for me is that you really let me off the hook in a lot of places in my life where I was holding myself to really to a crazy standard that wasn't that wasn't necessary, and that was causing me a lot of grief in my life. And you helped me realize that it wasn't a lot of the things that I was holding myself accountable for, I wasn't responsible for, I had no power over, and they were really negatively affecting my life. And I needed to just let those go, and realize, it's not my responsibility. You let me off the hook for so many things, not that you don't, I still hold myself accountable.

April: I just thought you should stop giving yourself jobs you couldn't do.

Jennifer: Exactly. Exactly, I had no control over.

April: Exactly, So good. Okay,Thessaly?

Thessaly: I think one of the there's many most valuable things, but one of them would be the allowance you've given me to have compassion for myself, and for my thoughts, and not judge them. One of the comments you said was to take off your judge's robes and put on a scientist coat. And that has really helped me because I've found that in having compassion for myself, I've been able to then have compassion, more compassion on those around me. And also this idea of feeling the emotion, and not resisting it, and not hiding from it, or pushing it away, but just feel it, and process it, just changed everything. And that coupled with not shaming myself for my anger, or frustration with my children, or whatever it is, has just totally empowered my life. And I just it has changed my entire demeanor and how I interact with everyone.

April: So awesome. So glad to hear it. Yeah, it's so funny how just allowing ourselves to feel bad is such a game changer, right? Don't have to solve it. So good. All right, Cari?

Cari: Oh, I just agree with everybody, everything that they've said so much. But one of the things that has really changed in my life is I always made a to do list of all of these things to do. But then you would beat yourself up for not doing your to do list, and then you'd start over the next day with the same to do list. And I think just realizing it's not the doing, it's not the action that lets you cross that off the list, it's what you think about those things on your to do list. And that's really helped me just take some steps that I need to take for all areas of my life. Just instead of making this list of things to do, and feeling bad when I don't do them, I've been able to do them because I can realize that it's what I think about those things. It's my thoughts that make it really give you the result, not the action.

April: I love it. All right, Kelly?

Kelly: One of the realizations I've had is that I think for a long time I've just been like scooting along through life, like really unaware of my thoughts. Like, I don't think about my thoughts very much. And it's like now I'm like, oh, and just seeing the power, and how my thoughts create my life and my my actions. And it's been really powerful and like Jen said, to kind of have ways to coach myself, not that I still don't need you, because I do, but ways to coach myself, and try new things and be like this is okay. And I think one of the most powerful things you said to me was like, it was one of the very first times I spoke up in our group. And you said, like, "I don't think you need to carry that anymore." Like, it was a thought I'd been carrying for a long time. And you were like, I don't think you need to carry that anymore. Is like, oh, I don't need to. And it was like just dumb, but it was like I could just set this down, and not carry that anymore, and that's fine. And that's been so powerful, and just such a gift. So yeah, it's been great.

April: I love it. Amazing. Okay that's all the questions I had, anybody else have anything they want to say, make sure gets said.

Jennifer: One more thing to add. I just want, to the podcast the universe, and I want to encourage you, if you're on the fence about joining a group program, do it. Just do it. I was on the fence too. I was concerned about the financial part of it. I was concerned about the vulnerability part of it. And I made the decision for myself to join, and it was the best decision I could have made and I've never regretted it for one moment, and it's changed every part of my life in such a positive way. It's changed my relationship with my family, with my co-workers and every part of my life in such a positive way. So, if you're on the fence like I was, just take the leap, trust the universe and go for it. You won't be sorry.

Karie: We love you, April, from everybody!

April: Thank you. Thank you all. I it is such a privilege to be your coach honestly. Like I just count. It's such a privilege to witness, to be a witness to your lives and your amazingness and such a joy! Thessaly?

Thessaly: I just want to say that for years now I've studied like mindfulness, and read all these books, and I've done meditation, and it wasn't until coaching that it actually everything kind of came together. That I'm not my thoughts, I had never understood that until you explained it to me. I thought for sure I'm my thoughts, that's how it goes. So you kind of help me separate who I am versus what I think. That has really connected all these dots in a sense, been like searching for in these different books, and things like that that I've been trying to find this sense of happiness, and peace with things. And I feel like this coaching has just brought it all together for me in such a beautiful way that it's really just truly changed my life.

April: That was so well said. Thank you firstly. Oh, it's beautiful. Okay, I love you all. Thank you for your insights. I think this is going to be so, so, so valuable to people that are thinking about coaching. So, I am so grateful to you for coming on here and for sharing that with them. And I love you all, and I will see you on our call tomorrow. So fun!

Aren't they awesome? Isn't coaching awesome? I love it so much. I hope you all get a chance to be a part of something so powerful, and that you make that opportunity available to yourself. It will bless your whole life. If you're interested, you can sign up for a free-coaching call and see what coaching is like. And even that one call, I promise you, will change your life. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome! I love you for listening and I'll see you next week!

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