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Episode 130: Creating Your Life

Oct 28, 2021
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April Price Coaching
Episode 130: Creating Your Life

Episode Summary

Even if you have zero control over the circumstances in your life, what you choose to believe will create the results in your life. That WILL change the experience of your life, which makes this a skill worth having.

Today, I want to share 3 ideas to help you get better at creating the things you want in your life - not by doing more, but by believing more. We can strengthen the connection between belief and creation by deliberately choosing to believe in the things that you want to create.

Believing is a decision. Believing is a choice. When you can’t believe something, the truth is you’ve chosen not to. You can believe in anything. If you hear your brain say, “I can’t believe that,” it’s not true. You are free to choose not to believe anything, but know that it is a choice. There is no downside to believing in the thing you want to create.

The future is all thoughts. There is nothing in the future that actually exists yet. It’s made up of the ideas of what you think will happen, but what you actually don’t know. It’s all up for grabs. But we live from this pretend knowing, this guess, these thoughts we have about the future. It all has yet to be created. So if you choose different thoughts… you will create a different future.

Acting “as if”. When we really believe something will happen, it changes our actions. Really think about how you would show up if you believed you could create something. How would you act if you knew for sure this was going to happen? Your brain wants to think it’s silly, but it’s not. You have to prepare to be in a different place, and acting “as if” is exactly how to do it.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Hello, podcast universe. Welcome to episode 130 of the 100% Awesome Podcast. I'm April Price and I am so happy to be with you today. I just got back from an amazing in-person live retreat with the clients who were in my very first coaching group that I started last January. We all got together, and we coached for three days, it was an amazing experience, and I'm going to tell you all about that in just a minute. But first, I want to remind you of something important. I want to remind you of who you are. You are a child of God. You are a spirit child of God who is here on Earth, having a physical human experience. And you are doing better than, you know, way better than, you know, way better than you think you are, right?

Many of us, nag ourselves with thoughts of unworthiness. We tell ourselves that we are such a disappointment, that we've made such a mess of our Earth-life experience that we've done it all wrong. And because we are disappointed in ourselves, we assume that God must be as well. And I want you to know that nothing could be further from the truth. God is not disappointed in you because he does not have the same thoughts about you as you do. And I want to invite you to think about what God thinks in a completely different way, in a way that will change how you feel about yourself, and change how you feel about God, and it will increase your connection to him in a really big way.

I have a free course, it's called "How God Really Feels About You: Three Secrets to Feeling His Love." And you can download that and watch it, it's not very long, but it is powerful, and it will change the way you think about God's opinion of you, right? So, you can find that course by going to my website That's all one word. HowGodfeels. No capitals or anything. Or you can just text howgodfeels all one word to 66866. So, you open up your phone, you text 66866, and then when you're prompted, you put howgodfeels all one word, and you can get access to that video course, okay? And I think it will bless your life in so many ways. So, that is there for you, all right!

Now, speaking of blessing your life, I want to talk to you about something awesome today, something that I am so excited about, and I think it can bless your life in amazing ways. I think the idea is that we are going to talk about here today are powerful and they are going to make you a better creator in your life. Like, we all have things that we want to create. We all have goals and like a vision for our life that we want to create. And today I want to give you some help in doing that. We are going to talk about the connection between faith or belief, and creation, right? And how to really understand how to use our agency, and our ability to believe things, even things that don't exist yet in order to make us more powerful creators in our own lives, okay? Because the truth is, every single one of you is a child of the greatest creators there are, and that means that every one of us has the capacity to create. In fact, I think we all have a much bigger capacity to create than we really can possibly imagine. And so that's what we're going to talk about today, how to increase your ability to create in your life by believing new things.

Like believing new things is a skill, and the better you get at believing in things that don't yet exist in your life, the more you can create those things that you've never done, and you've never had or never experienced, but that you want to take whatever you want in your life isn't outside of your ability to create it. The only reason that you don't have it is because it is currently outside of your ability to believe in it. But once you are willing to believe in it, you will create it.

So, the reason that I have been thinking about this so much is because this past weekend, like I said, I went to Utah and I met with my first coaching group and we had this amazing weekend together. One of the the ladies that was part of the group has this home in Heber, up on the mountain, beautiful home. And she said, Hey, if you guys can get there, then I would be happy to host everyone for three days and we can coach." And I said, "Yeah, if you can get there, I'll come and I will do the coaching." And we ate amazing food, and we talked, and we coached, and we just had such a powerful experience together and it was amazing. But the reason that I'm sharing that is because almost a year ago when I started thinking about this group, and I started like, like working on the beliefs that I needed to work on in order to create the group, I did a lot of work imagining that group, right?

I actually had this visualization where I imagined sitting at a table we were going to start. We started the group in January, and so I imagined this winter scene up in the mountains and I imagined 10 seats around the table, and they had been filled, right? And we were sitting around this table, and I was teaching, and they were coaching and they were there around that table. And in my mind's eye, I had envisioned like the snow falling right behind us, quietly falling as we coached and worked, right? And I had this moment, it was so incredible to me up at that retreat this last weekend. It was like that vision that I had created like a year before, 11 months before, like came to life in front of me. There I was coaching up in the mountains, it was rainy, it wasn't snowing, but it was raining, and the clouds were really low, and so it felt like we were just like socked in up there in the mountain. And at one point it started hailing and I was just like, oh my gosh. Like, I just felt like it was just like my belief had been created in real life, right? And I just had this moment of awe where I felt like, oh my gosh, do we even understand how powerful we are? Do we really understand how powerful our beliefs and our thoughts are, right?

Like this is the work that I do every day. And I was sitting there in awe like, oh my gosh, like, we are literal creators with our thoughts right now. I have to like, tell you like I was only using that vision of my group as a metaphor. Like, I was trying to imagine people joining in the group, and so, I made this little vision, right? Just as a metaphor to like, get into belief that people were coming into my program. But there we were in real life, like living out that vision, like in the physical world, and it was just so amazing to me. And so, I just want to talk to you about that for a minute that perhaps like we are so much more powerful in our creative ability than we even know, right?

So, here's the thing I get on here every week and I tell you, like, we don't get to control the circumstances, right? Like the circumstances are just out there, they're just happening, and they just exist and we don't control those. And our work is to then like, manage our mind, and manage our thoughts, and decide what we want to think about those things. Think about the circumstances. But this weekend, I had this moment where I thought, well, like, maybe we do like, maybe we do control more of the circumstances than we know. Like, maybe our power to create actually can even impact circumstances, okay? Now I'm not suggesting that if you get really, really good at managing your minds that we can like control the weather, right? Or that we can do like a Vulcan mind meld and control what other people think, and do, and say, right?

But there I was in a cabin with the clouds around me, with my clients around the table almost exactly as I had picture in it. And of course, I don't control the weather, but still like it made me wonder how much, even in the circumstance line is available for alteration. Or creation if we are willing to believe, and go all in on believing things even before they exist, okay? And it is really incredible to think about. And even if that feels a little farfetched and we just wanted to say, okay, we have zero control over the circumstance line, what you choose to believe will create the results of your life, and that will change the experience of your life. So, this is a skill worth developing, right? Like even if we hadn't had this weekend, and had that moment in Heber, I still created that coaching group, and I did it by thinking that people were coming. I did it by believing that that there were clients who wanted it, right? I created that result for myself in my life by, like working on the thoughts that would create it. So, that's what I want to talk to you about today. I'm going to give you three ideas to help you get better at creating the things that you want in your life, not by doing more from the action line, right? But by believing more like deliberately choosing to believe in the things that you want to create long before they exist in the physical world, okay?

So, the first thing that I want to offer you is that believing is a decision. Like so many times, I will hear my clients, or my own brain, a lot of times my own brain say, well, I just can't believe that, right? I just I, you know, that just seems like delusional, right? Like I just can't believe that thing. But "I just can't believe" is always a lie, okay? Because believing is a choice when I can't believe something, the truth is I have just decided not to. I have made the choice not to believe in that thing for various reasons. But of course, I can believe in anything. So, if you hear your own brain saying, I can't believe that, just know that that is a lie, that in fact you can, and you're choosing not to. And maybe you have a good reason for that, but you want to, like, tell yourself the truth about it. I am choosing not to believe this, is that really what I want to choose, right?

Over the weekend, my family and I, we went and saw the James Bond movie, right? After it was over my son, who like the ultimate movie critic, right? He was like, Well, like, this is totally unbelievable, this is totally unbelievable. This is dumb. And I'm like, yeah, right? Like, I went in deciding to just believe in all of it. Like, of course, like James Bond can't take 50 bullets, and not get shot, right? But like, I have decided, and made a decision to suspend my belief. And I just think that more of us should do that in our real lives, right? Because what makes something believable, right? Anything in our lives doesn't have an inherent believability. We have just decided. We've made a decision in our lives to believe, right? Like those of us who are people of faith, like, I want you to really think about the things that you have decided to believe, right? Like we all have, like a set of rules about what we have decided is okay to believe and what is not.

My son is like, No, I'm not going to believe anything in a James Bond movie, right? But like, like, we all have a certain like level at which we are like we accept the unbelievability of things, right? Like most of us are okay to believe that the Sun will come up tomorrow, though we actually don't know that, we're just going all in on believing that right? We're okay to believe that Christ is coming again, or that he came the first time and saved us. But it's never because we know that for sure, it's because we've decided to believe. We've decided to have faith in those things, and we'd like who we are, and what we do, and who like how we show up in our lives when we believe these things. And what I want to offer you is that your life is no different. And I want you to be willing to like question the rules of believability that you have set up in your own life because they may not be serving you, and really allow yourself to be delusional. Allow yourself to believe in things that don't exist yet, right?

Just like my gathering in the mountains, and I understand it feels very vulnerable, right? It feels a little vulnerable to believe in something that you haven't ever seen, or experienced in your own life, right? But the threat? Like what makes us feel vulnerable is like actually only the things in our own mind, right? Like what we're going to tell ourselves, if we can't create it right? But there is no actual downside to believing in the thing that you want to create, right?

I have a client that's working really hard to believe in a relationship. She wants to believe that her daughter loves her, and her brain is like, No, we cannot believe this thing, right? And I keep offering to her like, there is no downside to believing that she does, right? Because when you believe she does, then you, like, go all in on loving her, and loving the relationship, and we stop trying to be defensive, and protect ourselves, right? So, whatever it is in your life that you're trying to believe, like you don't need any evidence to believe me, you just get to suspend your disbelief, and believe what you want. Because you want to create something in your life, right? It's not about necessarily like the quote unquote believability of the thing. It's about what am I deciding to believe so that I can create something in my life, okay?

The second thing that I want to offer you is that the future is all thoughts, right? The future is all T's. There is nothing in the future that actually exists yet. It's all just thoughts. It's all just made up, right? Like it's all made up by the ideas of what you think will happen, but what you actually don't know, okay? So if it doesn't exist yet, the future doesn't exist. Yet that means it's all up for grabs. There are right now at this moment, there are zero circumstances in your future. There is not a single "C" that exists in your future right now, there are only thoughts, right? But it's all made up. And notice how we live from this pretend, knowing we live from this gas that we've made about the future. These thoughts that we have about the future, right? And notice that if everything that exists in front of you is thoughts, it all has yet to be created. And so, if you challenged the thoughts that you are believing right now, and you choose different ones, you are going to create a different future out in front of you. Like, really, think about that. What you know about your future right now in this moment is what you have decided to believe about your future. You actually don't know anything.

Okay, so I want you to kind of like try this exercise with me for a minute. I want you to name five things that are for sure in your future, like five things that you know for sure are going to happen. And what I want to offer you is that you don't actually know that any of them well, you don't know what will happen in the next moment they're all made up. And so, if you are creating the future with what you think will happen with your thoughts, right? I think you should pick, and choose the things you want in your future because you totally get to. This is kind of mind blowing, but just go with me, right? Because I want you to understand that if your future is the same as your present right? If the exact same results exist in your future as exist in your life right now, it will only be that way because you have chosen the same thoughts. Nothing out there in the future has been created yet, and so if you're thinking the same thought, you're going to create the same thing. But if your future is different than your present, it will be because you have chosen different thoughts.

Like we think it's so complicated if I want my future to be different, I have to be a totally different person, and I have to have like all these elaborate action plans, I got to overhaul my whole life when really the only difference between you in the future, and you now is that in the future, if it is different than your present, you are thinking different thoughts. That's it. Like, in a different future, you are simply choosing different parts, and you can choose those thoughts. Now, in fact, to create that different future, you're going to have to. You can't get there and then think the thoughts, right? Because the thoughts are the thing creating that there. You have to think the thoughts here when they feel unbelievable, and ridiculous, and delusional, right?

In order to create something different out there, the future is all thoughts. And you get to choose every thought that will create yours. And I think you should be more bold, right? Like, as long as you're dreaming, as long as you're making it up, I think you should be more bold. I think you should get all the things you want. The way you think about your future will define and create it, so tell your brain on purpose what you want to think about your future. This is one of the most powerful thoughts that my coach ever gave me. I still remember the moment when she was like, Did you know that you can believe whatever you want? And for the first time in my life, I was like, Wait, I can, I can believe whatever I want. Like, if it's all just tease in front of me and I can believe whatever I want, then I'm going to start being really intentional about it.

Okay, I have one more thought to help you as you start to like, really think about what you want to decide to believe. So, this idea is called acting as if, and the idea is that when we really believe something will happen, it changes how we act. It changes how we show up. It changes our actions. The other day, I was talking to a client and she was going to Canada right for the Canadian Thanksgiving. She had planned this trip for months, right? And she had done all the things to prepare for it, she had gotten all the like vaccinations, and the documentation on her COVID tests, and she got the flight arrangements, and the rental cars, and packed the things and made arrangements for her kids, and like, reorganized her schedule and like, done all the things right because she thought she was going to Canada right now, really and truly, as she was making all those arrangements, she was still in Houston. She was no closer to Canada like than when she started, like the night before, when all her bags are packed and she's made all the arrangements, she is no closer to Canada than she was when she started.

But she acts as if she will be there and when she thinks she will be there. She packs a bag and she gets plane reservations, and she arranges for her kids like she believes she will be there. And so, then she takes actions as if she will be. Now, acting as if in our own lives means like, really thinking about how I would show up, what would be different in my actions if I did believe I could create this thing right? How would I? How would I act if I knew for sure this was going to happen? Right now. Notice my client wasn't in Canada, but she was acting as if she would be. And when we're trying to believe, like new things about ourselves, our brain is like, listen, you're never going to get to Canada, you're still in Houston, you've done all these things and you're still in Houston, right? Like, you're as far from Canada as you've ever been, right? Why are you packing that suitcase? You're no closer to Canada today than you were yesterday, right? Look around, you are in Houston, be realistic. This is not even close to Canada, right?

Like, I really want you to notice like your brain wants to tell you that like acting as if is silly. But notice how when we think about the trip. Like acting as if isn't silly, we have to make preparations to be in that different place, and I want to tell you that the same thing is true in your life. Your brain wants to like, wait until we get to Canada to prepare, but like, we're never going to get there unless we make the preparations, okay? So, I really want you to notice like what would be different, how would I be showing up if I really did believe I could create this thing in my life? We have to act as if, and that creates the reality. You have to act as if you're going to Canada in order to create that reality in your life.

So, I think it's really interesting to notice that like not only is what we think, and what we believe, limiting what we can create, it is also limiting like what we even want. Like so many times, we don't even want, or desire to go to Canada because we just believe that like, and of course, I'm just using this as a metaphor, okay? But like, we see no evidence that we are close to Canada, and so we settle for like Austin or Dallas or whatever, right? We limit what we want because we're afraid that like we're not capable, but all we need to do is act as if and we can get there.

We so many times as humans, we limit what we want because we're afraid of how we'll feel if we don't get there, right? We're afraid we're going to be disappointed, and that makes us careful, and hesitant about what we're willing to believe in. So, I think like to avoid being disappointed, you don't need to be careful about what you believe in to avoid disappointment. You just need to know that like disappointment is created by your own thoughts, and you can avoid disappointment by never choosing to think thoughts that create disappointment for you because that is up to you, right? Like at the beginning of this year, I set this big goal. And in August, my brain like looked around at this goal and they're like, Yeah, you're not even close to Canada. You need to stop believing in this thing, right? Like, my brain just really wanted to talk me out and like, like, pull back on the goal, talk myself out of it, tell myself like, well, it was a good, solid try, but that's far enough. Like reset the goal to something more reasonable, right? Reset the goal to like Oklahoma City instead of like all the way to Canada or whatever, right? Like this is what our brain does, right?

But it's so unnecessary, right? I get to go all in on believing, and when I start acting as if it's happening, then I bring that into existence. And unless I go all in on believing there's no way I can possibly create it, right? The future December 31st is still all thoughts, it doesn't exist yet. And so, if I want to create it, I have to go all in on believing.

So, I want you to think about those three things. Remember that believing is a decision. The future is all T's, and you get to believe whatever you want. And if I really believe I'm really willing to suspend all my disbelief, then I can go all in on acting as if it has already been created. Here at the end, I just want to offer you that this process never ends and whether we know it or not. We are constantly, continually creating. We are either creating reiteration of the present, or we are creating something new and I love that. Like, I always want there to be a gap between where I am, and what I am creating next, right? And I'm always working to close that gap and create more in my life. Not because I need to know because I have to, but because I can.

In fact, I cannot not create. And given the choice between recreating what I've already done and creating something new, I'm going to choose that's something new, pushing the boundaries of what I can create every time. That is my divine inheritance and it is yours. You came to Earth to learn, to choose, and in that choosing you are creating everything in your life. Everything you see is a creation born out of the thoughts you have chosen, and you are still choosing right now, in fact. And whatever you want to create is only one thought away, and that, my friends, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening and I'll see you next week!

A lot of us think that God is disappointed in us, after all, he knows everything about us. Everything about us isn't always amazing, but God is never disappointed in you, and I want you to know why. Download my free course, How God Really Feels About You and learn three secrets that will help you feel his love. Go to And learn how much he loves, and approves of you exactly as you are.

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