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Episode 132: You are Enough AND There is More

Nov 11, 2021
April Price Coaching
Episode 132: You are Enough AND There is More

Episode Summary

Where you are is exactly right, and you are completely whole and completely perfect and totally enough, and also…

This isn’t all there is. There is so much more available to you. All the skills you have are the exact skills you should have, but there is also more love, abundance and creation for you out there.

When I came to coaching, I thought I would finally be good, finally clean up my life, finally be nice, finally be acceptable, finally be enough.

What I found out was that I was already good. I was already enough.

But I also learned that I could have more…I could have more love and more accomplishment and more happiness, more of all the things I wanted if I could manage my brain and choose what I wanted over what my brian wanted.

Create more in your life from a place of enoughness. Know that thought work and coaching will not fix you and make you enough…And it won’t even take away the feeling of not-enoughness that is part and parcel with your earth life experience.

But it will allow you to create more of the things you want in your life, more of the experiences you want to have, and it will increase your capacity to choose.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

Hello, podcast universe. Welcome to episode 132 of the 100% Awesome Podcast. I'm April Price and I'm happy to be here today. How are you? How are you here in the like, winding up weeks of the year? I know that we still have about a month and a half to go before the end of the year, but Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away and like then, it seems like everything just speeds up until Christmas, and then we will be at a brand new year.

And so, I have been thinking a lot about this past year, my goals for the next one. I have some upcoming podcast episodes about that, but for right now, I just am wondering like how you are feeling about the past year? How are you feeling about your goals, and the things you've accomplished? Does your life look different this year as compared to last year in the ways that you wanted it to? I just want to offer you that if you find yourself in a similar place to last year and you want to create more in the coming year, or just in your life in general, I want to invite you to a special three day training that I am holding in just a couple of weeks December 1st, 2nd and 3rd. And it's called Get More From Your Life. And every day, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, I'm going to be teaching you how to get to get more from your life, specifically more happiness, more love, and more accomplishment. There's going to be a different topic every day, and it's not going to be about doing more, or needing to be more in some way. Okay, I'm not going to give you more things to do, I promise you.

If you listen to this podcast for any length of time, you know that like the solution to creating more is going to happen in our minds, and I am going to teach you how to do that over these three days. It's a totally free training, I'm going to give you some really practical, helpful things that you can implement right away so that you can get more of what you want in your life. So, to sign up for that training, it's a free training, you just go to my website and you can just put in your name and email and get registered for that training. Also, you can just text the word More to 66866 and you just text the word more, and you can get registered for the training that way as well. And if you can't make it to all of the training, if you're registered, you will get a replay every day of the things that I teach and coach and talk about. So, I want you to know that that is there for you, and I invite every single one of you to be there.

Okay, so speaking of more, that brings us to the topic of the podcast I wanted to talk about today, because whenever I talk about "more" about getting more, right? And like some of you know that my coaching program is called Made for More. And whenever I use that word more, I worry, I wonder how many of your brains are making yourselves wrong because there is more right? Like, we sort of think that like, well, if there is more, then where I am must be less like, I must be less, and that must be negative, right? And so, I really want to talk to you about this today.

And be really clear so that I can help you really understand the truth that in fact, you are enough right now. You will always be enough, you cannot not be enough. And also simultaneously, there is also more for you. And knowing that there is more doesn't make you wrong or less or bad or lacking in any way. It's like you're whole, and also there is more, okay? I know that this is like kind of a nuanced idea, but it is so important that you understand. So many of us come to self-improvement from this idea that we are not enough, that we are lacking, and that we've got to make something up. We've got to be different in order to, like, cover the lack that we come with.

And I want you to know that that is simply not true, and it's such a painful way to try to improve. It's like actually a never ending like quest when we when we go at it that way. I think we have to be careful because this beautiful idea of abundance, and more an eternal increase, if we don't use that in the context of already being enough, then we can use it against ourselves. And instead of the idea bringing us more joy, the idea can in fact hurt us and be painful, and put us on this never ending exhausting quest of needing to be more right in order to be enough. So today, I want to tell you two things, they are both true, and I think they are most powerful when we use them together. Okay, the two things are number one, you are already enough, and number two, there is always more for you.

These two ideas are most powerful, like I said, and they do the most good in our lives when they are used together. Because like, when they're separated, sometimes again, we can use them against ourselves. For example, when I tell people like, you are enough, and you are complete, and there's nothing you can do to add, or subtract to that, sometimes people think that means like they're done, right? And they just have to settle for whatever experiences they're having right now for whatever skills, whatever like ability they have to love right now. And they just have to like, settle for this, right? And that isn't true, right? Because there is also more. You are enough, and there is also more there's more ability to create. There's more skills to learn, there's more experiences to have. And if we use the idea that there is more available to us separately without the idea that we are enough, then we we start to think that like where we are is bad, and that we have to make up ground, and that we're lacking something, and that, like where we are now is not good enough, right?

That is not true because even though there is an endless opportunity for progression, you are always enough, and you are always exactly where you should be. And so, separate these two ideas. I think they can either cause us to settle or to, like, have to strive all the time. But together, they can create magic in our lives, right? Like, you are enough, and also, there is more. So, I think that the perfect analogy of this is a newborn baby, right? When you are holding that newborn baby like they are whole, they are perfect, they are enough. They don't need to add anything, or do anything like to be enough, they are just whole, and good, and perfect exactly as they are. And yet also, you know that there is more available to that child, that this is only the beginning. That they are going to have a whole lifetime of learning, and growth, and experiences ahead of them that there's more than just laying there, you know, in their mothers arms.That they are going to like, expand their capacity in so many ways, they can have opportunities to love, and to marry, and to have families of their own. And there's just like education, and interaction with other human beings, and just like so much available to them.

And just because they aren't there, that they aren't at that like getting married stage doesn't make where they are wrong, where they are is exactly right, and they are completely whole, and completely perfect, and totally enough. And also, this isn't all there is. There is so much more available to them, and none of it has to happen now. And there is a time, and a place for all of it in their lives. And the same is true for us. As you are right now is enough, you are complete. Like all the skills you have right now are the exact skills you should have. And also, there is more, right? There is more love available. There's more creation out there, there's more abundance for you. There's just so much more and that never ends, right? The scriptures talk about eternal increase. And that's one of the phrases I just love because it just gives you a peek into like the possibility of all that is available to you.

So, I just want to like clearly define these two ideas, and and give you a few things to think about as you go to create more in your life from a place of enoughness. Okay, so the first idea, of course, is that you are already enough. You are enough, you are born enough like nothing you do adds, or subtracts from that enoughness. I love how Kyle Sees, puts it, he said, "You are the result, right?" Like, we don't have to strive for more right now as you are. You are the result. You don't have to do anything to be enough. You are already whole and complete and there is nothing more you need to do to be enough. Nothing you do or don't do will ever change that. If you are quote unquote good, and you create more, and you do all the things on your list, all the things that you want to do, you still won't be better, or more worthy, or add to that enoughness, right? If you are quote unquote bad, and you create nothing and you do nothing on your list, and you don't have any of the experiences that you want to have while you came to Earth, you won't be worse or less worthy or subtract from your enough ness. So it is just simply true that you are enough.

Now, even though that is true, it is also true that no human feels like that. Okay, so this is the great challenge of mortality. Every one of us is already enough, and yet none of us feel like we are, right? No human feels like they are enough. Not enoughness is the symptom of mortality right? It's that hole, that longing in each one of us is a part of every human, right? I personally think that that is what came hand in hand with the fall, right? When we were separated from God, and we were born into this world, and we left the light, and love of our heavenly home, we entered this Earth-life, and with it came this pervasive feeling of not being enough. And for most of us, we then spend a lot of our Earth-life experience trying to fill this hole of not enoughness. We are constantly trying to solve for it, thinking that like, it's because of us that that we feel this way.

But it isn't because you aren't actually enough, it isn't because you are actually lacking. It is only because you are a spiritual being in a fallen human world, okay? And so many of us are trying to fill that hole, and for most of us, that looks like trying for more, right? We think like, okay, I'm not enough, so therefore I need to do more. I need to accomplish more, I need to be more and so, that I can make this feeling go away. But what I want you to know is this feeling is not going away, it is part of your Earth-life experience. I remember, like years ago hearing this interview with Apollo Ohno, and he was talking about that feeling of not enoughness, right? And he was saying like, you know, he's an Olympic speed skater, and he just talked about, like, there aren't enough medals, there aren't enough races, there aren't enough podiums, there isn't enough achievement out there to make this feeling go away. He's like, I know, I tried. Like, I chased this, like trying to fill this not enoughness with race, after race, after race. Like this, Olympics will be it, this world championship will be it, this one for sure I'm going to. This feeling is going to go away and I'm telling you, like so many of us are no different. We spend our lives maybe not on the speed skating track, but in different ways trying to fill up this not enoughness. And I just want you to know that like, that is just part of the fall, and you can stop trying to solve for it.

You can just set that burden down and recognize like, as long as I am here on Earth, having this Earth-life experience, I'm going to have this sort of like vague feeling of not enoughness all the time, right? I tell my clients it's just it's like gravity, like it's just a part of this world. We don't we don't go around trying to solve for gravity, right? Like, we just like, accept it as part of our world. And so much of like the pain, and striving in your life can be alleviated. If you acknowledge like this is just part, there's not enoughness is just part of being a human, and it's just a symptom of my of the fall, right?

So, my very favorite like take on this and explanation of this was given by Kathryn Thomas, and she gave a speech where she kind of explained this, and I know that I've shared it before, but like I, it's just really helpful way that she frames this so that we can like, give up trying to always like, fix this and try to solve for this. So, she said, Like our Savior, though, to a lesser degree, we condescended to come to a fallen world, having agreed to submit to a considerable reduction of our pre mortal powers. As we came to Earth, separated from the presence of Heavenly parents, we died spiritually, and in a sense we were orphaned. And now, with memory veiled, and much reduced from our primordial estate, somewhat as aliens in a world that is inimical to our spiritual natures, we may carry an insecurity, a self pain that pervades much of our emotional life.
Like Adam and Eve, we feel our self-consciousness, or spiritual nakedness. She says we have a sense of loss from deeply buried memories of who we once were. In contrast with who we are now. And that we spend so much time as she said, trying to attempt to soothe our fallen homesick selves. So, what I want to offer you through all of this is that you may feel like you're not enough, but it is not because you aren't enough. You are enough, you are whole, you are complete, and you can stop trying to solve for that feeling of not enoughness by doing more. What I want to do is completely separate these ideas in your mind, right? Like, creating more in your life needs to be separated from your enoughness. They are two completely separate things. You are enough, and also there is more, and you don't need to do more in order to solve for that like sort of pervasive feeling of not enough. That isn't even real, it's just like the illusion of mortality, okay? So, that was point number one, yeah, I kind of belabor it, but you are enough, okay?

Now the second point is like, there is always more. Like, even though you are whole, and enough, this is just the beginning. There is so much more available to you, right? This is how God operates. He is always offering more to his children, right? He's always saying this is good, right? But I have more, right? From the very beginning from Adam and Eve, he's like, this is good, the garden is good, but I have more, right? There is growth available to you, and you see this again, and again throughout the scriptures, right? The brother of Jared, like this is good, but I have more. Like they make it to the seashore, this is good, but I have more. I like he's always leading them into a land of promise.

And like Lehi and his family, the Israelites and even Christ himself when he came, he's like the law of Moses, like, this is good, but I have more, right? And so, I I just think it's like, this is the law of the universe that there is always more. There is like an eternal progression that each of us have available to us, right? As children of God, we have like a divine inheritance of progression and eternal increase. That is what is available to each one of us not to solve for the fall and for the pain, that's incident to fall in this, right? As Catherine Thomas says, right? Like not to solve for not enoughness, but just to expand our capacity to give us experiences, and opportunities that we don't yet have in our lives, right? To grow our abilities, to have more skill in choosing right to create like to create more in my life.

First of all, I have to overcome my brain. My brain is always the thing preventing me from creating more. It's the thing always telling me that I'm not good enough. I can't do it. I'm not skilled enough. I don't have enough knowledge. I'm not smart enough, or charismatic enough, or powerful enough, or all the things, right? Like my brain is always the one saying like, no, you can't do this thing, and I to create more in my life, I have to overcome that. And I think that is like the very work that God sent me to Earth to do to overcome my brain and choose more, right? And as I do that, I get better and better at choosing more regardless of my I mean, my brain says my spirit wants to choose more to do those hard things, to expand my abilities, to expand my ability to love and create and all those things.

Okay, so my current ability to choose right, whatever that ability is to overcome my brain, like my current capacity to overcome my brain and and to be able to choose like that, current capacity is good. It is enough where it where I am right now, right? It is exactly the capacity that I have developed and grown and created in my life, and it is enough. But there is more like I can get even better at choosing, I can get even better at stretching, I can get even better at overcoming my brain. And God is always beckoning me to that to more, right? Not so that I'll finally be enough right to him, I am always enough, but because he knows what's available. He knows what's possible if I keep practicing. He knows what I can become if I keep working and choosing and using my agency to create the life I want, right? He knows what's available like and how capable I am.

So, I want to bring this home by just talking for a minute about like me when I came to coaching, so most of you know that when I came to coach, I found coaching like I felt like my life was a mess. In so many ways, I felt like I had, like, really wasted a lot of my life. I I especially like in in my spirituality, and in my relationships. I just felt like I just like was living far beneath my privileges in my capacity, like I loved my family so much, and yet I felt like I never showed up in love with them. I was always irritated, and angry, and frustrated and like, I just like, I knew I should choose love. I just didn't know how. And anyway, like in a million ways, right? Like my money, my health, my spiritual practice. Like all of it, I just felt it was like such a mess. And then I found coaching and understood, like why I was making the choices. I was like, I was just doing what my brain said, rather than like being really conscious about my choices and like, it was just like, so revelatory to me. And I had this moment where I was like, Oh, oh my gosh, like, I'm finally going to be able to fix this. I'm going to be able to fix myself.

I'm going to finally be able to be good. I'm finally going to be able to be enough. I'm finally going to clean up my life and be nice, and be acceptable, and be loving and be like, I'm finally going to be enough. And what I found out is that I was already enough, I was already good, I was already the result. I was already exactly as I should be. But that I was making choices that were creating pain in my life, and if I could, if I wanted to change that, I could. There were more experiences that I could have that were available to me if I was willing to make different choices, right? It was like I wasn't going to fix myself because I was already enough, what I was going to do is expand the capacity I had the the the experience I was having so that I could get more of the things I wanted, right? I could get more love. I could get more peace, I could get more compassion and grace for for myself and for the people that I loved. I was able to create more abundance and money. I was able to create more help and strength in my body.

I was able to, you know, create more impact. And I think like be a force for good, create more healing in the world through my coaching practice, like so many experiences opened up to me. But none of those, like, made me enough, none of those quote unquote fixed me. None of those, like, made me good. They were all just experiences that were available to me that that I wasn't enjoying, I wasn't like experiencing. And that's why I get on here every week and tell you that like you are enough, you are exactly where you should be. And also there's still more if you want it. Just there, just one choice, one far away. And those experiences can like open up to you as well, right? I learned that I could have more I could have more love, I could have more accomplishment, I could have more happiness, I could have more of the things I wanted.

If I could manage my brain and choose what I wanted over what my brain wanted and all of that more that I could create in my life. None of that would make me more, I couldn't be more. I was already enough. And it is the same for you. There is so much available to you. There are experiences that that you might want that you are having right now and that is available to you, but it won't make you more right. You can't be more because you are already enough. Thought work, coaching like exercising your own agency over your brain. None of that is going to fix you and make you enough, and it's not even going to take away the feeling of not enough this that is like part and parcel of the fall, right? We are not going to solve the fall through coaching, but the hard work will allow you to create more of the things you want in your life, have more of the experiences you want to have and it will increase your capacity to choose.

So, the other day, my husband and I were talking, it's been. Kind of a challenging year. I know for a lot of you and for us as well, and it feels like in a lot of ways we've had a lot of like personal setbacks. And I was joking with him because in January, our daughter gets home from her mission and sometime next year, my husband will be released from being the bishop. And you know, we always talk in the church that like, there are blessings that come to us. Like when you have a child on a mission and when you serve as the bishop and and that like when we serve the Lord, that there are blessings that come into our life. And I was joking with my husband and I was saying like, I think we are in real trouble, right? Because if if, like, our life was this hard with all the blessings like we're going to be in trouble in the spring, right? Like, I don't know what's going to happen to the price family. You know, these blessings disappear. And in a really tender moment, my husband saying like, Oh, April, he's like, that's not the kind of blessings that the Lord sent usright? He doesn't like make the way easier, or perfect, or less like send like all the money and all the ease and all the like luxury and all that like.

That's not how he's blessing us. And you said the blessing isn't the increased capacity. He's like, I have so much more capacity from serving in this way. Savannah has so much more capacity for serving in that way. And like our family has more capacity like for service and growth because of the quote unquote sacrifices that we've made. Like, that's what he's talking about when he talks about, like eternal increase, like an increase in our capacity, an increase in our ability to choose what we really want over what our brain wants to choose.

Love when our brain says like self, choose selfishness, to choose faith when our brain says, choose fear to choose abundance, when our brain is just like screaming about scarcity, right? That's what we learn to do through this work, to increase our capacity, to choose the experience we want. You are enough. And also, there is more and that, my friends, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening and I'll see you next week.

Your precious Earth-life experience is finite. Each of us only has so much time to spend here, and so while you're here, I think you should get more of what you want. You get more love, more happiness and more accomplishment. And I love to show you the one thing you need to change in order to do that. On December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, I am offering a three day training how to get more from your light to teach you exactly how to do that. Go to register.

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