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Episode 145: What Makes Coaching Awesome

Feb 10, 2022
April Price Coaching
Episode 145: What Makes Coaching Awesome

Episode Summary

Getting coached is a life-changing experience. It’s uncomfortable, scary, and vulnerable but it’s also freeing, empowering, and helps us grow. Of course, coaching isn’t technically necessary - I got by for most of my life without it. But since you will always have a human brain showing you everything wrong about you and your life, coaching makes a significant impact on how well you can manage your brain and live from your own agency.

A few takeaways from this episode:

  • Part of having a human brain is maintenance, and coaching helps us maintain our mind by adjusting the thoughts that create pain for us.
  • Coaching can show us the opportunities available to us that we might not be able to see.
  • A coach can add some intentionality to what we’re doing in our life.
  • Coaching offers practical tools and practical application.
  • High-performing athletes and actors are at the top of their field AND they get value from coaching.
  • Coaching helps us look not only at our actions but the beliefs driving those actions.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

Hello, podcast universe! Welcome to Episode 145 of the 100% Awesome podcast. I'm April Price and I want to welcome you to the podcast, and I just want you to know how much I love you and how much I appreciate you being out there. As I think about, like all the things that I've created in my life over the last few years, and just like the joy of all of that, like one of the greatest joys for me, and one of the greatest points of pride for me is this podcast like, I'm just so grateful for it. I'm so grateful for my listeners. I'm so grateful for my audience. I'm so grateful to have a place in the world where, like for me, it's kind of like one of those little like magic tricks, right? Like something out of nothing. Here there are a hundred and forty five sounds where like there didn't have to be. And so, it's just something that like, I just find so much joy in it, and I'm so glad you're out there. And if you are coming back here week after week, like, I hope that means that you are getting a lot of value and a lot of help here, and I am proud of that too.

And today, I just kind of wanted to talk to those of you who think like, well, like, how is coaching different than this? Like, like, I come, I learn, I'm getting so much out of it. It's helping me in my life, and I hope that that is true for you. But I also just want to speak to you and let you know that there is even more available that as much help as you are getting from the podcast, that it's just a completely different experience to take the concepts that you're learning here and apply them in coaching. Apply them to your life, to your brain, to your thoughts, to your circumstances. And that like the transformational power that comes from that, and I know that you guys have heard me talk about this before, but you know, I listen to podcasts for probably like life coaching podcasts for about five months before I had the courage and like believed in myself enough to sign up for coaching. And I thought I was getting enough from the podcast and truly like I was already changing.

But it's just night and day the difference that actual coaching made for me. And so, I just I want you to know that there is more, I don't want you to feel like I never told you. Okay, so today's episode is about the power of coaching, about not just thought working theory, but thought work in practicality, in your life. And so, I had a discussion with my son over the holiday break and we talked about the power of coaching, the power of hiring a coach. And I thought it would be awesome to share that conversation with you so that you can see what's available for you as well. There's something that happens to you in coaching, and it's not just the coaching itself. Yes, questioning your thoughts, understanding like why your brain is doing what it's doing, how to think differently, all of that is so invaluable. But there's also an identity shift that happens inside of you when you decide to sign up for coaching, right? Like, it's it's like signaling to yourself into the universe, into your brain that you are in charge, that you matter, that your dreams matter, that you are in a place where you're ready to make your life happen the way that you want. And that identity shift that choice that you make to value your own brain, your own development, your own happiness above a lot of other things in your life is so significant.

The other thing that I would add that I think that is hard to attain on your own without a coach is the self-compassion that you need to be able to change. So, even though I heard my coaches talking about how important it was to, like, love myself in it, I had a very hard time doing that without a coach, showing me over and over, there was nothing wrong with me. That compassion is what was required, that I had a good reason and that like it didn't mean that I had to continually make that choice. But there was nothing wrong with me that I had made it. And that is so hard to extend to yourself at the beginning. And that is what another vital difference not only the identity shift, but a space that teaches you how to love yourself. How to have compassion for yourself in the process is so invaluable.

So, those are like my top two. I have a million others, as you'll hear in our discussion. But I hope that as you listen, if you have had the nudge and the desire to be a part of coaching and to try coaching that this will be the encouragement to help you figure out how to make that happen in your life. My next coaching group starts in a couple of months and now is the time to be thinking about like, how can I put myself in that room? And as you hear us talk, I want you to think about what it would be like for you to have these things in your life, okay? Here we go.

Okay let's talk about coaching. Let's talk about why, why it's been so powerful for us, and just like in general, like why we have coaches.

So, I just this has been on my mind recently, mostly because as I've been trying to really get people either signing up for my program and just trying to understand why. In general, one would want a coach. Because like like I mean, I signed up for coaching like a year ago, and there was obviously a big motivation for that. It took a lot of energy because I was like, I heard about it before for like a couple of years, but I was trying to think, like, really go back into that headspace and really think about, like, why do I like, why have a coach really dive deep into that? Because I mean, yeah, like, I mean, we do it like, we have coaches. I'm a coach. Your coach it's just like, we just say it all the time, we throw it all around. But like, what does this all really mean? Like, why try to dive deep into it?

Like, Yeah, I think that's it's a good, valid question, right? Because honestly, I lived most of my life without a coach just fine, like survived my life, right? But and so, then I think the question becomes like, well you know, is it necessary, is it like why make the investment in time, and money, and effort, and energy, and and even invulnerability and like fear and all of that, like everything that's involved, like so many times, our brain is like, Well, we don't know why, why we don't even need to do that right? Is it really necessary? And so, I think it would be really good if we just kind of talked about like the main reasons we think coaching is better than life without it.

Right. Because like I was just going to answer your question there, like in all, in all reality, basically like if you take like sports or take like anything, basically a coach in of itself is not quote unquote necessary. You can do any of these things, it's just how could you not do it basically like why would you deprive yourself of the opportunity of having someone to guide you along that way? Basically, life, already, it in itself is hard enough, li,ke, why put that extra burden upon yourself of you carrying all basically the emotional weight or carrying all of this without having anyone to turn to having any guidance? So I'm just like talking about coaches in general. Basically, if you talk about any sport, any actor, anyone who's like gotten a coach got into something like, I'm sure you could quote unquote learn it yourself. We're kind of in that day and age of when you know, YouTube, you got all these things where you can just you could just pick up a book and like, do it, quote unquote yourself. But I feel like we fall into that trap of if we do it ourselves, because then it's just us against our brain.

Right. Here, like the enemy is in the house already, right?

Right. You're just stuck with your brain. And so then, like your brain is only going to tell you what you can't do, basically. Yeah, I'm going to point out all the fires point out why all these things aren't working. And if you don't have anyone on your side trying to explain to you, first off why your brain is doing this second off explaining that your brain is not right. Yeah, and it's ultimately your choice.

Yeah, and I think there's just a perspective that you can't have inside yourself. It reminds me of a story about Serena Williams. And she was hiring a new tennis coach and like she went and like, played in front of him and he told her, like all these things, that she was too slow and she was doing these things wrong. And like, she had won already like World Championships or whatever. I don't know what those competitions are called, but grand slams, like she had already won, and she could have at that point been like, listen, I don't even need you. I don't need your perspective. I know enough. But she was like, okay, where do we start? And like she went on after that to win so much more, and it was because he could see things that she couldn't see inside herself, right? Like from the outside, he could see so many things that she couldn't see and like that kind of like vulnerability and willingness to ask for help, I think. Is fairly common in world class athletes, people that really like, really want to push themselves and so much less common for us who quote unquote live ordinary lives. And we sort of think like that's reserved for like, I don't know, the the special people or like the gifted people, right?

Like that they can do it basically, but the only reason that they have been able to do it, I would argue, is because they have coaches or they have those kinds of resources. And recognizing that it is not reserved for them. Like your brain ultimately is trying to convince you that it is because, you know, that's a lot of energy. We can just do it ourselves. These sorts of reasons that are given are just excuses for your brain to kind of just as we were talking about earlier, what was the avoidance of discomfort is the greatest motivation, basically.

But yeah, I was listening to rituals, podcasts, and he was saying that like the number one motivator for human beings is the avoidance of discomfort. And without a coach to help you manage that discomfort and understand what it's coming from, why you're having it, that it's not even a problem. It's just so hard to handle that on your own.

And I think what I really like, what you were saying beforehand is just the coach pointing out the things that you can't see. I think that was just that's the biggest thing that's helped me, like when I first got introduced to it. Like, I mean, obviously because you were a coach, and you were learning all these things and you were teaching me these things, and I was like, Oh, that's cool, that's nice to like this just like me gaining extra knowledge. But there's a difference in passively, just like adding these little tools to my belt rather than being like, Hey, here's a brick wall, you need to build it, basically. That's like what a coach is doing for you is pointing to you. Here is step one, here is exactly what you need to do, and not that you even need to do it, basically. But here's your opportunity to look at yourself completely.

Yeah, if you want a different result, this is the work that needs to be done.

Exactly, yeah, that's really it. Because like I came to my coach just like kind of like shocked and didn't know what to do with my life and just kind of at this like low point where I was just like, OK, tell me the things that I need fixed and like. We'll just do a quick Band-Aid solution and we'll get on our way because like, yeah, I'm just doing this because like, I think it sounds like the right thing to do, but not really expecting that it's not a one and done solution with the coach. It's a continual growth process of totally just looking at yourself and really being exposed effectively, which is uncomfortable and very vulnerable.

And but at the same time, that is the only way to get growth.

And I do think some people think like, Well, why do I want to start a journey that never ends, right? Like, why do I want to start coaching? That's a pretty good journey that never ends. But here's the thing is that like as long as you are living, your brain is working for its priorities. And so like, you either can manage it or you can not, but the brain's not going to stop it. It never ends, right? And so, then at the same like, maybe we feel like, oh, it's so much work to manage it, but that is the work of our life, and to have a coach help you do that. It's just like so invaluable.

The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well be one enjoying it to learning that there's a purpose behind everything in and three recognizing it doesn't have to be this way, basically. Yeah. Like, I love telling the story of like I went through 15 years of my life, technically not being able to see very well because I didn't know that mountains weren't supposed to be blurry or that you couldn't see like trees in detail on the side of the road. I thought that's just the way life was until I went and got my driver's permit and we did the little eye test and I was like, She's like, I think she's like, Tell me what letters you see? And I was like, I only see numbers, and she was like, okay you're clearly blind.

Yeah, I still remember going to the counter and she's like, he can't see, and I'm like, yes, he can, I live with him. And she's like, he can't see, and I'm like, Yes, he can. And I turn to you and said, like, read the letters. And she's like, Ma'am, he's saying like numbers and stuff he cannot see. And I was just like, This lady is crazy, but okay.

And it turns out I actually couldn't see, and I needed glasses. And now I just live my life with glasses. And it's weird to think of a moment without glasses, and that's what I think about with coaching.

And that like, you can go your whole life managing and being unaware that there's more there to see, right?

Like, I mean, it's just walking around like not blind effectively, like you can. Still, there's things that are helpful. There are things that are out there that are good, but. What coaching can do is just so much more, you get so much more of a full experience in life when you see clearly when you just have that and you know, I can't go my life without it now after having experienced it face because you're just like, Well, I know what's possible. Basically, I know what it's like to go through lows and not have them be so low to be able to bounce back so much quicker, to be able to live my life more fully, see a lot more purpose in it. And really just recognizing that and most of all, just taking the weight off of me. Like it used to just be all on me, like everything is wrong with me, it's all my fault, rather than just being like, oh, like, no, I'm just a victim to my brain right now. Yeah, I can fix that. I can change that dynamic.

I have more agency here than my brains just and my brain is letting me be aware of, right? So, yeah, hey, I love that analogy. I had kind of forgotten about it, that's really a powerful one. Another one that I kind of think about a lot is that I used to have a lot of back problems. And, you know, I had people who would say, like, well, have you gone to a chiropractor? And I was like, well, I'm not going to a chiropractor, because once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life. Finally, I got desperate enough I went to the chiropractor and like, yeah, I have to go every month. But when I do that, I stay out of pain. I get like, yeah, you're not just the pain is still there and you go to. Yeah, like, if I didn't, I would just live in pain, right? But now I go and I maintain it, and he adjusts me every month so that I don't end up in that very difficult place. And like, I didn't realize that like having to maintain it was just a part of Earth's life. It was part of having my body that it was just going to need these adjustments. And I think that is the same with our brains, that it's just part of having a human brain. And we have so much like we're so lucky to have resources to people who can help us adjust those thoughts that are creating pain for us.

Totally. And like I was just thinking about like just the power of like what a coach does. Basically for that, I was just thinking like every like great sports movie is centered on basically the coach effectively. And how the coach takes a team from something that wasn't really anything to something more. And that's the thing is, yeah, it coaches they don't like, it's not that we're changing you effectively. You're making those changes for yourself. It's just pointing out the opportunity that's available. It's not not increasing your worth at all, it's just making you more making you different, making you have the kind of experience that you're looking for because obviously these are the desires that you have. Like that team, that actor, that that Olympic athlete they want this are craving this desire of a goal, basically. Yeah. And a coaches there just to guide you along the way to point out where you where your brain is missing things because, you know, we're all infallible creatures basically in that sense.

Yeah, I think it's really true that a coach can add some intentionality to what you're doing, right? Like I was thinking this morning, like there's a difference between just like driving and actually like arriving somewhere. So, we just went on this little road trip, right? And we could get in the car and drive for eight hours, or we can get in the car and drive for eight hours and arrive at a specific destination, right, that we want to be. And I think that's like the difference, right? Like we can live our lives or we can live it with an intentionality. And that's what those teams or athletes are doing. They have a specific intention in in their work. They're not just going to work out, they're not just like running these drills to run drills, they're doing it with a purpose. And and I think that that's just so powerful, like you're here on Earth. Not. Like, yes, there's value in just living, but also you can make the most of it and be really intentional about where you're getting while you're here, right?

Yeah, that's powerful.

So, the other thing that I really like about coaching is that it's like practical tools and practical application. So, I feel like the one of the biggest gifts coaching gave me was like actually being able to like, solve for and like do the things I always knew I was supposed to do right, like, so we all have these things in our lives. We're like, okay I know I should be whatever. Fill in the blank. Eating right, exercising, being more loving. Reading my scriptures like whatever it is, right? Like there's a whole list, right? And I could never figure out how to get from. I know I should do this to actually doing it right.

Yeah. Now it's and it's crazy that like coaching provides that kind of foundation. I'm just actually really agreeing with this because like, you know, you go through life, this like list of things that like you should be doing or want to be doing or whatnot. But coaching kind of takes you away from the actions and more to the beliefs behind the actions and working on those and recognizing that you this is how you become a person that wants to do those sorts of things that is motivated do those sorts of things. Because let's face it, anything that you want to do is going to require work and work is discomfort. Work is pushing going against the grain, it's going against the entropy of the universe, which is ultimately going towards destruction. And you are focused on creation because that's the kind of person we all are. Children of God, like we're all focused on creating, and that means we're actively going against the way the rest of the world is going, the way the universe is going. Yeah, and so that takes a lot of effort, and that's really hard to do, especially when we have brains that convince us that totally giving us excuses and whatnot. And obviously life is going to get in the way. But like having a coach there to really be like, Hey, this is what you should try and do every single day, basically, like here is like a thing. It's really easy, just like affirmed yourself to believe in yourself and we talk about it, and it can seem ethereal and seem like out of reach and like,

Yeah, how do we even do this, basically?

That's why actually meeting with a coach? And actually talking about it. And like applying it to, hey, here's a specific circumstance. How would it have been if we had this thought basically? Or how was the thought that you were thinking creating the result that you had and you were totally unaware of it because you're just living your life like every normal person?

Yeah, yeah. That's what I think is amazing is that it's just like, so like, broke it down for me into like actionable, like tangible things that I could actually do. And instead of just trying to like, grit my way there or willpower my way there, it was like, No, I just need to figure out the thought that is producing inaction or the thought that's producing like irritation instead of love, or the thought that's producing Dow instead of, you know, courage. I just need to find those thoughts and change them. And it was just like amazing gift to be able to do that on a practical level.

And I feel like also then going on and that the coaching showed the power then that comes from the feelings and how your feelings like, how most of the times we're always trying to avoid them. Basically, we're not trying to use them to our benefit and or not really effectively really feeling then we're just pushing them aside or reacting to them and all these things. I was really inspired. Will Smith has written this book, and he talks a lot about his growth. And just like and really, when you read the book, you're like, it's amazing to see like, how far he did come, but it came at such a mental cost to him, because he was always he as he listed out his priorities basically, in this one therapy session, his feelings came like sixth. Like he always put himself up, but his feelings were always like at the bottom, and it was interesting to see how he didn't value it and and how as a result of not valuing his feelings like what it cost him effectively when it came to his family relationships and other sorts of things and the kind of growth it took for him to really recognize, like there's importance here. I can't just deny, like what I'm feeling. You can't willpower your way. They're basically like, obviously, there's going to be some can do attitude like, I'm going to do it anyway, basically. But it's after recognizing that...

It's after processing the negative emotions,

And so, there's a difference between just like pushing through life. Yeah, yeah. And there's that and processing negative emotion and still deciding, Hey, we're going to try and do this, reinforcing the negative emotion and not making it mean like things about you. Or the way you're doing it or like it's just so powerful.

I can't even say like to me. The power has been to recognize that my emotions are neutral, that they don't make me bad or good, that they don't make my, you know, they don't mean that I'm doing it wrong or right. They don't mean like, they aren't a report card on my spirituality or my morality that they are just an experience. And the whole spectrum from negative to positive is essential to my life experience that that concept has been so freeing for me.

I think there are so many concepts like that that are just so relieving that when you just talk with a coach, you're just like, Oh my gosh, like this emotional way that I've been carrying through my whole life basically, it's just gone in an instant. And it's crazy to think that that is actually a possibility. A lot of us. I mean, like when I was in coaching, like, that's that's not for me or like, that's not possible. We hear these great stories about people either with coaching or therapy or all these sorts of things where they have these experiences. And we're just like, That's not for me. Like, That's not my that's not available, but I'm telling you and myself, basically, it's always available. It just takes that kind of discomfort to just be like, I'm going to sign up and be vulnerable in a session or I'm going to and doesn't even have to start out with something like that. You can just start out with like the daily minutia of your life in terms of like why you don't like want to wake up in the morning super early or like why you struggle with, like, you know, getting your kids up in the morning or why like, you don't want to eat this healthy thing that you plan for yourself and like, every single thing can be tied down to what's the thought behind it? What are the feelings behind it? How is your brain communicating with you? What is the relationship that you are having with yourself?

Oh my gosh, yes, 100%. I think that is one of the greatest benefits you get from coaching. Is you because your coach is a compassionate observer of your experience and totally non-judgmental. Understand your experience. You start to view yourself in the same way you start to see your experience with compassion. And that is such an important not only gift, but is the most important skill we can develop as as we grow in our lives and we try to create results for ourselves. Having compassion and understanding and love for yourself is the greatest skill you can have, and your coach is like giving that to you from the very first session and like laying the groundwork for you to be able to to. To love yourself as well, right?

It made me want to keep coming back basically because and why I want to keep meeting with my coach because I basically can say anything that's going on because your brain will offer you anything. The whole, you know, nine yards, you can imagine anything. That's what it's like. Yeah, that's what it does. And you just say that to your coach and then like, okay, like so or like, okay, like, let's talk about it. Like, what does that mean for you? And instead of just being like holding on to it because you're judging it so much and you can't let it go because you're afraid of what other people are going to think? But it's just so relieving to like, have it off. Whatever it is, it doesn't have to be big or anything, but like, yeah, any kind of relief.

I mean, like Bernie Brown says that shame is the most is the most. Like Universal, we experienced emotion. Like of all the emotions humans feel, shame is the one that is like we feel the most and it's most recognizable by people and like that is like. It's such a big part of the human experience, and it's the emotion that keeps us most from being the person we want, becoming the person we want, creating the results we want.

That emotion, that very emotion that we're given because we aren't enough keeps us from changing at all. And that is the gift of coaching, at least for me. Is that like it was the antidote to shame. Like when I was in a coaching session, like there was just no room for shame. My coach never like used it. In fact, we were all on the totally opposite side of just understanding on judgment, compassion, love. And that was the key to so much of my change, right?

Just so much like love, basically. And it's love kind of like in a different way of just having an open, safe space for you to just unveil what's going on in your brain and then you recognize that there's nothing wrong with it.

Yeah, it just isn't me. It's my brain.

Yeah, it's just your brain and I can change. Your brain is going to come up with a lot of things and use and recognizing that that's okay it's not you. It's just you having a human experience basically on Earth. It's exactly where you're supposed to be right now. And I love that kind of acceptance that you're just like, This is where I am, and that's okay. And I think sometimes people get scared. Like, if I just say it's okay, then I'm never going to change. And the opposite is true.

Yeah, so far it's the opposite. Basically, it's like crazy because they held on to that idea, too. It's just like saying everything is okay, like where you are is just where you need to be. It's just like, a lot of people still are just like, you know, like that, you know, you're just allowing it, you know, you're yeah, you're like giving permission for it, condoning this, and you're like, Sure, I am giving permission for it because it's supposed to exist. It's exactly where I am. And if we are just denying the reality of the situation that we're in now and not loving ourselves, and we're just condemning ourselves...

Yeah, 100% like, of course, it is this way because I'm still learning it. So what do I want to learn from this point? Right. But when we when we get stuck in shame, there's no learning that can happen. Shame creates hiding and we don't learn. We just hide from it.

Yeah, no emotion at all. No progress and progress is progress. It doesn't even have to be upward at all. It's just motion. And so even if we're going down, that doesn't mean we should just shame ourselves and stop there. Basically, like learning is an eternal thing. This sort of work that we're involved in and just living our lives, not even with a coach, is going to be forever, basically. And so we might as well get used to it, basically, and we might as well if the time is going to pass anyway, have someone along the way to point out where we are getting in the own way of our own happiness, where we are getting in the way, our own way of effectively punching ourselves in the face when it comes to our feelings or the way our life is going.

Shaming ourselves about all these things that should be when in reality, it's just your brain kind of getting in your way and you just need a coach to point it out. Yeah, I love it.

The last thing that I think is like one of the most valuable things that you get from coaching that's really hard to get on your own is the shift in identity. So we sort of have like a certain idea or picture or story about like who we are and what we're capable of. But I love that my coach is not limited by that story. My coach can see things about me that I cannot see and like really does believe in, like what I think is impossible. And I'll just give you like a little example.

We went to Newport Beach and we were talking to Matt, who's my brother, and he was like, Yeah, I'm going to buy one of these houses someday, and I'm going to split it with four people and like, we'll share the house four ways or whatever and split the cost and then split time up in it. And I remember going home and talking to my coach and I'm like, you know, I'm like, I think maybe like I could, you know, be successful enough that I could be one of those four people, right? And I was just like, so mind blown by this like identity shift, right? And she said, Or you could just buy your own.

And I was like, wait, I like and that's what I mean by like, it doesn't matter if I ever buy the Beach House or not. But the idea that like she sees, like way past like, like the farthest I could even dare to dream was like to be like one quarter older in this, and she was like way past that. And and that is true in every area. Like, yeah, this is one area of my business, but it's true in every area. Your coach sees way more potential than you do, right? And I think that was a really good exercise, honestly, like if you were listening, like just imagine like the thing that like, I guess like you feel it feels impossible that you want or you're like, that would be really cool. Someday, it could be anything like not even related to money or whatever, just anything. Relationships like that sort of thing that you want. And then you take it like 10 steps further. That's basically what your coach does and shows you that it's totally, infinitely possible. Basically, like I remember, just like if thinking a year ago, I would not think at all to be where I am today when it comes to not just like in terms of accomplishment, but just in terms of emotional maturity, in terms of the compassion that I have for myself and being able to be resilient through ups and downs.

It's just like tremendous. Yeah, in terms of that kind of improvement. And I loved hearing that for you because I'm just like, Oh, like, yeah, that sounds really great. Like, that's an amazing goal. So I have share house, basically. And she's just like, why not blow the roof off of it? That's what coaching can do for you. And so honestly, like if you have been thinking about it at all or it's kind of tickled your brain, like, don't lose that. Basically, like obviously like things are getting in the way your brain is going to get in the way time is there.

And obviously you can do it whenever. But don't let those kinds of excuses stop you from taking advantage of one of the greatest experiences that you'll ever have in your life. Basically, because we just experienced it in terms of there are barriers, mental barriers that you think are very real and very just very rare and very true that are just there. And you don't recognize because it's you're living the experience, you're living with your brain that it's only a mindset. Yes, it's only a mindset that's in the way of reaching the dreams that you have, and it only takes a coach to point that out for you.

And to just like jiggle that loose and and like like open the door of possibility is so it's such a gift.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing, honestly.

And in reality, it just takes so much bravery to sign up and ask for help to sign up and say, Yeah, I'm I'm, I'm worth it. I matter. My dreams matter enough to be vulnerable to to to sign up and hire a coach, right?

And like, I mean, I just am thinking of my own experience like and the people that I work with, basically like every almost every single one of them like, you know, send a message or something like that and just say, like, wow, like, I'm so grateful that I did that basically. Like, even if like they decide it's not for them because, you know, it might not be for you, but there is nothing wrong with taking the chance on that. Basically, you're just like, Let's just take a chance. Maybe it's like the thing that changes my life. Maybe this is what makes 2022 the best year of my life, basically, because like, as for me, like, I'm eternally grateful for just having the vulnerability to basically click a button, sign up, show up on a Zoom call and just be like, I don't know how I'm going to do this.

Like, I don't know what this is going to be like. I'm totally scared, totally vulnerable. And yet I'm so grateful for it.

Yeah, 100%. And what I would say is like, if you are scared, a lot of times we we make that mean stop. We make that mean, Oh, I shouldn't go forward. But like I just started the group yesterday was our first meeting together and every single person on there said how nervous they were, how scared they were, how vulnerable they felt. And yet, by the end of the call, like this, one lady was just like, Oh, I see, this is going to be so good.

And that's the thing is that like, if you're scared, you are not alone. Like, that's the experience. And that's like, that's just your brain saying, like, let's just stay the same. We can figure this out. We'll just keep muddling through. And I just want to offer you that if you're willing to be a little bit scared that like, there's so much goodness on the other side of that, right?

I love telling people that, you know, in this small regards to dating, but like the girl or guy that makes you the most nervous is the one you should ask. Because yeah, it's your brain were truly recognizing, like, Oh, that's like that. Would actually work in my life basically like that could very well be it, so I need to put my energy into freaking you out, basically. So then you don't do that very thing. And I mean, I would agree with like just saying like the things that you've been most nervous about, like, I mean, obviously there are exceptions or whatnot, but really just thinking about like when you're like, I'm going to go on this crazy hike or I'm going to go do this skydiving thing or these sorts of things that have, you know, apply it to yourself in whatever way that is, that kind of experience where you're like, I was so scared, but I'm so glad I did it.

That's what coaching is. Yeah, it's being. You're currently on the side of the scary part. You just have to take that step and see the relief, see the benefits. See the joy that comes from it.

Yeah, I love it.

Yeah. Well, thanks for doing this. We didn't really decide who was interviewing who in this, but it's amazing.

Yeah, it's a powerful discussion and such a good reminder just for me, like an affirmation of like, Oh my gosh, this work is so good. This work is so important, and I think everybody should have an opportunity

to try it right now. That's why I love talking with you. That's why I love doing these. I don't. I mean, these podcasts are for you, obviously, but I love just talking about it because I'm like, I feel great about it. And yeah, that's what I want each and every one of you to feel about coaching and how powerful it is for you and for like the audience to just know, like it's okay if you're nervous, your coach has to like your coach is going to take such good care of you and you're going to find like the most safe place you've ever known. Right? And and it will make your own brain is, you know, you're going to make the relationship with yourself a safe place, right? You're all become the rock that like, yeah, you've been looking for in your life, basically. I love it. I love it. All right. Catch you next time.

Yeah, see you!

Okay, you guys. I hope that was helpful to you. I just want to offer you here at the end. Also that if you want to be a part of coaching, if you want this in your life, don't let your brain disqualify you. I know your brain has a million reasons why not, but all of those are made up and you get to create whatever you want in your life. That is the the magic of agency. And I hope that if coaching is something that you want that you will find a way to choose it for yourself. Coaching has been the greatest gift in my life, and I think it can be the greatest point in yours. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening, and I'll see you next week.

Thanks so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you want to take the things I've talked about and apply them in your life so that you can love your Earth life experience. Sign up for a free coaching session at This is where the real magic happens and your life starts to change forever as your coach. I'll show you that believing your life is 100% awesome is totally available to every one of us. The way things are is not the way things have to stay. And that, my friends is 100% awesome!

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