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Episode 153: Playlist of Encouragement

Apr 07, 2022
April Price Coaching
Episode 153: Playlist of Encouragement

Episode Summary 

Your brain’s number one job is to keep you alive and, for the most part it, does this by keeping you small and safe and doing things you’ve always done in the way you’ve always done them. Your brain has very little interest in you living your fullest, biggest, bravest life and so every time you go to change and grow and create more from your life, it’s going to put up a lot of resistance.

The way we move forward anyway is by choosing thoughts that allow us to keep taking action even when our brain wants us to stop. And one of the most fun and powerful way to get these thoughts is through music.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing some of my favorite thoughts—thoughts that help me keep going when my brain wants to quit—that I found while listening to my favorite workout playlist. I hope they encourage you to keep going after all the things you want no matter what your brain says!

If you want to follow along to the playlist you can do that at this link on Spotify:

Episode Transcript


Welcome to the 100% awesome podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome. Hello podcast universe. Welcome to Episode 153 of the 100% Awesome Podcast. I'm April Price, welcome to the podcast, welcome to Spring. It is officially April, which means it's my birthday month. It's actually my birthday week, and I actually have a present for you. If you hold on, it's coming up. But I hope things are going well for you. I am so excited about this month, I actually have a lot of travel planned, both for pleasure and for business. And like secretly all my business travel is actually super pleasurable to me. And so, like I'm really looking forward to this month and you know, it's like even though my allergies are ready, it's, it's a really good time of year.

Like, Phoenix is gorgeous, it's warm during the day and it cools off at night and we can go for walks. It's sort of feels like, you know, the world is being reborn after COVID. A lot of the restrictions are lifting, and of course, there's plenty of bad happening in the world. It's always 50/50 and your brain can find it for sure. But I personally have felt really hopeful and happy this week, and I hope that you have felt some of that as well. My new coaching group started this week and they are freaking amazing and I I'm really excited about how much they're going to be able to create for themselves. They're going to have an incredible experience changing their thoughts and changing their lives. And I am thrilled to be their coach, thrilled to be working with them and excited for what their decision is going to create for them in their life. I'm a big fan.

Okay, so, I'm so excited about today's podcast episode. It's just like I decided it's my birthday, I'm just going to do something that I think is fun. I also think it'll be useful to you, but for me it's just like super fun and entertaining. So, as you know, I have been working on an endurance challenge, I have an event, I'm sure you're sick to death of hearing about it, but I have this climbing event at the end of the year, well, actually in the fall. And like the training for it is really difficult, it's really intense. And my brain protests the whole time, it's like sometimes it feels like I fight for every step of that training. But when my brain is protesting, I find that music can help.

Like music is a huge help for me as I'm trying to like manage my brain and talk it into keeping going, right? The beat and the rhythm and the like, the drums and like all of that is so useful to like, you know, keep going even when my brain and my body are protesting. But I find that it's not just the beat, right? It's not just the music. It's the words and the thoughts that are in those songs. And as I have been training, I've just noticed, like the sentences that the artists use to construct their song. Those sentences stick in my mind and they help me keep going. They they are thoughts that are powerful to me in those moments when I want to quit and I want to give up. And they help me think differently about me, about what I'm capable of, about what I'm doing, about about continuing forward, about my potential to even help me think differently about the pain itself. And that is really powerful.

And so for fun, I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts, some of my favorite thoughts from my playlist in case you are working out hard things, if you are encountering challenges in your life and coming up against your brain and you want help overcoming your brain and managing that, the pain and discomfort of of really challenging and stretching yourself. And so, this is the gift part, I have a really awesome playlist that I want to share with you. I made it on Spotify and so, I'm going to put a link to that playlist in the show notes. And as my birthday present to you, you can just follow it like you can pull it up on Spotify, and push like, and it will allow you to follow it and you can use it any time you want when you are doing hard things. So, there's just one caveat, though, okay? It is not 100% clean, okay?

There are a few songs in there with questionable language and lyrics, and if that offends you, then this is a gift that you're just going to want to pass on, okay? But like, for me, sometimes, like, I need a well-placed swear word when I'm in pain. So, like, it's, you know, not super. Like, not every song is explicit and for the most part, but I just want to let you know, like, it's not perfectly clean, so don't come for me. But the playlist is called Climb Baby, and there's a whole bunch on there that are like, climb, baby, climb. Mine is just "Climb Baby" I like I said, I'll put the link in the show notes and my profile is Ajprice199 so you can follow that playlist. Again, I will include a link in the show notes. It's really easy for you to find and follow.

Okay, and so for today's podcast, I thought I would just go through, recently I was I was doing a climb and like, it felt like every song was speaking to me. And I just I just want to share a thought from some of these songs and give you a playlist of encouragement, just like a playlist of thoughts right here on this podcast that will help you and encourage you no matter what you're doing, whether it's a physical challenge or an emotional one, whether it's like, you know what? No matter what you're working on, I think that these thoughts can be encouraging for whatever that you are going through and whatever you're trying to overcome. Like whenever you find yourself with your brain giving you resistance, I think these thoughts can be really helpful to you. Okay. I would love to be able to play you a clip with the lyric that I'm going to share from each of these, but I think they're like copyrighted and stuff, so we won't do that. But you can access the podcast and listen to it and like you can like listen along with my notes and kind of like take note.

Okay, so the first thought comes from the song Dying Breed by the Killers. Now I'll admit this playlist is a little bit killer heavy because, like, that's like our family band, right? And like, all my anthems are written by The Killers, but I'm just going to share one line from one song today that can be really useful as the first line of dying breed. And it says "there's going to be opposition. Ain't no way around it." And that's just the truth, right? Like, that's just the truth. There is going to be opposition and there's no way around it. And not only that, but there's not supposed to be, there is by design, supposed to be opposition in our Earth-life experience. That opposition is part of living in a fallen world, and it's actually there for us as one of the main sources of our growth while we are here. And like most of the opposition that you face, yes, there are things in the world, right? There are there are briars and noxious weeds and all of that stuff that came with the fall. But most of the opposition you face is happening in your own brain, right?

Your fear, your doubt, all the criticism and voices in your head telling you to stop telling you to quit telling you to give up, that no one cares that it doesn't matter that no one likes you, that you're not enough like all of that opposition. Is like real and intense and part of your Earth life experience. And I think a lot of times we just think like life would be better if we didn't have this constant opposition, like, who designed it this way? Like even this morning, I just thought, like, wouldn't it be better if there was slightly less? Like, we don't even have to remove it altogether, but can we just turn it down? Like, could there be slightly less opposition, right? And it seems like, like what we want to do and accomplish in our lives are good things. We want to do good things. We want to bless our selves and bless the world. And it seems like opposition is just preventing that goodness from happening.

But we think sort of like that would be better. But it is not better if growth is the goal, and growth is the only goal here for God, and for us. What we want is the growth, and so opposition is a part of that. And so, if you are facing opposition and telling yourself that it should be different, that maybe you're doing it wrong, that if you were doing it better or more faithfully, there wouldn't be so much opposition. And that's just not true. I think there's going to be opposition, ain't no way around it, okay? All right.

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Number two comes from keep going by faith and freedom. And it's just a simple line that says, I got to keep going, move forward. And this might sound like a really simple, obvious thought. I got to keep going, right? But sometimes when it's hard, like, that can be really powerful because. I think a lot of times when it comes to the things we want to accomplish, and create in our lives, it's really a matter of not stopping, like our brain is always urging us to stop. And sometimes I don't even have to figure out like a new thought, except not stop, right? Like, keep going.

So, the other day, I told my son, we're both training for this event. And I told my son, like, listen, the only thought we actually need is your brain is a liar. Okay, so, like, I just notice, like, my brain just tells me a million reasons to stop. Like, this hurts, it shouldn't hurt, like we're too tired. Like a million reasons to stop. And I find that if I just like, ignore that and keep going, it's amazing how far I can go always farther than my brain thinks I can, which is why I told my son, like, our brain is a liar. And whenever we think we cannot do any more, whenever we think we cannot go forward, I will just remember my brain is a liar and keep going. You just have to not stop. You don't even have to figure out ways to keep going. You just have to not stop. Your brain's whole goal is to stop, and it doesn't have any plans beyond that. It doesn't have an alternate plan.

It's not like, hey, let's not accomplish this thing in our life, let's go accomplish this one. It's like, No, let's just do nothing, let's just stop. It doesn't have an alternate dream, it just wants you to stop. And it tries to get you to stop by saying that what you're doing doesn't matter. And then you aren't making any progress and you've never done it before and it's not working. And this is a lot of time, and effort, and should this really be your priority? And it gives you all these thoughts, all these sentences that are just designed to get you to stop. So we just got to keep going. And I really want to point out to you that, like, literally, if you don't stop, it is inevitable that you will create the things you want. You just got to keep going, okay.

The next thought comes from "Brick by Brick" by American authors. I love this song so much, but the thought in the in the song says. "I've had my doubts. Tear them down quick. Brick by brick by brick." I love this thought. And a little bit later on in the song it says, I got that every day doubt that every day road block. Tear them down brick by brick. And I just love this idea that like, of course I have doubts. I have everyday doubts. Everybody who's a human has everyday doubts every day roadblocks. It's 100% normal. It's 100% human, 100% ordinary and 100% not a problem. They aren't a problem as long as you don't keep them and, you know, keep them like in the way of the things you want.

In the way of your dreams. In the way of becoming what you want to be. As long as you don't let that roadblock stay there and you just tear it down quick, brick by brick, then you know they are not a problem. They are just everyday doubts. And I of course, I love this thought as a coach because like, this is what we do in coaching. We tear our doubts down brick by brick. When they come up, we tear them down. When they come up, we question them. We question if they're true. We see that they are not, we see that they're optional. We choose something else brick by brick, thought by thought, and remove the roadblocks between us and our goals.

So, I just want you to know that like those every day, doubts are coming for every one of us. Tear them down quick. Brick by brick. They are only thoughts, they are only words. They are only sentences created by your brain. And you can remove them one by one, brick by brick, and think something else any time you want, and the better you get at seeing like those everyday doubts. And they really are every day. After a while you just are like, Oh yeah, here's this one again, right? Oh yeah, I've seen this one before. Like, this is a new circumstance, but same old thought. And the better you get at seeing that the everyday doubt and your brain's kind of like go to thoughts. The faster you can be on to them, the faster you're like, Oh, I know that one, and you can tear it down quick, okay, before they stop you or make you lose your momentum. Okay, so I seriously love that song.

The next one a little bit different is called "No Fun" by Armin Van Buren. And this song like when I hear it, I just imagine my spirit talking to my brain. I know that sounds kind of weird, but let me read you the lyrics. It says, Why do you do it? Every time when all we want to do is fly, Oh, don't you want to feel alive? You're going to have to take a side. And then it says, Come on, come on, no, you're no fun. And I just imagine my spirit saying this to my brain like, Why are you going to be like you are? Why are you the way that you are? What are you going to do this every time when all I want to do is fly? All I want to do, is go. You are no fun brain, right? Like I imagine the real me just talking to my brain and saying like. Like literally you are no fun. I have things I want to do while I'm here on earth. I have things I want to do with my life. And you got to make it so hard. Don't you want to feel alive? And my brain's like, No, I don't want to fly. I just want to be alive, right? And I'm trying to keep you safe and smile. And, you know, you do stay alive, but it's not a lot of fun.

You don't get the, like, excitement and thrill of of failure of of stretching yourself of growth. Okay, so the song goes on and it says, like, at some point, don't hold back. No one's controlling you. No one's controlling me. And I love that reminder like my brain, like it may be no fun, and it may not want me to do all these hard, scary things. But also it is not controlling me and it is not controlling you. And your spirit is in charge. And you get to do all those, quote unquote, fun things you want. You get to do all the things you want you to live all your dreams. You get to do all those things. As long as you recognize that your brain is not controlling you and that you are in charge of it. And you get to do all those things that scare you and stretch you and challenge you and grow you. And that is your right as a spirit of God. And no one is controlling you, not even your brain.

Okay, the next thought comes from a song called My Body by Young the Giant. Man. This song has, like, gotten me through some real rough moments on the treadmill, okay? And there's a line in it that says, my body tells me no, but I won't quit because I want more. And man, you know I love this, right? Because, like, your body is going to protest and your brain works for your body. So, your brain, like, it's not working for you. It's not working. It's not employed by your spirit to get the things your spirit wants. It's not your spirit. Its priorities are not its priorities. It is working for your body, and your body says no, okay? Like it says in the song, my body tells me no. And so, you just have to recognize, like, okay, my brain is on my body's side. It wants me to stop. It wants me to quit. Like, whatever it is, not just physical exercise, right? It's just always protesting and say, no, no, I don't want to do that scary thing. No, I don't want to put myself out there. No, I don't want to love. I might get rejected. No, I don't want it. Like it's just always saying no, but I want more, right? My body says no, but I won't quit because I want more and more is always on the other side of discomfort.

Everything you want, is on the other side of discomfort. We have to pass through that resistance of our brain in order to get it. And like our our body and our brain are just always saying no. And it's just so easy now to, like, soothe ourselves with that and just give in to the know and do the easy thing and scroll and eat and like all the things that we do to buffer away from that discomfort. But I just think like that is equally uncomfortable. After a while, your spirit is so uncomfortable from saying no and getting denied and like, it's stretching and it's growth, it just gets so desperate to for things to be different and to stretch. And that's where that feeling like I'm just so sick and tired of myself. Like, your spirit is just aching to get out and stretch and grow.

And so, like for so many years, I think, like I was so miserable, of course, because of my thoughts, but also because like I wasn't doing the things that I wanted to be doing. I wasn't living my life. I wasn't being the person I wanted to be. And my spirit was so unhappy with that. It was so like hurt by that loss of like growth and potential and, and it just like ached for something different. And my spirit was like not being exercised when I was just always giving in to what my brain wanted, always giving in to what my body wanted. And it was really suffering there. So, I just want you to know, like, that feeling of, like, got to be more here. There's got to be something more. Your spirit wants a chance to, like, exercise its will instead of just always giving into your brain's will or your, you know, your brain's desires.

Okay, and then to go with that one is a song called Be Legendary by Pop Evil. And like It, it has this refrain in the chorus that says, We want more, we want more, we want more, right? Seize the moment. No regrets. We want more. We want more. We want more. And I just feel this song so deeply. Like, I want more, and I know there is more available. And listen, the reason I want more is not because I'm not enough. It's not because, like, I need to, like, make up for my lack. I want more just because it's available to me. It is my birthright as a child of God is my inheritance. And like my brain is so scared of failure and embarrassment and shame and my spirit just wants more. It wants to, like, stretch its rings and get everything it came for. It doesn't care about fear. It's just like, Oh, we want more, right? Anyway, there are honestly so many songs that, like, have this sort of same refrain on this playlist. Like, I was thinking about, like, you know, Bon Jovi's It's My Life, and he's just like, it's now or never, right? Like, I'm not going to live forever. I want more. It's now or never. And I just think, like a lot of us, if we have spent our life, like, settling and telling ourselves, like, it's okay, like, this is all I can expect, this is all I can get.

We have a lot of shame as when we think about how we've spent our Earth life experience. At least I did. And I don't want you to have shame. I don't want you to go to shame. I spent many years like that, just like making myself so wrong for kind of like, squandering my earth life experience. And thinking like, I haven't made the most of what God gave me and I'm not using my time well. And that just created so much shame and ironically kept me even more stuck. That never made change for me. And so, I don't want you to have shame about the way you've spent your life. Shame keeps you stuck. Instead, I want you to lean in to like the generosity of God's gift. I want you to feel lucky. I want you to, like, revel in the gift and recognize it is your right to get more. And that little nudge inside of you that's like, let's try. Let's, let's do this thing. I want you to follow that and and feel just like the joy in the in the possibility, like in the gift that you get to do that.

And then speaking of shame, that brings me to the next song on my list. The next line that I thought comes from a song called Do Bad Well by Cashmere. I might be saying that wrong. I love this song. But there's this great line in it that says if you can't do good, better do bad. Well, and I mean, it's kind of like a little rebellious song, you know, like we're going to do bad. Well, but I think it's so profound, and here's here's why. It's because, like I said, one of the biggest shifts that you can make to get the life you want is to give up shame and to stop making yourself wrong for your choices.

You are learning, and you are supposed to be. And you are going to find yourself from time to time making choices that don't that don't align with what you want. And it's okay, you're practicing. You're going to find yourself thinking crappy thoughts, and feeling bad and like showing up in ways that, like, you don't love. And that's okay. You don't have to be perfect. It is all a learning experience, and if you can't do good, which none of us can, we better do bad. Well, and by that I mean like do bad with the idea that I'm not going to make myself wrong and I get to try again, like I'm going to get so good at doing it wrong that I like. I just practice it over and over and over again and allow myself the space to practice until I get it right. Like in my own life, I find myself all the time, like making choices that I'm like, Oh, if not, I'm not really like thrilled with that one, right? Like I'm not happy about that. I find myself getting mad at my husband or blaming things outside of myself. It happens, right?

I am a human with a brain and where I start to make progress is when I don't make myself wrong and I'm like, I'm going to try that again, right? What happened there? What do I want to change? What do I want to like try differently, and try it again? And like allowing yourself to do bad well means allowing yourself to step out of it, like step out of the shame so that you can try again. You are not going to do it good. So, do bad well, right? Learn from it. Don't make yourself wrong for doing bad. There is learning here, there's growth here. This is how we change and become by doing it wrong so many times until we figure out how to do it right. And that doesn't make us bad, it makes us human. It makes us children of a loving Heavenly Father who came here to learn and who wants us to choose wrong until we know how to choose. Okay, this is a life changing thought that doing that well is like, yeah, I'm going to make mistakes and I'm not going to make myself wrong for it so that I can try again. That's how we do it well.

Okay, number eight. Like, seriously, you guys, I could do this all day, but it's already getting long, so I need to, like, hustle it up here. Okay, so I'm going to combine a couple of thoughts from a couple of songs. First, there's a song called Hammer by Point North. And just so you know, there's like a lot of language in this one, so be warned. But there's a line in there that says, like, it's about time that they go and take me serious. And the song's about this guy that, like, nobody will give him any credit for the things he's doing and how everybody should notice, like how he's awesome. But the problem is, like, now the other people just never give him any credit, right? And it's like it's about time they take me seriously. And sometimes we feel like this in our lives.

We want the people around us to validate our dreams, to validate our desires right. And to take us seriously and to believe in us. But listen, that is our job. And it's about time that we take our own dreams seriously. No one else is going to do it. And if it's not you, if you are going to believe in your dreams, who else is going to that isn't their job? And just to go along with this, there's a song by Fall Out Boy that's called like My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark. That song is like, it'll get you going right in the middle of it, in the chorus. It's like singing, like, light him up, light him up. Let him up, up, up. I'm on fire, you know? And I just love that thought. I love being on the treadmill, thinking like I'm on fire and sort of like validating myself like I am amazing, right? And like, I just want you to know that if you don't think you're on fire, nobody else is going to like, if you aren't your own cheerleader, if you aren't your own champion, if you aren't taking your dreams seriously and then cheering yourself on like no one else can do that for you.

I had this experience at the gym one Saturday. Like, I had done this really hard workout, and, like, I was just so, like, I wanted David to know how amazing I was. So, I was just like, I want you to get on the treadmill and do it at 30% and see how hard it is. I want you to know how hard I'm working, I want you to know how amazing I am. And like, I was going to have him come over and do it. And then I kind of like dropped for a minute and I was like, Why? Why do I need him to know that? Why do I need him to validate it? And it was because I'm not doing it. I'm not saying, Hey, April, I see you, I feel you. I know what this is costing you. And I am so proud of you. Like that is always our work. To think that we are on fire, to, like, take our own dreams seriously. It's always our job.

Okay, number nine, really quickly. The song by Fitz in the Tantrums, aomebody sometime. And so there's just a little line in there, like, everybody needs somebody sometime. And I know I just said, like, it's your job, and it is. But also we all need some encouragement. And this is where I just like invite you again to coaching like you are up against a powerful force with your brain. You are up against some serious survival instincts. And that resistance is real and that cannot be underestimated, right? And it's really powerful to have a coach on your side who knows what you're capable of, who knows what's in your way, who can just keep encouraging you. And everybody needs somebody sometime. Everybody needs a coach, like what you're doing is hard and you are doing great. You but you need somebody who's saying like, yup, I see you. You're not going to die. You are growing and you're doing great.

My coach when I'm like in pain and like I like just in it emotionally. She'll say, Yeah, this is what growth feels like. And it's just so reassuring to have like somebody sometime saying, Hey, you're right on track. I know it hurts, but you're right on track. So, everybody needs somebody sometime. And I can be your coach if you do.

All right, number ten, I'm really, I'm going to wrap this up. Number ten is Real Good Feeling by, oh, the larceny. And there's just like this really pumpin chorus that says, got a real good feeling. Got a real good feeling. There's lightning deep in my bones. And I just want to offer you that while like stretching yourself and challenge yourself is hard. It is also the way to feel better than you ever have before. Like. I've just noticed that before I, you know, found coaching and, you know, created goals and challenges and things that I was trying to accomplish in my life. Like, I had a lot of negative emotion and for the most part, like, I still have negative emotion. I don't have a life that's free of negative emotion. I still have fear and insecurity and all of that. But I also have access to so many more positive emotions than I ever had before. Like, there's just, like the feeling of pride, the feeling of confidence, the feeling of, like, joy, the feeling of fulfilling the measure of my creation.

Like, that feeling feels so incredible. And I was not experiencing that before. And one day I think I've told you this, but one day on the treadmill, I was just like overwhelmed by that feeling of joy and pride. And I just like I talked to my son, I was like, I was just sobbing because and he was like, because it was so painful. I was like, well, yes. I said, but also because I was just, like, so incredibly proud. Like, I'd never felt that kind of like, joy and expansion in myself. And after doing hard things, like it's just like the feeling you get when you know you have overcome your brain when it said you, you know, couldn't do something and he said, you know, like, I know exactly what you mean. And it just made me think like there are so many emotions that I never would have got to feel and experience if I hadn't learned to manage my brain. So, there's just there's so many really good feelings ahead of you.

Okay, last one is My Way by Frank Sinatra. And I just I mean, I love this whole song, I pretty much play it at the end of every workout on that final climb, just like, you know, I did it my way and just, like, you know, I just feel all the feelings. But the line that I want to point out to you is when he says, and now, as tears subside, I find it also amusing to think I did all that. And may I say not in the shy way I did it my way. But I just think, like when tears subside, I will find it so amusing. Like, I just think that is so true. I think things feel hard here on Earth, right? Because we're in a fallen world and we have that resistance. But when our brain isn't there and we are, you know, when we return, back to the presence of our father without our bodies, without our brains, without that resistance. Like when all of that subsides, like we're going to just be amused and, like, grateful for the growth that we got.

I want to just share a story that maybe will explain this a little bit better. So, the other day, my son Ethan got his mission call. And as he was opening that call, we were doing a face time with the other kids. And as you know, Savannah just got home from her mission and she was watching him open that call. She just said like, oh, I am so jealous, right? Because she knows what's coming for him and she misses that. And when she was there, it was hard, right? Like I would talk to her every day and she was crying like, but now the tears have subsided and it's just the sweetness is left. Just the growth is left. Just the joy is left. And you know, we were talking after he opened his call and I was like, you know, it's it's going to be hard, but you can do it. And I was like, you know, Savannah will tell you it's hard. And and I turned to her on the screen and she said, Was it, though? Was it hard? She's like, I look back and I think, like, it wasn't hard. It was just amazing. And I think so many of us are going to have that experience when we leave this life. Like, it feels hard now and the resistance is real, but when all is said and done, it will just be sweet.

It will just be like the growth will just be left. And what will matter is what what we did, what we became, what we created, what we overcame when we were here and and who we have become because of that work. That's what will be left when it's all over. And what you've got in front of you now is your choices. And you get to make your life what it is when all is said and done. Like all that fear and the shame and the inadequacy, none of that will be gone. Like tears will subside. And all I will be left with was what I have done and what I have created and who you are because of that.

So, I hope that like inspires you and gives you the courage to keep going. Hey, go hunt your dreams. Go get all the things you want. Yes, it is hard. But also you are so lucky to be alive and so lucky to be able to do it. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening and I'll see you next week. Thanks so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you want to take the things I've talked about and apply them in your life so that you can love your Earth-life experience.

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