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It Shouldn’t Be Easier

May 10, 2021

One thought my brain loves to offer me all the time is: It should be easier than this. 

In my business. It should be easier than this.

In my mothering. It should be easier than this.

In my marriage. It should be easier than this.

In my discipleship. It should be easier than this.

Around my house. About my podcast. When it comes to my weight. When it comes to my happiness. It should be easier than this.

When my brain says, “It should be easier than this,” it is letting me know that something has gone wrong—that either I must be doing it wrong or someone else is doing it wrong, and that my life is harder or more unfair or less ideal because of this. It should be easier than this. 

It’s like my brain’s broad-spectrum diagnosis of wrongness…I don’t know what’s wrong, but something definitely is because it should be easier than this. 

But what if it shouldn’t be?

What if it shouldn’t be easier to build a business or keep a house clean or love the people I live with? What if nothing has gone wrong? And what if I’m not doing it wrong because it’s harder than my brain thinks it should be?

What if my brain just made that up? That it should be easier?

I mean, really. Who says? 

I find that any kind of rule or standard my brain makes up that makes me feel like something has gone wrong is just not useful and I never have to believe it.

And neither do you.

Learning to question your brain and all the rules it makes up to make you wrong will set you free and let you love your life. As it is. And this is what I teach you to do in coaching. Coaching makes your life so much easier in so many ways. My next group starts in 3 weeks  (on June 1st!) and I think you should be a part of it. Sign up here for a free coaching consultation and see if it’s right for you.

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