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The Two Best Thoughts

May 24, 2021

There are so many thoughts that have changed my life. But these two might be the best:

I am capable.

I am worthy.

They might seem simple. But as unremarkable and insignificant as they appear, they have transformed my life in miraculous ways.

See, I used to think that there were limits to what I could do, to how much I could love, to what I could weigh, to what I could earn, to what I could create, to the impact I could have, to what I could have or achieve. 

Believing that I am capable of creating whatever I want is freaking revolutionary.

I also used to think I wasn’t enough, that my best was sadly lacking, that I would never measure up, and that I had to change in so many ways to ever be worthy of love or approval.

Believing that I am worthy, as I am, no change necessary, is outrageously radical.

Thinking these radical, revolutionary thoughts changed everything for me. And they will do the same for you.

You might be scared to think them. Our brains think if we believe we’re worthy then we’ll never change and if we believe we’re capable then we’ll either be arrogant or sorely disappointed. 

But the opposite is true. These thoughts make you humble and grateful and motivated to use your agency to change and become in all the ways you want to, but without any need to do it to prove your worthiness.

If you are ready to stage a revolution and change your life, these are the best two thoughts you can decide to believe. And, of course, they are what God believes about you already. 

You are capable. You are worthy. 

Turns out, God is a radical revolutionary. 

Join the uprising!


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