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We Have It Backwards

Jun 07, 2021

The other day I had a client that was struggling to believe she could create a new habit in her life. She said, “Well it’s easy for you. You’re the kind of person that does hard things so it’s easy for you to think that about yourself.”

I explained that when she looks at me and the things I do, she’s not seeing evidence of why it’s easy for me to believe.

When she looks at me, she is seeing the results of what I have chosen to believe.


Sometimes when we look at people who have achieved the things that we want, we think it must be easy for them to believe in themselves—that their belief comes because of what they do or who they are.

But we’ve got it backwards.

What you are seeing is not the cause of their belief, it is the outcome of their belief. 

And if you want to create different outcomes in your life, this might be the most powerful thing you could ever understand.

You can’t wait to be the person and do the things you want so that then you can believe. You have to believe so that then you can be the person that does all the things you want to do.

We have it backwards.

But what’s awesome is that when we get it the right way around, there is no outcome that we can’t create for ourselves.

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