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A Simple Shift that Creates Amazing Results

Nov 26, 2019

There is a simple little thought choice that we make every day—that we make many times a day—that can change our entire perspective on our life.

That choice is between the words "have to" and "get to."

In our lives there are all these things we could do because we have to do them, or there are things in life we do because we get to do them.

And the most amazing part of this choice is that neither perspective has anything to do with the truth of what is happening.  It only has to do with the way we tell the story.  

This week my kids are coming home from college and we get to spend a few precious days together.  But I noticed this weekend that I was feeling put out and irritated because I had a whole list of "have to's—things that I "had to do" to prep for their arrival and things I "had to do" to get ready to relax and enjoy my time with them.

As I was coming out of the grocery store last night, feeling ragged from my "have to's," it suddenly occurred to me that making this simple shift to "get to" would change everything.

I get to go to the grocery story where they have everything I need.

I get to hand them my money and take it all home and I didn't have to grow or harvest or hunt for anything.

I get to wash the bedding that my kids will sleep in when they are all under my roof together.

I get to slice apples and form pie crusts and sprinkle cinnamon on everything I want.

I get to buy clothes for family pictures.  I get to stack fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms.  I get to put up the Christmas tree.  I get to bake rolls for leftover turkey sandwiches.  I get to put up twinkle lights in the bedrooms.

And when I choose to see all the things I get to do, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

"I get to" changes everything.

I hope you get to have the most amazing Thanksgiving holiday with the ones you love.



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