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As Good as You Get

Nov 19, 2020

Recently I had a client tell me, “No matter what I do, I think I could do better.”

She is not alone.  A lot of us think this.  It feels true. 

But this thought is a lie.  And it only makes us feel defeated and discouraged.  

I know this because I used to think this too.  I spent my life trying be better and telling myself that I needed to improve in every way.  I needed to be better at eating right and better at loving my husband and better at saying my prayers and better at teaching my kids.  I needed to be better at managing my anger and better at saving my money and better at being happy.

But needing to be better only made me feel worse.  Which never made me better at any of it.

And the truth is, I can’t be better.  I am whole already.  And anything I do or don’t do, doesn’t make me better.

I can’t get better.  And neither can you. 

You can do anything you want in your life—but it won’t make you better.  Nothing you do can increase your worth or your value or your lovability. 

If you want to eat differently or spend your money differently or react to the people you love differently, you totally can!  But it won’t make you better. 

And when you don’t have to do those things to earn worthiness or love or enoughness, it takes all the pressure off.  We get to stop chasing some arbitrary acceptableness that our brain made up and just do things because we want to.

You are as good as you can get. 

And when you know that, really know that, your life starts to get really fun.  That list you used to beat yourself up with becomes a list of experiences you get to have and getting anything you want becomes so much easier. 

Your unquestionable, unchangeable worth is one of the foundational principles that I teach and coach my clients on in the Made for More group coaching program. It will change the way you go after any of your goals for the rest of your life.  Join me there.  You can apply for your spot by clicking here.



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