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Bonus Episode: Grow Your Results by Growing Your Thinking

Feb 27, 2022
April Price Coaching
Bonus Episode: Grow Your Results by Growing Your Thinking

Episode Summary

In order to change or grow any result in your life, the only thing you have to do is grow your thinking.

And I have two ways to help you do that:

Free Class: Is Coaching the Answer for You? Friday, March 4th at 9 am PT. You can register at here.  (If you can’t come live there will be a replay sent to everyone that is registered.)

Made for More – My next coaching group starts the first week in April! You can get signed up or get on a call to talk about it by going here:

The early sign-up bonus that gives you two extra 1:1 coaching sessions ends on Sunday 3/6/22!

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

Hello, podcast universe. Welcome to a special bonus episode of the podcast. I'm April Price and I want to let you know that my next coaching group starts in a month. And so, I've been thinking a lot recently about why do we sign up for coaching? Why we don't? The things that are in your way. And I want to share a couple of thoughts that I've had with you to help those of you that have been thinking about coaching, thinking about hiring a coach, and joining my program to give you a little bit of encouragement and to think about what you really are choosing when you choose coaching and what you're choosing when you don't.

So, I just wanted to share a couple of stories that have been on my mind recently. So first, last Friday, I was on the treadmill. If you listen to this podcast, you know I'm working on a climbing goal climbing event later in this year. And so, I work on the treadmill trying to increase the incline on the treadmill, and to increase the distance that I go at those high inclines. So Friday, I was working on this and I had a friend walk by and he's an older gentleman that I see at the gym a lot. He always tells me, like, I'm your biggest fan. Like, thank you, I love having a fan club, right? So, anyway, he walks by and he looks at the incline on the treadmill. He's like, Holy cow, what incline are you at? And I was like, Oh, I'm at 24 percent. And he's like, Oh my gosh, how long are you going to do that? I was like, Well, I'm going to be on here for an hour today. And he's like, How do you do that? Like, how do you do that? He's like, I get up to about 10, or 12% and just like dying, it's like all I can do, you know?

And then, as he said those words, he kind of looked at me. And he was like, Oh, you really struggling? I just started laughing because I was just like, I was like, yeah, yeah, I'm really struggling, right? And he was just like, so surprised, you know, that this was difficult and I was doing something like that wasn't impressive, necessarily, it was actually difficult. And, you know, it just made me think like how many times we sort of think it should be easy. We think like this should come naturally. If I was capable of this thing, it should just come really easily to me, and it shouldn't be a struggle and it shouldn't be hard. And I shouldn't have to talk myself into it and my brain should want to be on board. But the truth is like, that's just like never going to happen for the things that are really outside of our comfort zone. And it was just like, so surprising to him to see that like not only was I willing to do the work because I could, I was willing to do the work even when it was hard, right?

So, the second story that I want to kind of tie into this is, as you also know, from listening to the podcast, my husband just got released from being the Bishop. And it's a really stressful calling, he has a lot of pressure on him. He has a stressful job and he has been telling me for months, maybe even for a year now, when he gets released, he is going to take care of himself like it's going to be a whole new world. He is going to prioritize himself, he's going to use all the newfound time and energy to get in shape and take care of himself. And like just I want you to notice for minute that for five years, his brain has been telling him like, you just can't take care of yourself. You can't have what you want. You can't create the results you want. These circumstances are preventing you from creating what you want and like, you can't live the way you want to because of the circumstances that you're in right now, because of the calling, because of the "C", as we call it, in coaching, right? The circumstances of being a bishop just won't let him have the results that he wants.

And listen, he is not the only one like this is what happens to most of us, most of us, when we aren't getting the results we want, when we don't have the health, or the money or the relationships or the achievement or the accomplishments or the spiritual life that we what our brain wants to blame the "C". It wants to say, well, I can't because of all of these things, and we have this whole list of circumstances preventing us from getting what we want. Hey, we're like our education, my family, my habits, my genetics, my personality, my past, my capacity. Like, we just think that all of these circumstances are the thing in our way, right? And like, we think these hard things in our life are the thing creating our results when they never are. Because your circumstances never create your results, your thoughts do. And we grow the results in our life by growing our thinking, not by changing our circumstances, not by waiting for things to get better, not by waiting for things to be different, for other people to be different, but by changing our thinking and so many of us are waiting. We are waiting for the circumstances to change, waiting for the inclined to feel easier. We're waiting for our leg muscles to get back here.

Am I right, we're waiting for the world to be different, for life, to be different for us and our personality. Be different when all that ever has to change is our thoughts. And they can change right now, as soon as you are willing to think something different. I can't wait for it to be easier for me to be stronger. Do we need to have better aerobic capacity or stronger legs? I'm never going to get there if I'm waiting for the circumstances to be different. Instead, I have to change my thinking. I have to change what I think about the hard things. I have to change what I think about my capacity to do them. I have to change what they think about my brains protests in order to change the results in my life. And the same is true for you. My results will never be created by a circumstance, it will be created in my mind every time. By what I choose to think, by what I choose to think as I am struggling and my mind is begging me to stop.

But why do you choose to believe when my brain says this just isn't who we are? We're never going to make it? What are we thinking, right? I grow my results by growing my thinking, and it is the same for you. Everything you want will be created first in your mind. If you want your results to change in any area of your life, you don't have to change any circumstances. You don't have to be a different person, you simply have to choose to think different thoughts, and then keep choosing to think them. When your brain tries to talk you out of what you're trying to believe and it will try, your brain will try so hard to talk you out of it. My brain never gives up trying to talk me out of the things I want. Out of the things that I want to believe, out of trying new things, out of setting new goals, out of growing out of the life and the results I want. My brain never gives up trying to talk me out of all of that. And because it never stops trying, I never stop coaching myself. I never stop talking back to my brain, I never stop choosing what I want to believe. I never stop getting coached. It makes such a difference to see what's really in your way, and it is always your thoughts, and that is the power of coaching.

So, if you want to grow your results, expand your life, you have to grow your thoughts, you have to think something different. And I want to share two things that I believe will help you do that. First, this Friday, I am offering a free class it is called, Is coaching the answer for you? It's for all of you that listen to the podcast and have thought about coaching would like to choose coaching, but doubt, and fear, and money, and time, and your identity, and the vulnerability of asking for help. All of these things and more have gotten in the way, and believe me, I understand that I I listen to podcasts for six-months before I figured out that, like I qualified for coaching that I deserved coaching. That coaching was different than just listening to the podcast, and I had a lot of those same thoughts to overcome.

And so, this class is going to be a chance to overcome some of those thoughts to see why, even with all the protests from your brain, why coaching could be the answer for you. And on that class, I'm going to share some of those powerful things I know about coaching. You'll be able to ask questions. You can get coached if you would like, and I'm going to really sell you on you, on your future, on the results that you want on your power to create those and offer you that coaching is just an incredible way to create the changes and the transformation. If you are willing to change your thoughts and believe in yourself. So, that class is free, it's for everyone it is. This Friday, you can come get your questions answered and see if coaching is right for you. So, to sign up you can go to my website, there's a button there where you can sign up, you can also just text the word answer to 66866 and submit your name and email. And then we'll send the link to the call directly to your email. So again, just text the word answer to 66866.

That's Friday, March 4th, it's going to be at 9:00 AM Pacific, there will be a replay if you can't make it live. And if you have thought about coaching ever, I want you to come and get the answers, is coaching the answer for you? That class will tell you. And then second, for those of you who already know that you, you are in, you want to be a part of coaching, I want you to know the next coaching group starts in a month, and the early sign up bonus for that group ends this Sunday, March 6th. So, in my program, as you know, you're going to get six-months of weekly group coaching and every month are also two bonus workshops. There's a huge video library of all my past workshops, and coaching tools, and how to apply them all of that you get with the coaching program. But something that I don't usually do anymore is offer one on one coaching calls. But if you sign up for the April group before next Sunday, March 6th, everyone who signs up before Sunday will get two extra one-on--one individual calls with me that you can use any time during our six-months together.

You can use those calls to do the work that you don't necessarily want to share with everyone in the group, or just go really deep on something that you have been working on. So, I just wanted to let you know that that if you've been thinking about signing up, this is the week to do that, that bonus ends this Sunday. So, the group coaching calls start in April, but as soon as you sign up, you get a media access. Like I said to the membership library, all the past workshops, videos of every coaching tool that I teach you will have immediate access to the workbook, and you can start all of this transformation, changing your thoughts right now. And you also get access to that two bonus workshops. You are invited to those lives that are happening in March. So to sign up, of course, you can go to my website, click on Made for More and get registered there or get on a call to try coaching for yourself first.

So, I know that is a lot of information. I will put all of that information in the show notes for you. If you have questions, you can just email me at or you can DM me on Instagram at April Price and I will answer your questions. Your life is such a gift, and every result in it is 100% because of the thoughts you think. So, if there is any part of it, any result you are getting that you want to expand or grow, you get to do that by growing your thinking that is the way of it. It is available to every single one of us. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome. Come to coaching, it is 100% awesome. I love you for listening. And I will see you at our usual the time later this week.

If you've been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you have heard me talk over and over about how awesome coaching is, and at some point you've probably wondered, yeah, but is coaching the answer for me? I would love to help you answer that question. I am offering a free class on March 4th to answer your questions and help you decide if coaching is right for you. You have to be registered to get a link to the class or go to or text the word answer to 66866 and get registered, I'll see you there.


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