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Choosing Heartbreak

Oct 03, 2019

My daughter has been in China for the last month, teaching English to school children.  On Saturday morning she called us saying that she had been at the police station all day, being interrogated for hours.

Yesterday, she spent 19 hours there again.

They told her that she can't teach any more and she may need to come home.

She was heartbroken.

To be clear, she is feeling heartbroken, and disappointed, and sad, because of her thoughts.  

And that's okay.  That's exactly as it should be.  She needs to be sad right now.  We are sad for her as well.

When we understand that our thoughts are creating all our feelings, we often think that this means we don't ever have to be sad.  We can just choose different thoughts and feel happy all the time.

But this isn't what we really want.  There are times when we want to be sad and think thoughts that create disappointment and heartbreak.

Our power comes from knowing that we created the sad—not the Chinese police, not the bureaucrats who want it their way, not the rules that she has no control over.  None of those things, outside of her control, can ever make her feel anything.  She always has a choice about how she wants to feel.

Today, she's choosing heartbreak.  

And there's nothing wrong with that.




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