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Episode 111: When Everything is Stupid

Jun 17, 2021
April Price Coaching
Episode 111: When Everything is Stupid

Episode Summary

Even after we understand that our thoughts are creating our emotional experience and we know that to feel better we can choose what we want to think on purpose, it can still be hard to do it. Especially when things are difficult it can feel really hard to change our thoughts. What do we do then? What do you do when your brain says everything is stupid?

In today’s episode I’m sharing some ideas to help you when you want to feel better, but it feels really hard to change your thoughts. 

Episode Tools and Questions

As a human, life is always 50/50. One week might be completely blissful and then next week completely uncomfortable. But you know what? None of that is a problem.

Today I want to give you some thoughts and tools that you can use when everything going on in your life is stupid.

Know that there is nothing wrong with you. And it's okay if things are hard. Take a deep breath and tell yourself the truth: Being human is hard.

Feel your feelings. You might be inclined to think that your feelings are the problem, but I want to offer you the idea that actually, you probably aren’t actually feeling your feelings. You are probably resisting your feelings. Lean in and let them be.

There is no place where your brain is not going to be a brain. There is no amount of mind management, enlightenment or perfection that allows your brain to stop thinking thoughts that create negative emotions for you. But, you are not hopeless because you can learn how to deal with these thoughts and feelings.

So, when everthing is stupid and we can’t figure out how to change our thoughts, recognize that it is okay to feel what you feel, it doesn’t make you wrong and when you can drop your resistance to feeling your feelings then it will be so much easier to change the thoughts creating them.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price, you might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Hello, podcast universe! Welcome to episode 111 of the 100% Awesome Podcast, I'm April Price and today I am feeling the full effects of my Earth-life experience. Maybe, that's the best way to say it. David and I went on an amazing trip last week to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, which actually happened last year, but because of Covid, it got postponed with everything else. And so, we finally took that trip and it was blissful, and beautiful, and so relaxing. We sat by the beach, and I drank about fourteen-hundred virgin pina coladas, and we read books, and we made out, we went dancing, and it was seriously such a good time together. And then, we returned home. I'd like to say right back to the lone, and dreary world, right? Like to our regular life, where the dancing and the pina coladas are surprisingly scarce, right?

Like here we are. This is the fall all over again. We went from Eden to the lone and dreary world in the matter of a single plane flight, right? Anyway, and then our re-entry was made all the more painful by the fact that we finally have to move out of our house so that the water damage that happened in April can be repaired. But because the wood floors were damaged, all of the floors throughout the house have to be replaced. They have the same wood, and all matches, and so, all of it has to be replaced. And so, on Monday, I talked to the contractor, and he said, yeah, you need to move out by Wednesday. I was like, wait, what do I need to do? And he's like, just pack everything you need for two months. My brain was like, Wait, what? Like, it just feels impossible, right? Like, have you seen that meme you probably have, that says, like, "Me in my real life I use the same three things at home over and over and over again, right?" And then it says, "Me packing for vacation, I wonder if I'll need four French horns or five?"

Seriously, that is so true. And when my contractor said, hey, pack for two months, I was pretty much like, oh my gosh, what am I going to need? Like, am I going to need my organ shoes? Or what if they need me to play the organ between now and August? Like, am I going to need my college transcripts? Am I getting my passport? What if I have to flee the country? And so, like, there I am standing there debating if I should bring the crock pot in-case I need to slow cook something between now and then or not. So, there we were unpacking our suitcases from paradise and then repacking them to live somewhere else for a couple of months. And I'm pretty sure it might not be hell, but it is definitely not going to be paradise. And I will admit that, like, yeah, as a human, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed and feeling like the full effects of my 50/50 life, right? The week before was incredibly blissful, 50%. And this past week has been the very uncomfortable 50%.

And I am really, really aware of that right now, and doing what I can not to argue with the discomfort of all of it, the uncertainty, the overwhelm, which is, of course, is all created by my brain, and none of it is a problem. And I'm working on reminding myself of that right now. And I'm going to talk to you more about that today. But before we get to that, before we get to the full episode, I want you to know that next Friday on June 25th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern, I am teaching a free class. I don't know where I'm going to be teaching it from, but I will be teaching it. We will be teaching you over Zoom And the class is called How to Love Yourself and Your Life. Your whole Life, right? Even the overwhelming and stressful parts. And I am going to teach you and coach you, and if you have only been listening to the podcast, and you haven't ever been coached by me, or been able to really like apply this work, this is such a great opportunity for you. Registration is totally free, and I'm going to be teaching you why you have a really good reason for not loving yourself, or your life, and why our brain doesn't want to love it. Why it thinks we can't love it, but how in fact, it is totally possible to love both yourself and your life no matter what, as they are, right?

Without changing anything, and how you can make loving yourself a permanent way of living, it is possible to completely change how you feel about all of it, change your brain's interpretation of it, and I am going to show you how. And like I said, you'll even have the chance to be coached by me is going to be awesome. So, if you want to register for that free class, you can go to my website, or you can just click this link in the show notes.

Okay, so I guess it is confession time for a minute as we get into this episode, if I'm being totally honest with you guys, this is the third time I have recorded this podcast episode. It has been a struggle, right? Like I had some ideas I thought would be helpful, and I tried that, I recorded that, and it just wasn't good, okay? And I had some more ideas, and I kind of wrestled with those for a day or so, and I recorded another episode. And again, I just felt like it wasn't that good. I had really been like forced and wrung out of me. And you know, this wasn't my usual self-doubt, like the doubt that naturally comes up with my vulnerability of sharing ideas. But it was just sort of this feeling that I wasn't really into it, like I wasn't really participating in it, I wasn't invested in the podcast that I had recorded earlier. And I was just kind of saying words, and that just didn't feel that great.

And so, this morning I woke up, and I knew that I just needed to be authentic with you. I just needed to tell you the truth and maybe that truth will be useful to you, okay? And so, that is what I'm going to do. And I hope that it will be helpful in some way to some of you. Okay, so as part of my coaching program, we have this place where you can post questions, and get coaching between coaching sessions. And a few months ago, one of my clients in that group posted this question. So, she wrote how she had been doing a thought download, and then this is what she wrote after that. She said, "After doing that thought download, I felt so deflated afterwards, I wanted to question the thoughts, but I felt absolutely gut punched, and I didn't have the energy to turn them around. Now I'm just feeling hopeless like it's all too much and everything is stupid, literally. Those were the last two thoughts I recorded. What do you do when you feel this way?"

And it's such a good question, right? What do you do when you just feel defeated, and deflated, and like everything is stupid? Like we are all going to face this in our lives, like we know that our thoughts are creating our emotional experience, and we know that to feel better, we need to question those thoughts that our brain is giving us and decide, okay, what do I want to think on purpose instead, right? Instead of just believing my brain. But sometimes that is hard, right? Sometimes it just feels too hard to change our thoughts. And so, then what what do you do when it's all too much and everything is stupid?

I love this question so much. And this is exactly how I have felt this past week. Like it's all too much, everything is stupid. It's been a difficult week for me, I had to move out, my husband was gone all week being the bishop, and so he was on high adventure with my son and all the other young men that are in our congregation. And so, then I had to pack everything that we were going to need for two months and load it all up. And I did a really bad job at all of that. I had to figure out how to coordinate contractors so they could come in and start the demolition, and repipe our house, and try to find a place to live for two months, all while I was running my business. And then I had to move into a hotel room, with my dog, and haul all this stuff that we're going to need for two months. Like the five French horns! I had to move them all into the hotel room, which took about fifteen trips in the Arizona heat. By the way, my car's air conditioning decided it was done working this week as well. And then, the place that the insurance company put us up in didn't have rooms with two bedrooms in them, so my son is in a separate hotel room down the hall from us. And at this hotel room, the Internet is super sketchy, all while I'm trying to now run my business from a hotel room that is dependent on Internet connection, right? And so, then there is another problem that I need to solve.

And I know that these are not devastating problems, but for a bit it did feel to me like it was way too much, and everything was stupid. And admittedly, it is hard for me to be honest, and say that it was hard, because my brain tells me it shouldn't have been right. It's not that bad. You big baby, is what my brain is saying, right? Like technically nothing devastating has actually happened. I'm just living in one hotel room with my husband, and my dog, and my son is living in a hotel room down the hall. Boohoo, right? But for me it has been a lot, it has been stressful, has been overwhelming. My brain loves the familiar, and the known, and it doesn't like all this uncertainty. And yesterday, I went to the gym, and I just cried through the entire workout. I sat on the bench, and I just cried doing chest presses. Like all snot was running down my face. And all these big, tough, muscly guys around me were uncomfortably not trying to make eye contact with me. It was something. And so, today I just want to talk to you about all of this, like what we do when everything is stupid, and we want to change how we're feeling.

Okay, so first, let's start at the beginning. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you, and it is okay if it's hard, whatever it is. Take a deep breath, and tell yourself the truth, being a human is hard. Sometimes, it is all too much, and everything is stupid, and it's okay. Some days are hard and painful, and this is just like our human experience. And you can just allow that. I promise you, that you don't even have to change it at all, you can just have it be hard. Like sometimes we don't want to allow it, right? We just feel so much resistance to it, we tell ourselves things like it shouldn't be hard, or I shouldn't make it hard, or this isn't actually hard. Other people have really hard stuff, what is wrong with me? I'm like, why am I having a hard time when I shouldn't be? But I want you to know that all of these thoughts are nonsense. It is 100% okay if it's hard, or if your brain is making it hard. That is not a problem, and it doesn't make you a bad person or a weak person.

Like when I was coming home from the trip with my husband, and the closer we got from like we're driving from the airport back to home, and as the miles getting closer, and closer, to my home, I'm feeling heavier, and heavier, and heavier. And I look over at my husband and I was just like, oh, my gosh. Like, I feel so bad. I don't want to go home. I don't want to do this, right? Like, I'm feeling a lot of negative emotion about going back to real life. And I, you know, felt bad about that, I'm so sick of my life, right? And my husband turns to me and he's like, April, it's totally normal, right? Hey, I've been working for, you know, two decades, going to work and coming home from vacation, and going back to work, and I know that for sure it's totally normal. And just him saying that it's totally normal gave me so much relief. And I want you to know that that's true. You have a brain and it is interpreting what is happening right now as hard and stupid. And that is not a problem and it doesn't make you a problem. It's supposed to be hard, I promise you, it was hard for all the humans in every circumstance because they all have brains, right?

Adam and Eve, when they left the garden, they were scared. They were heavy, right? So are the best of us. And when you could just allow whatever reaction your brain is having to whatever circumstance you're in and stop resisting it. And by resisting, I mean, stop making yourself wrong for it. Stop making yourself wrong for your feelings. Then and only then, you can ask yourself, okay what else is true? Now I just want to caution you, if you try to ask this question while you're still making yourself wrong, right? You're only going to feel worse, okay? If you ask yourself what else is true, when you still feel bad about feeling bad, you're only going to feel more shame. You'll see what else is true, and then you'll tell yourself, see, you are ungrateful, and bratty, and entitled, and you make yourself even more wrong.

So, the very first thing is to allow yourself to feel bad, allow things to feel stupid, let yourself be okay with whatever experience you are having. And when you've completely dropped your resistance to what you were feeling, and you've stopped telling yourself that you shouldn't feel that way. Then, when you get to that place of acceptance for where you feel, then you can say, yes, it is too much, and it is stupid, but what else is true? Yes, it's hard, but what else? What else is true?

So, I want to read you what I wrote back to my client when she wrote in and asked this question like, what do I do? This is what I wrote to her, I said, "Being a human is hard, sometimes it is all too much, and everything is stupid and that's okay." Some days are hard and painful, and this is just the human me having that experience. It's okay. And you can just allow it. And I promise you, you don't have to change anything." And then I said, sometimes when I allow it and I feel ready, I just ask myself, what else is true? Like, I don't even have to argue that it's too much, or too stupid. Okay, yes, it is, but what else is true? If you remember, my client was doing a thought download, right? So, I just brought her back to that moment of doing the thought download and had her examine what else was true in that moment, and this is what I wrote.

I said, "What else is true is that my hand is writing with a pen that inks itself across paper that somebody else made out of trees that have lived on this Earth for hundreds of years longer than I have. What else is true is that the sun came up today, and I got one more day to be a human and have an Earth-life experience to try to learn how to love myself. Most of all, what else is true is that I have a roof over my head, and carpet under my feet, and a heart beating in my chest, and I can breathe without effort. Even on the worst of days, we can stay in the miracle if we want to, not to erase the bad, or say it doesn't exist, but to gently remind ourselves that it's always 50/50 and there is good here, too. And it's okay if I don't notice it. My brain isn't built that way. None of our brains are built that way to notice what is good here. But it's still here, always waiting for me when I'm ready. You are awesome, and you are always having the exact experience you are supposed to be having, even when it's stupid, like today."

OK, that's what I wrote her, so wherever you are, and whatever circumstance you are, ask yourself, okay, yes, it is overwhelming, it is stupid, it is stressful, we don't even have to argue with that. It's okay that I'm feeling that way, but also, what else is true in this moment? There is also 50% good and my brain hasn't noticed it. But if I take the time, I can find it. What else is true?

Okay, next, the second thing I want to tell you is I want to remind you to feel your feelings, okay? Now, you might be saying, but I am feeling my feelings and that's the problem. My feelings are the problems. My feelings are stupid. My feelings are making this harder. What I need is less feelings, not more feeling my feelings. And I want to offer you the idea that actually, you probably aren't feeling your feelings, probably you are resisting your feelings. So, I think the best way to describe this is to just give you an example from my life this week about not feeling my feelings and the difference there. Okay, so yesterday, on Saturday morning after this awful week, or at least what my brain had characterized, and interpreted as an awful week, I just laid there in that hotel room by myself, despondent, and discouraged, and depressed. And I knew that I should just get up and start solving some of these problems and start trying to feel better. And I just couldn't do it. I couldn't do anything but lay there. And I watched like two seasons of New Girl on Netflix, right? I just let the computer run episode after episode after episode, everyone. Well, the computer would say, are you sure you want to keep watching? And I was like, yes, computer. Yes, I want to keep watching, right? And from the outside, it might look like I was feeling my feelings.

It might look like I was feeling depressed, and discouraged. I even told myself I felt depressed, but I wasn't really in that moment, I was actually avoiding feeling depressed by binge watching New Girl. I was avoiding feeling sad, and overwhelmed, and stressed, and anxious and all of it by sitting there binge watching Netflix. I was actually trying in those moments not to feel all my feelings, because I remember that feeling happens in our body. It is a physical experience, not a mental one. It is a physical experience, and we have to find those feelings in our body in order to process them. So, I'm going to remind you how to do that in a minute. But first, I want to show you one other way. I was not feeling my feelings yesterday, okay? So, I finally got up about one o'clock. I got dressed. I went to the gym. Like I said, I cried through that whole workout. I just turned on my headphones, and I put a ton of weight on the bars, and I just bawled through the whole thing.

I know that's going to sound crazy, but again, I still wasn't feeling my feelings. I was still resisting my feelings, not wanting to feel bad, not wanting to feel bad so badly that I was crying about it. But again, I was up in my head. I was leaning on that bench telling the story of how horrible things were, telling the story of how sorry I should feel for myself, telling myself that I didn't know what to do, and it was all stupid, and how could I live like this for two months? But I was telling the story in my head, and not feeling it in my body, and I was resisting how sad that story in my head was making me, right? Like I said, feeling happens in my body, and I was not trying to go towards the feelings in that moment. I was trying to avoid the feeling by telling the story about how it shouldn't be this way, and crying about it. When we are feeling our feelings, we are moving towards the feeling in our body. We are going towards the feeling we were trying to get closer to the feeling in our body. We are actively finding that feeling in our body, looking for specific vibrations that that feeling makes, looking for the physical sensation of heat, or cold, or tension, or looseness, big or small, hard or soft. We're looking for the temperature and the speed and the rhythm of the vibration or the sensation in our physical body. Feeling doesn't happen in your head.

And when I'm sitting there arguing about it and crying about it, I was not feeling my feelings. And one more, after the gym, I had to go back to the house to try to find a couple of things that I needed. And I had run some errands, and finally at four o'clock, I was starving. Because I live in a hotel room, I don't have food in my hotel room yet. And so, I went to In and Out and I ordered a hamburger, and fries, and a strawberry shake. Now, don't get me wrong, as I tell this story, there's nothing wrong with strawberry shakes, nothing! Like, if you like eating strawberry shakes eat them with joy, okay? But I never order strawberry shakes. But yesterday I did. And I sat there in the Home Depot parking lot drinking my strawberry shake, trying to feel better. I wasn't eating it for pleasure and I wasn't eating it for sustenance. I was drinking it to try to feel better, or at least to try not to feel so bad. Like for two minutes I wanted to not feel bad, and just feel strawberry shaky. And again, you guys, I was not feeling my feelings. I was trying not to feel my feelings, I was trying not to feel bad. Now, I know you're thinking, but April, of course, I'm not trying to feel bad, why would I want to feel bad? But I want you to know that when your brain is offering you thoughts that produce negative emotion, you want to feel bad. You want to move toward that feeling in your body. And the reason why you want to why you want to feel bad is that is how we process and move through our negative emotion.

Notice that yesterday, all day long, all day long, I was just trying so hard not to feel bad, and what happened? I kept feeling bad. I tried to buffer with Netflix, I tried to bawl my eyes out, I tried to buffer was strawberry shakes. And when my husband got home from high adventure, I tried making out with him, okay? I spent all day trying not to feel bad, and the feeling bad just kept coming. My brain kept sending the signal for feeling that it kept sending the information to my body and I kept trying to avoid it. And this morning when I woke up, I just laid there, and I told myself, April, we can just feel bad. Feeling happens in your body, let's just feel it. And I laid there, and I process stress, and overwhelm, and frustration, and uncertainty, and discouragement, and depression, all those feelings that my brain was sending. And when I got in my body and I felt the vibration, I felt each feeling in my body, and processed them, then I got relief. I feel better than I have in a week. And that was available to me the whole time. I was able to stop feeling bad once I felt my feelings. So, let me be clear, there was nothing wrong with the actions I took yesterday. I can binge watch all I want, I can drink strawberry shakes from now till the end of my life, and cry my eyes out, and none of these things are wrong. They just aren't effective at making you feel better. They aren't effective at processing emotion, and moving through it.

And in fact, buffering from the emotions with these actions, trying to avoid my emotions with these actions only makes my brain continue to send the messages, continue to send the information that I need to feel bad. If you want to feel better, you got to get in your body. Your emotions were made to be felt. We have a built in instinct to try to run from that negative emotion, and avoid it, and give you lots of examples of how I tried to do that yesterday. But your negative emotion just needs to be felt. It just needs to be processed. It just it's just information, like I said, that your brain is trying to give your body. It's trying to tell you something's gone wrong, and I want you to know about it, body. And the answer is to feel it, to get in your body, to name the emotion, noticed the vibration, describe it to yourself. Just watch it and then it will go.

Okay, the last thing that I want you to know is that there is no place where your brain is not going to be a brain. There is not a place of mind management, or enlightenment, or perfection where your brain isn't going to think thoughts that create negative emotion for you. And this does not make you bad, it does not make you wrong, it does not make you hopeless. I'm going to give you one more story to illustrate this. As I already mentioned the week before this one was significantly better. I was with my husband on vacation in this beautiful island of Grenada. We were drinking virgin pina coladas, and the biggest stress was remembering to reapply sunscreen, which my husband did forget. And yet, even here, my brain being a brain can create negative emotion, it is always on the lookout for danger, whether it is like here in my hotel room or on an island in the Caribbean. My brain doesn't ever go on vacation, my brain is doing its job every minute of every single hour of every single day of my Earth-life experience. Like I told you, my brain kind of struggles with travel, right? Like that transition time between life, and vacation is really challenging for my brain, and my brain really resists.

And this trip was no different over the first couple of days we were there. My brain produce all kinds of thoughts about why this wasn't right, why things were bad, why things were uncomfortable, right? And those thoughts, of course, created negative emotion like irritation and frustration. And then I acted snippy and bratty. And then, I made myself wrong for all of that. And I had this moment there where I was like, I can't believe I'm still doing this. I can't believe that I still can't manage my brain, and avoid irritation, and frustration. I cannot believe I'm still choosing irritation and showing up in ways that I don't like. And I had this moment of total, utter discouragement when I thought, I am never going to figure this out. I am never going to figure out how to manage my brain, and stop creating negative emotion for myself. But here's the truth, no matter what I learn, no matter what I know, no matter how much I practice, or what skills I developed to manage my brain, none of that is ever going to change the nature of life. And it is never going to change the nature of my brain.

My brain is always going to be a brain and it's always going to suggest thoughts that notice what's wrong. It is always going to suggest thoughts that I am in danger of being rejected, or that I might not be as loved as I need to be, that something's gone wrong with me, or my relationship. The nature of my brain is never, ever going to change. It will always do what brains do, because that is part of a body functioning in a fallen world, right? Like I said, we live in a fallen world. We live in a world where weeds grow, and things deteriorate, and brains never stop looking for what's gone wrong, and what's dangerous. And when I had the thought, I'm never going to figure this out, I was making the fact that my brain does this, I was making like the biological nature of my brain, make me wrong. And I felt terrible about myself, which only made things worse. When I realized, oh, wait, no, this is just my brain, this is just what my brain does, suggest thoughts, right? And I get to choose what I think only then could I change things.

So, I want to be like really clear. My brain by nature did what it's supposed to do, it offered me thoughts. It suggested fearful thoughts, that does not make me wrong. And then, I chose to believe those thoughts. I chose to think them, and keep thinking them. And that created emotion for me, and even that is okay, because I am here to practice this choice. Now, of course, I can acquire more skills in choosing, and I will continue to acquire that my whole life. But making myself wrong for my current abilities, for my current skill level, to choose the thoughts I want making myself wrong for, that doesn't help me get better at it.

So, if we compare that to like playing the piano, playing the right notes on a piano, like there are eighty-eight notes on the keyboard, right? There are lots of choices there. If I want to choose certain keys to make a specific melody, or play like a certain concerto, I have to practice choosing those particular keys over, and over, and over, that are required for that result. But notice, it's never going to make me better at that skill, or choosing the right keys if I make myself wrong for sometimes choosing the keys that I don't want. All right, whatever keys I play, it's just indicative of the skill level I have. And if I keep practicing I'm going to get more skills. But making myself wrong for my current skill level, for my current choices isn't going to help. It's going to do the opposite. In fact, it's going to make me not want to keep practicing.

So, the nature of life is that your brain will always offer you thoughts, negative thoughts. Thoughts it thinks that protect you from danger, and rejection, and insult, and abandonment. And it's never, ever, ever going to stop suggesting these kinds of thoughts. And none of that makes you wrong, right? And sometimes you will choose thoughts that don't give you the results you want, you'll choose to keep thinking them and that's okay. Instead of saying, I'm never going to figure this out, when I saw that thought, I told myself, "Hey, wait, of course I am. It's okay, I'm just practicing, I get to practice as much as I need to." And it is the same for you, your brain is going to offer you thoughts. Sometimes you will choose to keep thinking those thoughts, and this is going to create negative emotion for you. And it's all okay, I promise you. For me, when I stop making myself wrong for believing my brain, sometimes all my shame disappears, and everything gets lighter. And I can start being who I want to be, I recognize my choices, they choose something else.

But I want you to take away from all of that, what I think can help you just stop making yourself wrong for whatever your current skill level is. Like, we're playing hot cross buns right now, okay? There's nothing wrong with that. We get a practice, and we don't have to be anywhere other than where we are. That is what I have for you today, when everything is stupid, and we can't figure out how to change our thoughts. When everything is stupid, and we can't figure out how to change our thoughts, I hope that these ideas will help you. First, recognize that it is okay to feel what you are feeling. Doesn't make you wrong. And when you can drop your resistance to that, it will be so much easier to change the thoughts that are creating it. The best way to move through your negative emotion is to feel your feelings in your body. Get out of your head, and get into your body so that you can process your feelings and allow them to pass. And you are never going to get to a place where your brain doesn't offer, and suggest thoughts that produce negative emotion, and that's okay. You just get to keep practicing, you get to keep trying, and get to keep choosing. And in fact, that is the work of our lives to keep choosing. And we don't need to be anywhere else, with any other skill level than the one we have right now. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome! I love you for listening and I'll see you next week!

If you love the podcast, I want to invite you to a free online class, how to love yourself and your life. I'm going to teach you why there's a really good reason you probably don't love yourself or your life the way you want to right now. And the simple solution to change that. Plus, you'll have the chance to be coached by me. You can feel completely different about yourself and your life and fall in love with both of them without needing to change anything else first. And that is 100% awesome. You can register by going to my website, and I'll see you there!

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