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Episode 18: The Power of Loving Yourself in Every Time Zone

Sep 05, 2019

An incredible way to think about life and its possibilities is to consider how you love yourself in every "time zone"—past, present, and future.  

We often don't like the discomfort we feel in the present when it's time to work towards our goals or do hard things in order to change and evolve.  But this is the key to creating the future we want.  

It turns out that the better choices we make in the present, the more appreciation we can have for our past self and the more gifts we give our future self.  This is how we love ourselves in all the time zones, and it is a powerful way to create an awesome life! 

In this episode we'll talk about why we don't take action in the present, how buffering against present discomfort only makes things harder for us in the  future, how "shortening the future" can help us take action now, and how the willingness to experience any feeling builds our present confidence and makes any future possible for us.  And that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

If you would like to get a transcript of this episode, please click this link.


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