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Everybody Wants to Feel Better

Jun 03, 2020

This year it seems like we’re all getting a lot of practice at experiencing negative emotion.

And instinctively, we want that to stop.

We just want to feel better.

And we think the world needs to change or we need to change the world before that can happen.  We think the virus needs to be eradicated, or racism needs to end, or our spouse needs to be loving, or our kids need to be different, or we need to be less broken and get it together.

It all feels pretty bad. 

And so we each try to feel better in our own way.  (This is true for you and it is true for everyone in your life.)    

Everyone who is protesting right now is just trying to feel better.  Everyone who wants the protests to stop is just trying to feel better.  Every one of us who eats too much or binges too much or yells too much or judges too much or beats ourselves up too much is just trying to feel better.

But feeling bad isn’t created by the actions of other people.  It’s not even created by our own actions.  It is created by our thoughts.  And that doesn’t mean we have to change the way we’re thinking if we don’t want to—because it’s totally okay to feel bad. 

But it does mean that if we want to feel better the solution is inside of us and not outside of us.

Do you want to feel better right now?

You have to change the thoughts that are making you feel bad.  And you have to know that that’s completely up to you.  

No matter what.  No matter what you think is causing your pain, the only thing that causes our pain is our thinking.

And no matter what thought is making you feel bad, it is 100% optional and I can show you how to think something different. 



P.S.  There is a way to feel better.  It starts with a free consultation call to see how coaching could change the way you think about everything.

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