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Mar 22, 2021

Five years ago I was 35 pounds overweight, heavily in debt, living in a rented house, and was so worried and miserable and defeated that the only way I could sleep at night was by watching hours and hours of QVC. I thought had ruined my most important relationships, permanently damaged my children, and made too many mistakes to ever be happy. 

Today, my life is different in every way.

I know that sometimes you hear me say you can get anything you want out of your earth life experience and it feels impossible. It sorta feels like that might be true for other people, but it’s probably not true for you. 

That’s what I used to think too.

But none of the things that were true for me five years ago are true today. Every aspect of my life is different.

And the ONLY thing I changed was my brain.

I found coaching. And then, one thought at a time, I changed my brain. 

You don’t need knowledge or skill or financial prowess. You don’t need discipline or willpower or good genetics.

All you need to change everything is to recognize your power to choose your thoughts.

And when you start making different choices in your mind, everything else changes.

I am not special.

I am not smarter than you or more talented than you or more naturally positive than you.  I am not more gifted or more educated or more capable than you.

I am just a woman who has figured out my God-given, unalterable ability to create the life I want through the choices I make with my thoughts.

It is as simple as that.

Things can be completely different by changing this one small thing and I can show you how.


I think you should get everything you want out of your life and I know you can! It’s only a matter of managing your brain and coaching shows you how to do that. Made for More is the very best coaching program I offer and it starts April 1st! Schedule a free call with me and see if it is right for you.

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