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Nov 06, 2019

Today on my Instagram feed I saw the first Christmas trees going up.  Lights are being strung and ornaments are being hung.  Yep, already.

I think there is a good reason for this.  We all just want to feel better.  And for many people, nothing feels better than Christmas.  So up go the trees and the decorations and on goes the holiday music.

Every year, a little earlier.  Because we all want to feel better—the sooner the better.

Last year I learned a little exercise you can do to feel better immediately—any time of the year.  It's called a "Rampage of Appreciation."  

Set your timer for 2 minutes.  

Write as quickly as you can for 2 minutes, writing down everything you appreciate, everything you're grateful for—from the tiniest things (stamps and eyelashes and pebble ice) to the biggest (life and love and agency).  

You can look around the room you are in and notice everything.  Notice your hand moving across the page, the paper itself, the desk and the floor and the ink contained in a thin plastic tube, and your amazing eyes that can see it all.  

Give yourself two minutes and go crazy.  It's supposed to a rampage—a wild, jubilant, rush of joy and appreciation for the miracles around you.

In two minutes, you'll feel better.

And you won't have to untangle a single strand of Christmas lights to do it.

(There's one more thing to be grateful for.)



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