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Feeling Abundant

Aug 17, 2023
April Price Coaching
Feeling Abundant

What’s the secret to feeling more abundant? In today’s podcast, I’m giving a new way to think about abundance and the simple thing that you can do to create more of what you want and move from feelings of scarcity to abundance in any area of your life.

Our brains like to tell us that we don’t have enough. They are constantly scared about running out of time, money, energy or love and not having what we need. And they’re really great at pointing out where we’re lacking.

What your brain is really scared of is what running out would mean. It would be embarrassing, shameful, people would judge you, you would feel stupid or unworthy. 

But what if we can’t actually run out of the things we need? What if there is always more not just available to us but always coming to us? What if abundance is the truth and scarcity is the lie? 


The Myth of Scarcity

What I want to show you today is that whether you’re concerned about money, time, energy, support or anything else in your life…

Scarcity is a mindset, and it is always a lie. It’s a way of seeing yourself and the things that you have.

It doesn’t actually come from how much of any resource you have available to you. It comes from feeling unworthy.

We’ve developed the belief that, somehow, what we have (time, money, love, etc.) is deeply tied to our worthiness or unworthiness as humans. 

When you’ve feeling scarce, those feelings are really a reflection of your own thoughts of shame or unworthiness - some of the biggest stumbling blocks to receiving and feeling abundance in our lives.


Challenges to Feeling Abundant

Abundance and scarcity are yet another example of how our thoughts create our feelings.

When it comes to money, we think our feelings of enoughness are dictated by how much we actually have. But that is not true. Studies have shown that at all levels of income, everyone believes they just need a little bit more. 

If we change the way we think about the money, we can change that feeling of needing more and shift to a more abundant feeling. 

To use an example from Ken Honda, think about how you feel when you receive or spend money. 

If you are feeling abundant and worthy, a feeling of happiness will come with that money. If you’re in a place of lack and unworthiness, you’ll have a lot more shameful and negative feelings around money. 

Many of us feel unhappy about paying bills, anxious about not having enough hours or resistant to receiving love from those closest to us. 

For years, I felt unworthy of my husband’s love, so I did not abundantly receive it. I felt like I wasn’t a good wife, that I wasn’t good at showing love, that I was critical, mean and stingy with my love. 

My struggle to receive love and my struggle to give love were connected. 

But abundance is always flowing to all of us. And it's simply our feelings of unworthiness that are blocking it. 


Shifting From Scarce to Abundant

Just like unworthiness breeds scarcity, abundance is a mindset that comes from feeling worthy, of believing that good things are always coming to you and that you deserve them. 

It doesn't matter how much of something you have. Abundance is created in the way that you receive it and in the way that you use it.

So wherever you want to feel more abundant, ask yourself:

  • How do I feel receiving it?
  • How do I feel using or spending it?

When you can find more joy in receiving or using resources, you can shift into a different experience that puts more happy energy around your money or time. 

Abundance is the idea that you can't run out. You have more than enough, you have more than you need and you are enough. 


The Power of Receiving

Receiving feels different from earning or having something. 

As humans, we feel like we have to make it all happen. We want to be in control. But I believe that everything we have is there because God has provided it to us. Leaning into this idea makes feeling abundant so much easier. 

Instead of imagining that you have to travel toward what you want, imagine yourself as stationary. Imagine that all the things you ever need and ever want are coming towards you. It’s already been provided. It is all a gift that doesn’t need to be earned or deserved. 

And it will never stop coming towards you because it comes from such a generous source. You simply need to receive it with joy. 

You are deserving of time, money, love, energy, and anything that God has to offer you just because you are alive.

Scarcity is the lie. The truth is that you have never run out, and you never can. It’s still coming to you. There is always more, and you are worthy of it. The more you can remember this, the more abundant you will feel. 


You’ll learn:

  • The real cause of scarcity and how to shift toward abundance
  • Why feeling abundant has nothing to do with how much you have
  • A visualization to help you shift into greater abundance


Welcome to the 100% Awesome Podcast with April Price. You might not know it, but every result in your life is 100% because of the thought you think. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

Hello Podcast Universe! Welcome to episode 224 of the 100% Awesome Podcast. I'm April Price and this podcast is actually airing the week after my daughter's wedding. For those of you who are following along with my life and wondering how it went and curious about all the details as I'm recording this episode, it actually hasn't happened yet.

I'm recording this the week before, and so you're going to have to wait until next week for the full wedding report. And I'm sure I'm going to have so much to talk about and to tell you about and so many things that I will have learned and want to want to share with you. But you're going to have to wait a week, okay, it's not today. I am actually recording this episode before the wedding. I didn't think that I would have time to get this recorded during all the events and festivities of wedding week and family time.

And so, I have recorded it early and so I'm actually going to be talking about some of the lessons I've learned preparing for the wedding. And as you hear me talk about it as if it hasn't happened yet, that is because technically it hasn't happened yet for me, even though, as you are hearing it, it has. So this episode is really just born like most of the episodes out of my own experience. We are going to talk today about abundance and how to feel abundance in your life in whatever area where you are feeling scarce and scared. And for me, this is just really been at the top of my mind as I've been preparing and doing all the things that need to be done for my daughter's upcoming wedding.

Have you guys ever planned a wedding like, have you ever done that? Like, this was my first time. Okay, so I joked with my husband that there is a reason that the first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding because there is so much to manage and we have needed more than one miracle to pull it off. But I have learned a lot and I wanted to share one of the things that I have learned with you today, and I really want to talk to you about what I have learned about abundance as I have planned this wedding, like as I'm sure you can imagine and I'm sure you understand, weddings require money and they require time and they require a lot of both of those things.

And my brain told me as I was planning again and again that I didn't have enough of either one of them. And I had a lot of thoughts that created a lot of scarcity for me, a lot of thoughts that said, I didn't have enough, I didn't have enough time, I didn't have enough money, I didn't have enough energy, I didn't have enough support. I didn't have enough. This is what my brain told me over and over and over again. And this whole process has made me so much more conscious about what I need to think in order to feel abundant.

And so, I want to share some of those thoughts with you today and hopefully they will help you like it. Really, It doesn't matter if you're planning a wedding or not. At some point in your life, if you have a human brain, that brain is going to tell you that you don't have enough of something, that you don't have enough time or you don't have enough money, you don't have enough energy, you don't have enough of something to be successful. It's really easy for our brains to notice what's lacking, where we are going to run out, where we might not have enough, where we might suffer, or a loved one might suffer because we don't have what we need.

And what I want to point out is that that for me, when I am thinking I don't have enough money or I don't have enough time or I don't have enough energy or love to do what's required for me, like my brain is definitely scared of that. Like it doesn't want to run out of any of those things. That would not be fun, right? But what it's really scared of is what running out would mean, right? Like if I run out, it's not a problem. Except my brain thinks that would be embarrassing. My brain thinks that would be shameful, right? That people would judge me, that I would feel less than that. I would feel unworthy if I ran out of time or money or love or energy. And I think that that is true for most of us. Like running out like it isn't something we want, of course, but in and of itself, that's not the problem. It's the meaning behind running out. It's the meaning behind not having enough. Like what's even worse than running out is the shame that we will feel if we ran out and the shame that we feel for whatever quantities we have, right? Like we look at our lives and we look at the amount of time or money or or love in our relationships, and we think, well, maybe there's something wrong with me because of the amount of that thing, because of the amount that I have or don't have.

So, let me give you some examples that I have just noticed recently in my life as I've been preparing for my daughter's wedding. So like, for sure, I notice as I try to budget things or make decisions and decide, okay, what we're going to spend our money on and and where we're going to put our resources. My brain just keeps saying like, I should have more. That if I had done my life right, if I had spent my money more wisely in the past, and then I would have what I need now. And it wants to shame me all the time for all the decisions I ever made since my daughter was born and that like, I should be in a different position with my money.

And then when I go to make a decision or choose a caterer or choose the flower arrangements or or pay the deposit to the DJ, my brain's like, Oh, maybe you're not spending your money wisely. Maybe you shouldn't be buying this thing. Maybe there's a better way to do it. Maybe there's a cheaper way to do it. Maybe you're making a mistake. Maybe there's like, somebody better that we should be hiring. And it shames me for every decision that I'm making the present and tells me that I'm doing it wrong, right? And it doesn't just do this with my money, it does it with my time. So there's a lot of things that like have been added to my schedule, right? And my brain is always telling me I don't have enough time, that I haven't done enough with the time that I have that I've spent my time wrong during the day, that I should have been doing this.

And instead I was doing that. And then I'm behind and then I'm going to run out of time to finish everything that needs to be done. And I'm going to disappoint my daughter or I'm going to disappoint the people that come to the wedding. I'm going to miss something important. I'm going to end up looking stupid. Right. And it just is constantly telling me like, you don't have enough time and the time that you do have, you're not spending correctly. Right. And and you're just doing it wrong. I end up waking up every day anxious and looking at the clock and looking at the calendar and counting the days and being like, you know, I'm running out of time.

And it's true. When it even when it comes to like love or support, my brain wants to tell me that I don't have enough, that I don't have enough support, that if I had been a better friend, if that if my husband was different, that I if I was more loving and I was more giving, and if I was a better support to other people than they would be helping me now and just telling me that like I don't have enough support to be able to pull this off. And I just really want to point out to you that it doesn't matter what thing our brain is fixated on, scarcity is a mindset. It is a way of seeing yourself and the things that you have that is steeped in shame. It's coming from shame. We are ashamed about how much we have and that it might not be enough and we're ashamed that we might run out and that that will be a reflection on us, that somehow the amount we have in time or money or love is like deeply tied to our worthiness or unworthiness as a human. And what I want you to see is that when you're feeling scarce, those feelings are really a reflection of our shame or unworthiness that is happening from the thoughts in our own mind and what I have to remind myself over and over and what I want to remind you of today is that scarcity is always a lie.

It's never actually about the amount. It's about your feelings of worthiness or unworthiness. Scarcity is always coming from unworthiness that there's something wrong with you. Because you don't have enough. And it's so easy to think that scarcity is the truth, that we could run out, that there are limited amounts of things, right? Like you might be saying, Well, April, like like honestly, there are limited amounts of time and money and energy, but I want to really offer you a radical thought today that scarcity is a lie and that you can't run out, that in fact, abundance is the truth, that we always have enough and that we haven't run out yet.

Abundance is the idea that you can't run out. You have more than enough, you have more than you need and that you are enough. Abundance is a mindset that is coming from a feeling of worthiness, of believing that good things are always coming to you and that you deserve them. And the amount of abundance you feel in your life is not a result of how much of any of these things you have, but the amount of abundance you feel is a reflection of your feelings of worthiness. Do you feel that you deserve what you have? And so I want to give you a little example of this and talk about it in terms of money. I think it's really easy in terms of money to be able to see it. But I want you to know that these principles apply no matter what it is in your life that you want to feel more abundant about. So I was listening to this guy named Ken Honda, and he was talking about in terms of our money, that what matters is not how much we have, but how we feel when we receive money and when we spend money.

And he said, like in a really simplified way, there are two kinds of money. There is happy money and there is unhappy money. And it's not the money itself is happy or unhappy, but it is how we feel when we are either receiving or using that money. And he was saying one day that he was talking with his friend and his friend was like looking in his wallet and he was saying, Ken, your money is so happy. Like when I look at your wallet, the energy that is around your money is so happy. And he just had this idea that, like, our money has an energy and a feeling and that if we are feeling abundant that that money as we receive it and even as we use it, carries a feeling of happiness with it. And I want you to think for a minute about how you receive and use your money. So, first I want you to pay attention to that word receive. I think this word in and of itself is so important because most of the time when we are talking about money, we talk about earning it rather than receiving it.

And when we're talking about earning it, we're already starting with an idea of unworthiness, right? We're coming from a place of lack, and now we have to earn or prove ourself worthy of money. And remember, worthiness is one of the biggest stumbling blocks and one of the biggest reasons where we have negative, shameful feelings about our money. Right? So like I said before, our unworthiness and our shame that is driving a lot of our money models and we cannot feel abundant about it when we have shame.

Okay, so I just want to underline again what I said there, scarcity and abundance are feelings. Feelings created by our thoughts, created by our thoughts when we receive and when we use resources. So whatever you want to feel more of, whatever resource you want more of and you want to feel more abundant about it, you have to ask yourself, How do I feel receiving it and how do I feel using it or spending it? And if you want to feel more abundant in any area, in your money, in your time and your energy and the amount of love you have, you need to tweak how you feel when you receive that thing or how you feel when you use that thing, or both.

All right. So, let's start with money. We think our feelings of enoughness about our money are dictated by how much we actually have. But that is that is not true. Right. They have done studies over and over again where it doesn't matter what income level the person is at, everyone believes that they just need a little bit more. Okay, it doesn't matter how much money we make, most people still think it's not enough and a little bit more would fix everything. That a little bit more would make them feel okay about it and that then they would have enough. But it doesn't ever work that way. We all, throughout our lives, start to make a little bit more and a little bit more, and it still feels like we need a little bit more.

Because our abundance is not created by the money itself. It is created by how we feel as we receive it and how we feel as we use it. The only thing you need to ask yourself as you receive your money is How do I feel about this money? Is it enough? Do I already notice that it's not? Do I already feel bad about it? Do I already notice? Like the lack thereof? And as I use my money, how do I feel? Do I feel ashamed? Do I feel guilty? Do I feel like unwise? Do I feel desperate? Like the feelings that we have as we receive and as we use that money? If we can change that feeling by the way that we think about it, then we can change our feelings of abundance.

Is your money happy as you receive it and is it happy as you spend it? Like sometimes we're paying bills that we think we don't want to pay. And so it feels sort of unhappy, right? Like that. We have to give this money away and then there's not going to be anything left for us. That's how I used to think about my money. But if we can think about being happy as I spend that money in both the receiving and the using, then I can feel abundant. I used to hate paying my bills, but then I realized like, for example, the air conditioning, the air conditioning in Arizona is it costs a lot. It costs a lot to keep your house cool. And I used to really resent that, right? And then I realized, like, what if there was no one to pay? What if no one would take my money for electricity and no one would take my money for air conditioning and I just had to be hot, Right? And I decided, you know what? I am so happy to pay for air conditioning.

And another really good example of this is just like the happy feelings that I have felt in preparing for this wedding, like I have really tried to like feel the feelings of abundance by enjoying spending money on this wedding. It's like, for example, like every time I spend money for the wedding or I hire a vendor or like I pay money to the caterer, for example, I like to think about how joyful I am that I get to pay this in the first place, that my daughter is getting married and that we get to celebrate and that all these people are coming to celebrate with her and we get to feed them and we're going to break bread with them and we get to give them a gift as they come and celebrate with us.

And we're going to share this meal and we're going to celebrate their love. And the caterers themselves, they're going to take care of everything they've thought of everything. They're going to do an amazing job. They're doing their best work. And how grateful I am that they are there to do that work so that I don't have to do it and so that I can just enjoy the day and make memories of that day and concentrate on my daughter and celebrating her love. And when you go to pay that caterer thinking those kinds of thoughts and feeling that kind of joy and happiness like that, money is so happy and your feelings are so abundant and your whole being changes, then you use that money.

And it's such a different experience in thinking that I don't have enough. And now I have to spend this and I have to do these things. It's such a different experience. And so whatever it is you're spending money on, it doesn't matter if it's your taxes or conditioning or they or the caterer. What matters is your feeling, and you can change the amount of abundance in your life by changing how you both receive it and how you use it, the feeling you have as you use it.

Now, this applies, of course, not only to money, it applies to time. Just notice today, how did you receive the 24 hours that you receive today? They were free to you. They were a gift to you. How did you receive them? Did you receive them with scarcity and anxiety and frustration, like there wasn't enough of it and that you were using your time and correctly and you created shame with it? Or were you grateful for every moment that was granted to you? Did you notice it? Did you appreciate it? Did you use it in the way that you wanted to? Did you use it for your purposes? Did you use it to create the things that you wanted? Like it makes such a difference when you understand that it doesn't matter how much I have, abundance is created in the way that I receive it and in the way that I use it.

And the more conscious you become of that, the better and more purposefully you actually use it, which actually makes it expand and makes it abundant. The same is true when it comes to love. Like I was just thinking about like in my marriage, the amount of love I am receiving. Am I receiving the love that David shows me and that David gives me? Am I receiving that with love? Or am I resisting some of it or resenting it or minimizing it or saying it's not good enough that it should be different? That it should look like this? Do I feel worthy of it? Do I feel deserving of it? I think for so many years this was one of the hardest things in my marriage.

I couldn't feel love because I didn't feel worthy of it. I didn't feel like I was a good wife and I didn't feel like I deserved David's love, and so I did not abundantly receive it. If you don't feel worthy of it, you can't receive it. And then because I didn't feel worthy of receiving it, that made me feel even worse. As a wife, I felt like I'm not good at love. I'm not good at showing love. I'm critical and mean and stingy with love. I'm resentful and I'm grudging with my love. And I wasn't good at at spending or using my love either.

And what I hope that you see from all of this is that we just have to be much more conscious about how we feel as we receive and use the things in our life. That's what creates abundance and we can't feel good about the way that we're receiving it or the way we're using it. When we're ashamed. We have to feel worthy. We have to decide that we're worthy of the things that we have received, and that way that we've used them is good.

So when it comes to feeling abundant about anything in your life, first notice what is the main feeling that I feel when I receive this? Was the main feeling I feel when I use this and changing your feelings about either one of these things or both of these things will increase the feelings of abundance you have in your life. Okay. Now, I just want to point out something that I hope you have noticed. As I have talked throughout this podcast today, that I hope we'll tie this all together, tie the ideas I started with at the beginning and put it all together for you.

And I admit it's going to sound a little woo woo, okay, that's going to sound like magic, but like it's wedding season. We all need a little magic. It's all coming together with a little bit of magic and a little bit of miracles. And I want to talk about the magic and the miracle in your life that you might not even notice. So I think as humans, we like to believe that we have to make it all happen, that we are the deciding factor in how much of these things we have in our life.

And we like to believe that we've got it all figured out and then we're controlling it. And I don't think that that's entirely the case. In fact, I think that everything we have, whatever resource it is, everything we have, our money, our time, our energy, all of that is there because God has provided it to us. And if you can really accept that and lean into that, then having the feeling of abundance in your life is so much easier. And throughout this podcast I've been using the word receive on purpose. Like a lot of times we talk about these things in terms of earning or having, and I have been using the word receive because it's so easy for our human brains to think that we have to earn things and create it ourselves and that we have to move toward things, that we have to accumulate things and create things, and that we're the energy source behind it.

And it's really easy for our brains to believe that it has to move from where it is now to somewhere else. It has to move from a place of scarcity and not enoughness and lack to a place where we have abundance and where we have what we need. And that's why we always think that we need more, because wherever we're at, our brain thinks it's not enough. And we got to move to a place where there's more. But when we see these things this way, as if we have to get somewhere else where there is more, we never actually arrive at that place. We never get there because there's like always more out there ahead of us.

And so, where we are is always less than it's always a place with not as much. We're in this place where we want more time, we want more money, and then we're always striving to earn it or have it arrange things so that we can acquire more of it. And I just want to offer you that when we think of ourselves, like as the traveler that has to move towards more, we are always going to feel scarce and anxious. And I'd like to offer you just an entirely different model. And instead of imagining yourself as having to move towards more of all these things, I want you instead to imagine yourself as stationary and imagine that all the things you ever need and ever want are coming towards you.

That it's always coming towards you. It's already been provided and it's already flowing towards you, that there's always more time, there's always more energy, there's always more money, there's always more love. Whatever else you need and want, there is always more of it coming towards you. And you didn't earn any of it that none of us deserved and proved ourselves worthy of it. Know that it's just coming to us as a gift from a loving, generous Heavenly Father. What happens when you do this is that you shift out of this unworthiness where you have to earn it and prove it and acquire it into worthiness where you can just receive it, where it's always coming towards you and where it will never stop coming towards you because it comes from such a generous source and you don't have to do anything to deserve it.

You simply need to receive it with more joy. When you can make that shift into that receiving place, then abundance is easy. You can just open to receiving it. Recognize all your feelings of unworthiness, are receiving it are only coming from your brain and then you can use what you receive with joy. As we shift from like believing that we are unworthy of what we have been given and that we're doing it wrong and we shift into worthiness that we are deserving of time and money and love and energy and anything that God has to offer us and that we are worthy just because we're alive.

Then we can consciously shift our feelings from scarcity into abundance. You need to feel like you deserve it. You need to feel like you're worth that. You need to feel like you are valuable and good as you are. Remember that worthiness comes because you are a human being, not because you earned it, but just because it's available to all of us. Abundance is always flowing to all of us, and it's simply our feelings of unworthiness that are blocking it. This is true for whatever you want more of it is available to you and you deserve to receive it. You didn't create it and you don't have to deserve it. It is just available and you simply need to feel worthy enough to receive it and to use it. Remember that scarcity is the lie. The truth is you can't ever run out. You have never run out of money. It's still coming to you right now. Even if your bank account says $0 and it feels like you have run out, it's not the end.

It's still coming to you. You can't ever run out. You haven't ever run out. It has always continued to flow towards you. It's the same with time. It's the same with energy. It's the same with love. There is always more and you are worthy of all of it. And the more that you can remind yourself of that truth, the more abundant you will feel. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome. I love you for listening and I'll see you next week.

Thanks so much for joining me on the podcast today. If you want to take the things I've talked about and apply them in your life so that you can get the most out of your Earth life experience, the best way to do that is through my private coaching club. You'll get everything you need to change your thoughts so that you can love yourself and your life and create all the things you really want. Go to April Price coaching to sign up. All the things you really want are 100% available to you. And that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

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