Find Your Why

Feb 28, 2023
April Price Coaching
Find Your Why

There is something really exciting happening at April Price Coaching - so exciting it deserves its own bonus episode!

I’m also sharing the three words that are the driving force behind everything I do in my business.

I love the podcast “Three Little Words”. They interview famous people and ask them about the three words that mean the most to them. It got me thinking about what my words would be.

These are the words that guide me in the choices that I make in my business and the work that I do to try to make the world a little bit of a better place. 


Impact. It's really important for me to make a difference in the world. I want to make the earth life experience just a little bit easier for somebody else. 

I believe that each one of us has a place and a role in repairing a broken world. If we use the gifts that God gave us, we can all play a part in the healing of the world. 


Excellence. I see it as a sacred responsibility to share somebody's mind, heart and life, to have a window into their soul to what they love, what's important to them and what they're struggling with. 

I take that responsibility seriously, so I work hard to be good at my craft. 

I want to make sure that the truest part of my clients gets heard and seen, and that the truest part of them is leading where they're going and what they're creating in their lives. 

So I'm constantly reading, learning, evolving and working on my own brain to uplevel my own work, and discover new things and be an excellent coach for you. 


Love. This is why we’re all here. It is what we’re all working towards. The reason for everything is love.

Years ago, I heard a speaker who asked this question that drives me more than any other: What if love was your only motive?

 When we’re embraced by love, it makes it so much easier to do the hard things in life.


In coaching, we're changing our minds. We're changing our lives. We're asking ourselves to question the things that we've always believed about ourselves. And it's scary. We need to be surrounded by love as we do that work. 

I want everyone who comes to my Coaching Club and who works with me to feel valuable, loved and important. I want them to know that their goals are more important than my own, that what's going on in their life is more important to me than anything. To know that you belong, you matter and I care about you. That is love. 


The Made for More Private Coaching Club is here, and doors open tomorrow! 

The Private Coaching Club is specifically designed to be a really personal intimate coaching experience that combines live group coaching calls with monthly one-on-one sessions with me - for a whole year.

I really do believe it's the best offer that I've ever created in my business. And I think it will give you the very most help to be able to learn about yourself, love yourself, understand your brain, manage it and create all the things that you really want in your life.

This is a place where you belong, where the things happening in your life matter, where your circumstances, thoughts and goals matter.

This is the place you go to take care of your mental and emotional wellness.

I think that us knowing each other is not by accident. I think there's always a little bit of magic and a little bit of divine intervention in finding your coach.

If you're here and you're listening to me, and you've been looking for a coach, I don't think that any of this is by chance. And that's why I want to invite you personally into the Made for More Private Coaching Club. 

Learn more and join us at


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