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Jan 18, 2021

Last week I talked to my health and fitness coach about a strength goal I wanted to set. I noticed I felt a little sheepish and embarrassed about it. I couldn’t tell if it was “a good goal.” I wasn’t sure it was “reasonable” or “doable,” given what I can lift right now. 

She asked me what I was currently lifting. And again I noticed I was embarrassed to tell her. My brain said she would think I was pathetic. “After 3 years in the gym, that’s all you can lift?”

And I noticed something interesting.

My brain was shaming me for setting a goal to get stronger: “Who do you think you are? You’re dreaming too big and just fooling yourself.” And at the same time, it was also shaming me for where I was: “Where you are is pathetic.”

Essentially, my brain said where I am is terrible. But what I’m wanting is impossible.

And this is what our brains do. They keep us stuck in this trap of thinking we need to be better and belittling ourselves for it, but also doubting our abilities and shutting us down when we want to do new things.

And this is why we stay where we are. Totally stuck.

You gotta know your brain is wrong on both accounts and it’s only giving you these thoughts because of its built-in programming. Where you are and who you are is amazing and perfect and exactly where you should be. And there’s nothing you can’t have or do or expect if you decide to create it.

Where you are is amazing.

What you want is possible.

Don’t let your brain tell you otherwise.



P.S. Don’t let your brain keep you stuck. Come get some coaching.  I’ll help you love the life you have and create anything else you want.

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