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Give yourself permission

Apr 12, 2021

Over the weekend I got overruled and we watched the cinematic triumph that is Godzilla vs. Kong.

As my son said, “If you suspend reason and science and logic, it’s a great film.”

😂 😂 😂

While I regret almost every minute I spent watching this movie, it reminded me that there are many times in our life when we have no trouble suspending disbelief. When we watch movies or ride rollercoasters or read books, we willingly suspend our idea of reality and believe just for the fun of it. (On several occasions I have found my daughter sobbing over the end of a book at 2 in the morning, utterly devastated by the made-up tragedies of fictional characters.)

Our brain is actually really good at believing things that aren’t real. We did it easily as children and it’s is a skill we can strengthen and grow to create different outcomes in our life because what we believe changes what we do. 

If you believe you are patient, guess what you do?

If you believe you are good with money, guess what you do?

Sometimes when I talk to people about what they want to believe about themselves and their lives and what they are capable of, they tell me, “Well, I can’t believe that.”

It’s good to remember that we can.

We can believe anything if we want to.

It is a choice. 

I want to tell you that it’s just as easy to believe in a 300-foot gorilla or a handsome corporate lawyer that wants to give up life in the city to become a Christmas tree farmer as it is to believe in yourself.

The only difference is permission. You can believe anything you want, in any reality you want, when you give yourself permission. And it is no different when it comes to what you can believe about yourself and your life. 

Is there something fantastic and unbelievable and a little bit unreasonable that you’d like to believe about yourself or your life? 

Give yourself permission.

Because when you decide to believe it, your brain doesn’t know the difference and what you choose to believe becomes your reality—with no CGI required!

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