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Hard is the Way

Oct 29, 2019

Since this week is Halloween, I wanted to give you a little scare.  

Last Saturday morning at 6 a.m., my brother started the Javelina Jundred, which is a 100-mile race through the Arizona desert.  He ran all day and finished the race just after midnight at 12:22.  When he finished, he had run for over eighteen hours straight.

Pretty scary, right?

The whole reason he signed up and trained and raced was because he wanted to. He wanted to see what he was capable of.  He wanted to see how much pain he could endure.  He wanted to see where his limits were.  (He hasn't found them yet.)

I coach a lot of people who want things in their lives.  But then they come up against the universal's hard.  It's always hard.  

We want to get up early.  And it's hard.

We want to eat right.  And it's hard.

We want to love difficult people.  And it's hard.

We want to live our dreams.  And it's hard.

What if you didn't care that it was hard?  What if you wanted it to be hard?  What if you understood that hard is the way?  

What if you were more scared of not living the life you want than you are of it being hard?

We are all waiting for the magic moment when changing our life and our habits and how we are showing up is no longer hard.

That moment is not coming.

It doesn't exist.  For anyone.

It's just you and the thing you want and your willingness to let it be hard.   

Try letting it just be hard.  You might find that "hard" is nothing to be scared of at all.  



P.S.  If you want to do something hard, but don't know how to overcome the objections of your own brain, schedule a free coaching session and I'll help you see how its only your thoughts preventing you from taking the action you want.  

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