Identity Shifts

Mar 16, 2023
April Price Coaching
Identity Shifts

Your thoughts about who you are directly correlate to what your life looks like. Your personal identity dictates the choices and decisions you make and the actions you take on a daily basis that build your life.

Making small identity shifts helps you change the way you think about who you are and what you’re capable of…and then some pretty amazing things can happen.

Recently, I opened the doors to my new coaching club, had our first group call and aired the 200th episode of this podcast. It felt like a season of harvesting from all the seeds I’ve planted over the years. It was delightful and overwhelming.

There is a version of me six years ago that could not do any of this and who thought it was impossible.

It took so much time and effort to work through the negative emotion, fears and anxiety along the way. I had to expand my willingness to fail, to look stupid, to be judged by others.

There’s the physical work and the skills required to succeed. And there’s also the mind management and emotional work and development that are required so that you can actually do the things and put your work out into the world.


As we change our ideas of who we are and what we’re capable of, it changes our actions. And slowly, over time, these actions add up.


Changing Your Mind 

We can only ever do what we think is possible. 

So if you want to do the impossible, it starts with changing your mind about who you are, what you’re capable of and what you think is possible for you.

So many of us have settled with the lives we already have. We figure somebody has to be ordinary, so it might as well be me. And we’ve shut down the possibilities in our lives, created barriers for ourselves.

How you think about yourself, how you see and identify yourself in the world is what is creating your life experience and the outcomes that you see.


Identity Shifts

The way you think about yourself impacts what your life looks like. Because it affects the choices you make and actions you take on a daily basis. 


Shift #1: To change what you do, you have to change your idea of you first.

You can’t change your intentions or the things you do until you think about yourself differently. 


You have to be willing to question the way you identify yourself and think that it’s possible you just made that story up. That you might be wrong about what you're capable of. Then, create a space where you can dare to believe something different, even if there’s no evidence for it yet.


Shift #2: Your identity is never what other people think of you.

So many times we're working from an identity or a collection of thoughts that somebody else has told us. 

If you are living under the titles and labels and identities that other people have given you, you aren't going to be able to do the things that you want to do. You aren't going to be able to show up in your life and complete your intentions.


Shift #3: It is possible that you are wrong about you and that you are dealing with an incomplete data set. 

If NASA can be wrong, so can you. 

As humans, we're trying to draw conclusions about the world, how things work and the rules of the universe. But we have a really limited set of information. We may not have the full picture. 

 You are an eternal being, but you in this body here on Earth are new on the scene. What you know so far doesn’t tell you everything about you.

There's so much more of your life left to live, there are so many choices ahead of you that will change your conclusions about yourself.

I want you to assume that you are wrong about you. That whatever you believe about yourself right now is probably incorrect. And there's so much more of you to discover. 

We need to unlearn what we believe about ourselves. the stories that we've told about ourselves and the conclusions we've drawn and relearn new ones. Re-decide what is true, re-decide our identity. 


Shift #4: Who you are is never what you do.

You are not the sum of your intentions and actions. Our choices are just our choices. 

You are so much more than that. You are an eternal being with unlimited potential, a child of God.

Your idea of who you are will allow you to get into action and do the things you want to do, but we also have to hold the idea of our identity loosely. Because when what we do is who we are, the stakes are so high. There’s no room for growth or practice or failure. 

If you want to create more things in your life or in the world, you have to allow yourself the space to try, practice and get it wrong.

The way to create that space is by recognizing that the things you do don't define you. Your failures, your successes, none of that defines you. You are a being that is whole and separate from anything you do. 

When you really understand that you are good and that you have nothing to prove, then you can let yourself be brave enough to make these shifts in your identity so that you can create all the intentions that you want in your life. 


You’ll Learn:

  • How the way you think about yourself creates your reality
  • 4 identity shifts you can make today to open up new possibilities
  • What some of these shifts have created in my own life

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