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May 08, 2019

I've spent the week getting up close and personal with my new Yeti podcast microphone.

And I've spent the week getting up close and personal with all my doubts and fears as well.

That's how it goes.  That's part of the deal.

You want to do something new?  Going after that goal is going to require feeling some negative emotion along the way.

In this case, I felt anxious that I didn't have anything to offer.  I felt scared that no one would ever listen.  I felt confused that I didn't know how to do any of it.  I felt frustrated that it was taking me so long to edit my work and get it published.  I felt regret that I hadn't started earlier and that I was "behind."  I even felt shame that apparently I breathe really loudly when I talk.

The point is, my brain was having all kinds of thoughts that trying something new was dangerous and threatened my survival.  And so it produced all kinds of chemicals to warn me and get me to run and try to get me back to a "safe space."

But remember, none of it was true!  I was not really in any danger.  

I was in my beautiful office in a safe neighborhood on a quiet street, talking into a microphone, sharing some ideas and some stories.  I was not going to die.  My brain just thought I was.

Thanks for watching out for me, brain.

But I got it.

Everything's going to be okay.  Really.

I'm just publishing the first episode of my podcast and I'm going to keep doing all the things I've never done before to get the life I've never lived before.

(This is gonna be fun.)

And now, without further adieu:  The 100% Awesome Podcast!  


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