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It’s Never Better Somewhere Else

Sep 17, 2021

Fill in the blanks:

My life will be better when ___________________.

My life will be easier when ___________________.

When ______________ happens, things will be so much better.

Our brain loves to play this trick on us—pointing out the problems and then telling us that things will be better when that problem is solved.

But the truth is, the problem is only there because our brain pointed it out in the first place, and when we get there and fix that problem, we are still going to have our brain…pointing out more problems.

This is why it’s never better there than here. Here or there, you will have your brain. And your brain can find problems anywhere. The solution is to manage your brain and recognize that it might be totally wrong about what’s gone wrong.


If we don’t manage our thoughts about ourselves and our life, we can spend our whole life chasing something “better.” You can love it all here. And you can love it all there. But only if you make the choice in your mind. Sign up for a free coaching session and start loving where ever you are.

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