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It's Not All Or Nothing

Jul 23, 2021

In order to do things differently in our lives, we need to think differently about ourselves.

But this is hard because our brain wants concrete evidence about us before it dares to believe new things about us. 

It’s a chicken and egg problem. I can’t do differently until I think differently, but I can’t think differently until I do differently.

The truth is you don’t need ANY evidence to believe something new about yourself, but if that’s challenging, I have a little workaround for you. In today’s video, I’ll show you how you can use the tiniest bit of evidence to allow yourself to believe new things about yourself so you can become all the things you want to be.  

I hope it helps!


Over the last few years, I have worked to believe lots of impossible things about myself and that has changed my life in so many dramatic ways. Having a coach help me believe when my brain didn’t want to is what made all the difference for me. I want that for you. Sign up for a free coaching call and see if coaching can help you too.

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