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Love is Always an Option

Feb 12, 2020

Today I want to tell you the secret to the perfect Valentine’s Day:

Love isn’t something that other people give us...LOVE IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF.

Wait, what?!

Remember that love is a feeling and all of our feelings are created by our thoughts. Even love.

This means that if we feel love, it’s because we created it with our thoughts.

It’s not because someone said, “I love you.”

It’s not because someone gave us flowers or wrote us a card.

It’s not because they held our hand or kissed us deeply or looked into our eyes.

It’s because, when they did those things, we made their actions mean that they loved us and thinking that thought made us feel love.

Now, you do you want the power of this secret?

Even when they don’t say what we want them to say, and they don’t remember the flowers or the card, or they are distracted or unaffectionate or busy, we still get to make their actions mean whatever we want. We always get to decide how we want to think about the person we love—regardless of what they do or don’t do.

This means that no matter what—feeling LOVE is always available. It has nothing to do with the other person. It is always a matter of your ability to choose love, with your thoughts.

We are always in charge of whether or not we are feeling love and choosing to feel love feels better than anything else.

So on Valentine’s Day, the amount of love you feel will be a direct result of your own thoughts about others. Think of all the ways you love the people in your life…and see how AMAZING that feels!


P.S. If you are having a hard time thinking thoughts that create love, sign up for a free coaching session and I’ll help you! Don’t go one more day preventing yourself from feeling the best feeling in the world!

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