Loving Yourself is Easy

Jul 14, 2020

Of all the things I coach my clients on, the hardest one for people to accept is the idea that they could love themselves as they are.

Everyone thinks it's impossible. 

Given all our problems and all our mistakes and all our weaknesses, most of us think that loving ourselves isn't really possible.

Actually, some people think it might be possible...if they change some things first.  If they get their act together and stop messing up...then, maybe.

Everybody thinks they have to be different first.  Loving ourselves as is?  No way.

But love isn't created by what we do.  Love doesn't magically appear when we change or when we become better.  It's not something that just happens when we're finally acceptable.

Love is a decision.

It is a choice. 

And you make that choice with the thoughts you decide to think about yourself.  

Because love is a feeling, it means that love (even for ourselves) is created by a thought.  Not by the things we do.

And that means that the only thing between you and loving yourself is a thought. 

A sentence. 


There is only one thing in the way of loving yourself:  words.

Not actions, not expectations, not disappointments, not conditions, not rules or standards or achievement.

Just words. 

In your own head.

What's keeping you from thinking them?



P.S.  The best work I did with my coach was learning to love all of me as I am.  Loving me changed everything else in my life.  And it can change yours.  Sign up for a free coaching consultation and I'll help you think about yourself in a whole new way.


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