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Jun 09, 2020

I think the whole reason we are here on earth having a human experience is to learn and grow—to increase our capacity, to increase our skills, to increase our potential.  

And nowhere is this growth more important than in our ability to love.

Having more ability to love starts by recognizing that you are responsible for how much you love.  Lovability is based on your own ability to love, not on another person’s worthiness to be loved. 

Each of us are 100% lovable. 

And so if we find people in our life that we think are unlovable as they are, it is not a reflection of who they are or what they do, it is on expression of who we are and how we love.

This means that if you want more capacity to love anyone, there is an unlimited amount available to you.   

The love you feel is always based on what you think.

What you think of others.  And what you think of you.

I love knowing that the amount of love I feel is based solely on what I think.  It gives me the power to feel as much love as I want.

And what could be better than that?



P.S.  If you want more help with this, you can listen to my podcast episode from last week, where I talked all about loving the unlovable.  Or you can sign up for a free coaching consultation and find out how coaching makes a permanent change in your capacity to love others.

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