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It’s negative, but that’s not bad 😉

Mar 26, 2021

When we realize that our thoughts are creating our feelings, we sometimes think that means that we shouldn’t feel negative emotion, or that maybe if we feel negative emotion that it means we’re doing it wrong.

But feeling negative emotion is a really important part of the human experience, and learning not to judge our feelings or tell ourselves we’re doing it wrong when we feel bad can give us so much relief. 

In today’s video, I’m sharing another way to look at your feelings without making yourself “wrong” for whatever emotional experience you are creating for yourself. I hope it helps!


Whatever feeling you are having it is always created by your thoughts. And when you finally figure this equation out, you become so powerful in your own life. It’s amazing! It’s the key that opens every life experience you want. Schedule a call with me to see how coaching can change things for you and see if my coaching program is right for you. The next session of Made for More start next Thursday, April 1st and it will change your life!

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