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Pain Relief

Jun 15, 2020

This week my oldest son is having a birthday and that has reminded me of the experience I had getting him to earth.

It was hard. 

It was so hard.

I had never been so sick for so long.

Every week or so, my husband would carry me to the car and take me to the urgent care to get refilled with fluids, so I could regain enough strength to survive for another week while my body created a baby.

My mom, who was distressed about my distress and just wanted me to feel better said, “It’s all in your head. You’ve read too many books and you think you’re supposed to be sick. It’s all made up in your head.”

We laugh about that now.

But here’s the thing. Even if she was right—even if it was all in my head—I was still sick. Even if I just made it all up, it was still creating a very real experience for me.

And I think that’s important to know. Even if it’s just your thoughts creating your pain, you are still hurting. Even if your suffering is only caused by the thoughts you are believing, you are still suffering and having a very real, very painful experience.

When we say, “It’s just a thought causing your pain,” that doesn’t mean that the pain isn’t real.

It just a way to locate the source of the pain.

It doesn’t negate the pain.

It just gives you a starting place to fix it.

And that is the first step to real relief.



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