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Reach Your Impossible Goals

create goal goals impossible Jul 22, 2021
April Price Coaching
Reach Your Impossible Goals

Why Your Goals Feel Impossible

You might often feel that your goals are impossible.  Because how do you know you can do something if you've never done it before?

Most of us don't even know what we're capable of because we have never set the goal in the first place. And why don't we set it? Because we've never done it before.

Your brain thinks you need evidence from the past in order to be able to create things in the future, but it’s not true.

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some powerful tools that will help you get around your brain’s objection so that you can create all the things you want, even if you’ve never done it before.


How To Reach Your Impossible Goals

We are powerful creators. There is nothing we want in our lives that we can’t create by changing the way we think.

When we decide we want to do something new in our lives, our brain looks for evidence about that decision.

Most often, our brain looks at our past and determines whether it proves what we can do in our future. That’s why when we’ve never done something before, it can feel scary. Our brain is saying, “Well, you’ve never done it before, so who’s to say whether you can do it now?”

Here’s the thing: you get to say whether you can do it now. Because what you’ve done in the past is completely irrelevant to your future potential. When you started walking and talking, you’d never done that before, but that fact had no bearing on whether you could.

Our brain just shows us facts, and we can choose what to make those facts mean about us. So, when you want to do something you’ve never done before, and your brain tries to look to the past, remind yourself that the future is up to you.

Remember a Time You Did Something New

You didn't always think this way.   Especially when you were a kid. When you learned to walk, or roller skate, or play the piano, or go to third grade, you didn't think, "well, I've never done that before, I guess I better not try it." 

Even into adulthood there are plenty of moments in our past where this thought was not a barrier.

But it often feels so relevant now. It feels like the fact that we've never done it before has some actual bearing on whether or not we can do it.

And in this way, we are letting our past determine our future. When we do this, we never create anything new in our future. We just keep creating the past what we've already done.

Remind yourself of a time you did something new and succeeded.

So What If Your Goals Feel Impossible?

The question that I have learned to ask myself when my brain says we've never done that before is...So what?

Because the truth is that whether or not I can do something isn't affected by whether or not I have done it in the past. The truth is it's just easier for me to believe that I can do it if I've done it before.

Maybe you've never been in shape before.  Maybe you've never not been in debt.  The same was true for me.  Until I WAS in shape and out of debt.

So what if you haven't done it before.  That doesn't mean you can't do it now.

The Past Has Nothing To Do With Your Future Goals

  Your brain is trying to use the past to predict the future.  But the rest of that book hasn't been written yet.  There aren't any chapters that exist past today.  None of it is written. None of it exists. Yet it is all up for grabs. Every future moment is 100% still wide open to every possibility.

What are you not doing in your life because you have never done it before?  What I want to tell you is it doesn't matter. 

Trick Your Brain Into Believing Your Impossible Goals

If having done it before wasn't required, what would you want to do? And if you had done that thing before, how would you feel about doing it again?

There would probably be a certain feeling of capacity, or confidence, or ability.  And that is what we're trying to feel.

I want you to know that you can think those confident thoughts right now, and they will create those feelings we want right now.

Tap into your identity as a creator.

You are a person that produces things that don't yet exist, things that don't exist already in the world, or in your life, or even in your own mind. Whatever goal you have, whatever reality you want to create, whether it's weight loss, or in money, or in a relationships, or in your business, it doesn't matter if you've never done it before.

You are capable of creating anything you want in your life, even if it never existed before. And that, my friend, is 100% awesome.


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