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Apr 19, 2021

About two years ago, my coach had me do an exercise in which she had me name the three people I admired most. Then she had me describe why I admired them in one word. One of the people on my list was the first coach I ever hired, Jody Moore, and the word I chose to describe her was “brave.”

I was so incredibly grateful that Jody had been brave enough for long enough and had goals big enough so that I could find her and change my life.

My coach explained that the reason I admired the three people on my list was not that they had something I didn’t, but because whatever they had, I also had deep inside me. And that that part of me recognized that part in them and resonated with it. The people I admired were a reminder of who I really was—deep down.

She said, “There is a part of you that is brave.” 😳  (I wasn’t sure I believed her.)

A few weeks ago, I got a message from a client that said, “Thank you so much for being brave enough to become a coach and being brave enough to take every step that you have needed to take in order to bless my life.”

Suddenly, this moment with my coach came flooding back and I was stunned.

Somehow, I had become a person that was brave enough for long enough to help someone else. By pushing myself and stretching myself and challenging my own limiting beliefs about myself for two years, I had become a person who is brave. 

And that leaves me a little bit awed.

Who do you admire?

And why?

Did you know that whatever they have, you also have inside of you? It is who you are. You are extraordinary. You are exceptional. And you are so much more capable and admirable than you really know. Whatever you admire in others is already there inside you, waiting to be revealed, if you can only get your negative, doubting, critical brain out of the way.

Remember who you are and be more of that. 

It is already there inside you.

If you want to remember and become who you’ve always been, you gotta get your brain out of the way. My next coaching group starts June 1st and I think you should be a part of it.  Sign up for a free coaching consultation and see for yourself.

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