The Trouble with Being Human

Feb 23, 2023
April Price Coaching
The Trouble with Being Human

The trouble with being human is, well, that we’re human, with human brains. 

So many times it seems like what we came to earth for and what we're actually doing are at odds with one another. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing why I think coaching gives you everything you need to deal with the trouble of being human and get the fullest experience from your time here on earth.


The Challenge of Mortality

 Most of us have a desire to be great, to accomplish something with our gifts and talents, for our lives to matter, to make the most of our time here on earth. But at the very same time, we’re all just trying to survive. 

We’re full of dreams and desires for more, but also inundated with fear and self-doubt and insecurity.

We all want to live our best lives but also, life is hard and we experience real suffering. 

There is constant tension between wanting more and the reality of the pain and vulnerability of being a human.

You are a spiritual being inside a physical body. Your spirit is limitless and desperate for expansion, while your brain is trying to keep you alive, grappling with all the real and perceived threats around you.


It’s Not a Problem You Can Solve

You don't have to solve the problem of being human (good news, right?). 

Many of us think we have to fix all the pain, mess and suffering in life before we can move on to what we want. But the mess is never going away.

The creation and the mess are a package deal. 

You came to grow, and you are suffering. You came for expansion and joy and creation, and reality is terrifying and heartbreaking and excruciating. It is both. 

Just because life is hard doesn’t mean that you don’t have the power and the ability to create more.

If you are in the beauty or the terror, or both in the span of one day, you are doing it right. This is what it means to be human. And this is why you are here. 

The Power of Coaching

One of the greatest gifts of my life is having the tools to be able to manage both aspects of my life. Whether I’m trying to create, grow and expand myself or I’m just trying to get through the day - I need the skills to manage my human brain. 

Life coaching has taught me how to do that. 

We are born into a world of trouble, and our brains are constantly looking for it. It is also a world where you have the ultimate ability to create and expand more power than you know. 

We have to feel the beauty of the life we are creating AND allow ourselves to feel bad. We need the tools to allow and embrace suffering and also create what we desire in our lives. 

And we find so much peace and possibility there.

Coaching is about helping you go to the limits of your longing without denying the reality of your life.

It is having a place where you can talk with someone who is not going to judge you, loves you unconditionally, is there to help you process whatever it is you're going through and get your brain out of the way for whatever it is you want to create.


You’ll Learn:

  • How the struggle between a desire for greatness, fear and everyday life have been showing up for me lately
  • Why now is the exact right time to reach for more
  • How coaching helps you both create your life and get through the struggles of life

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