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Trust Your Desires

desire dreams goals Nov 24, 2022
April Price Coaching
Trust Your Desires

Today, I’m talking all about how to trust your desires and strive for more, while still feeling grateful for the goodness in your life.

As this episode goes live, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, and it is such a beautiful day to acknowledge all the good in our lives. To revel in the abundance around us, the gifts in our lives and the miracles surrounding every single one of us.  

So with that abundance in mind, I want to offer you a few thoughts that have struck me recently about desire and the things that we want and how we go about creating those in our lives and appreciating them. 


Accepting your desires

Sometimes we're really scared to pursue our goals and dreams. We think that maybe it's selfish and self-centered to want more than what we already have. Our desires and goals may even feel indulgent.

But as you look around yourself today, I want you to notice:

Everything that is good, helpful, useful and enjoyable in your life is a result of someone else following their own desires. 

Even the scriptures are replete with examples of people who wanted something more from God, who had desires - and their answers have blessed my life. 

Really and truly, our desires are there for a reason, to be the creative power in our world.

So rather than judging your desires as selfish or wrong in some way, what if they are actually good? What if our desires come from God and are an important part of your divine inheritance as His child? 


Pursuing growth

Just one of the divine characteristics we inherit from God is the desire for constant progression and expansion and growth. This is a part of each one of us as humans. The eternal part of me, my spirit always wants to know what else is possible, what else is available to me. 

And that is a good thing.

I want to invite you to think that all of your desires are good and worth pursuing. We can be grateful and appreciative and still honor the God-given part of us that wants to create and grow and do more.


Trusting yourself

Anything you achieve begins with trusting your desire. It is believing that your desires are good and that they're worth paying attention to. You have to get underneath all the fear and doubt, to hear what your spirit really wants. 

What keeps coming up for you? What do you keep thinking about? What keeps coming back on and nudging you and haunting you? And if you knew you could have it, would you do it? 

All of that is coming from the truest part of you.

So today as you notice the abundance of your life, I also want you to notice the parts of you that are asking to be fulfilled, the parts of you that want to be heard, that want to be grown, and really listen to those desires instead of just shutting them down. 

Your brain will try to minimize it, to talk you out of what you desire. And it might feel really hard to follow through and take the action to bring it to reality. 

But your desires are  important, and they allow you to do good in your life and in the world. I think by pursuing our desires, God is able to grow us and bless us and also bless others. 

Even if they feel very personal and very small, they are the seed to so much goodness in your life, and in the lives of others. You just need to plant that seed and let it grow. 

I’ve learned that my brain doesn't care about my desires. It doesn't care if I reach my goals and dreams. My brain wants me to remain the same. But my spirit is always pulling me towards more. My spirit wants something different, and it keeps nudging me. 

If I pursue those desires, and manage my brain along the way, I get to create a lot of amazing things in my life. And so will you.


You’ll Learn:

  • Stories of how people’s desires (including my own) have blessed others and brought more good into the world
  • A new rule to live by
  • Questions to help you get in touch with what your spirit truly desires


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