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Nov 02, 2020

Well, by now I guess you know there’s a big election tomorrow.

You have been inundated with campaign ads and debate soundbites and political commentary for months.  Everybody is trying to get your vote. 

It reminds me a lot of the campaign that is constantly going on in your own head for who you are becoming

Your brain is campaigning for staying the same.

Your higher self is nudging you for change, for a life of more.

And whenever you go to do something in your life—something that requires energy or discomfort or bravery or discipline—these two parts of you hold a debate.  

Your brain tells you that it's too hard or too scary or too much or way beyond your skill or capacity.  

Your higher self asks you to try, to see what else is possible, to push yourself to see who you could help and what you could create in your life.

And every action we take, every single day, is a vote for one of the other.  A vote for who we are right now and the life we currently have or a vote for who we want to be and the life that could be ours.

Every day, you make hundreds of tiny, seemingly insignificant votes—and they all add up.  Those votes are creating your reality.

So the question is, who are you voting for?  If all of your actions are a vote, who are you putting into power in your life?

Because who is running the country may not be nearly as important as who is running your life.




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