What Else is True?

Jan 25, 2021

The other day I had a client send me a note and ask what to do when she knows her thoughts are making her feel bad, but she just feels too defeated to change them.

Maybe you can relate.

I want to tell you what I told her.  

Being a human is hard. Sometimes it feels like your brain is right—sometimes it feel like life "is too much and everything is stupid.” And that’s okay. Some days are hard and painful and this is just the human experience we’re having. That’s okay.

You don’t have to change that at all.

But when you’re ready, you can also ask yourself: what else is true?  Like we don't even have to argue with our brain about whether it’s too much or whether it’s stupid.  “Okay, yes it is, brain.  But what else is true?”

Because the truth is, it’s always 50/50. Which means even when it’s awful, it’s also amazing. Even when life hurts, it’s also miraculous. Even when we aren’t our best, we are also awesome.

No matter how bad it feels, what else is true is that the sun came up today and you got one more day to be a human and have an earth life experience to try to learn how to love—yourself most of all. What else is true is that your heart is beating in your chest, as you stand on a planet magically spinning on its axis, accompanied by people who love you, watched over by a God who knows you. Even on the worst of days, we can “stay in the miracle” if we want. NOT to erase the bad or say it doesn’t exist. But to GENTLY remind ourselves that it’s always 50/50. There is good here too. 

And it's okay if we don’t notice it—my brain isn't built to notice the good, none of our brains are built that way—but it’s still there. Always waiting for us when we’re ready.


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