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May 03, 2021

The other day, my coach asked me a question:

“What’s not working and why?”

As I thought about what wasn’t working and why that was, I noticed that my mind immediately went to all the things I was doing or not doing. I started analyzing my actions to try to figure out why what I was doing wasn’t working.

I answered her question and then she reminded me of something important: “Why something is not working is always because of what we’re thinking, not because of what we’re doing.”


Ooooooh yeah. 

This distinction makes all the difference! 

Whenever we notice what’s not working in our lives, we automatically want to change what we’re doing. We want to take more action or better action or the right action. We want to start doing or stop doing something—anything—so that we can get the results we want.

But the problem is never what we’re doing. Whatever isn’t working is that way because of what we’re thinking.

Pick something in your life that you think isn’t working. What are your thoughts about this area of your life? What are you thinking that is creating the results you wish were different? 

Because, just so you know, you get to think whatever you want.

About anything.

Especially the things that aren’t working.



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