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Sep 03, 2021

Survival as a human is completely different than thriving as a human. 

Being alive isn’t the same as living the life you want. 

These objectives are not the same. And so it makes sense that the things that are useful to achieve one objective (keeping us alive), may not be useful at all when it comes to creating another objective (getting the most out of our earth life experience).

In today’s video, I show you that, because your brain is only concerned about survival, it is completely wrong about what matters. In fact, maybe what really matters is always the opposite of what your brain is telling you. 🤯

I think shifting this perspective can change a lot of things in your life and help do way more than survive. I hope it helps!


 If you want to create a life where you accomplish the things that matter to you, you have to stop listening to what matters to your brain. The best way to do this is through coaching. It’s how I went from settling and surviving, to growing and thriving. If you want to try coaching for yourself, sign up for a free coaching call and I’ll help you create all the things that really matter to you!

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