What Now?

Jun 23, 2020

Last week I talked to

a client who moved to a new country right before the COVID lockdowns. 
a client whose transgender child is transitioning.
a client who is debt and feels trapped by their past.
a client who is struggling in their marriage.
a client who is estranged from their family.
a client who deals with anxiety and depression every day.
a client who thinks that God has abandoned them.

In my work, I see people from every walk of life, facing every kind of challenge you can imagine. 

It is no different for you.  Every human being faces real challenges.  

And actually, our brains are really good at solving problems and overcoming challenges.

But when we think that something has gone wrong and that things shouldn't be the way they are, our problem-solving brains get stuck trying to argue with reality instead of figuring out what to do next.

When we think some aspect of our life is "broken" and something has gone wrong, our brain spends all its time and energy building a case for why things shouldn't be this way. 

Time and energy we could use to solve our challenges. 

If we believe that our life is exactly like it should be, then we can drop our resistance to "what is" and allow our brains to get to work.

Give your brain a useful job.

It can't solve "what is."  It can only solve "what now."



P.S. Do you want to believe your life is exactly like it should be?  Sign up for a free coaching consultation and I'll show you how.  Everyday I help my clients let go of their resistance to "what is" and discover "what now"—and that makes all the difference.


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