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Where's Your Head?

thought work Apr 05, 2019

David and I just went on a quick trip to Grand Cayman.  It was amazing!

I know what you’re thinking…of course it was, you were on vacation without the kids on a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Here’s the thing.  None of that is what made it amazing.

I know this for sure because four years ago we went on another getaway to beautiful Carmel in California.  We had a room that looked out over the sea.  And I was miserable.

Because in my life I was angry and resentful and miserable.  I was always worried and stressed and burdened.  And changing my location from home to Carmel, didn’t make any difference at all. 

The location is always just a circumstance!  I was angry and resentful and miserable because of my thoughts about my life and the people in it and not because of anything else.

I know it feels like the circumstances are just happening to you.  I know sometimes it feels almost impossible to be happy, even though you’re blessed, even though you have running water, even on vacation. 

The good news is that you are creating all of your feelings no matter where you are and no matter what is happening in your life.  That’s so good to know because when you truly understand that, you get all your power back to intentionally create the life you want. 

What I want is to feel amazing.  And I want you to know that it’s totally available.



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