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Where the Limits Are

Oct 18, 2019

Did you see over the weekend that Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2-hour marathon barrier?  That means he ran 4:34 minute-miles for 26.2 miles to become the very first human to run the distance under two hours.

Before the race he said, "I don't know where the limits are, but I would like to go there."

I think, for each of us, there is a desire to push past our current limits—we'd all like to see what's really possible for us.

The trouble is, out where the edge of our limits are, it is scary and painful.  And we each come equipped with a human brain that naturally avoids anything scary and painful. 

What Kipchoge did on Friday was uncomfortable, it was demanding, it was even probably excruciating.  And I am certain that his brain vehemently resisted both the pace and the length of what he asked his body to do, all the way through.

But he did it anyway.

And that is the secret for anyone who wants "to go there."

See, the key to reaching past your personal limits in any area of your life is not to think you're different, not to think that your brain puts up a bigger fight and you have more to overcome.  It's recognizing that for everyone who pushes their limits, there is resistance.  They just don't care.  

What could you do if you knew pain and discomfort and fear were part of the deal?What could you create if you were willing to feel any and all of it to get what you want?

The discomfort is not the signal to stop.  

The discomfort is the evidence that you're right on track.

Keep going, love.



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